Natural, Wildcrafted, Organic Facial Toners – Do You Need Them?

Facial Toners – one of the most disputed beauty secrets – remain the object of debate by multiple factions of people, including skin-care experts, beauty bloggers, health editors, and typical people with opinions on why or why not use them.

If you perform a quick Google search, you will discover a trove of writers and dermatologists arguing the effectiveness of facial toners and whether these products hold any real weight in toning skin. Some people collectively argue that toners will only dry out your skin, or cause more irritation than they are worth. Others sit on the fence, debating that toners only improve the oiliest skin types prone to their pores overproducing oil. These same people may tell you that facial toners will cause extreme dryness for combination to normal skin types.

Of course to some degree, we have to agree that most facial toners can have an adverse affect on your complexion. Most. When a consumer selects a toner high in alcohols or other chemicals that could prove toxically irritating to their skin, they should expect these ingredients to over-dry their skin. When selecting a toner that compliments your complexion and skin type, always check the description of what this product should do for your skin. Then, check the ingredients to ensure that you do not end up damaging your skin with toxic, harmful chemicals designed to mask or cover your skin problems. We include a full and complete list of ingredients with the descriptions of all our toners.


Guidelines on selecting a toxin-free, natural (wildcrafted) facial toner, made with organic ingredients to help you feed your skin with the power of nature

First, let us give you the details on how toners really work and what they actually do for your skin. This should put you at ease, even with all the material people post against using them. Facial toners can offer a world of aesthetic benefits – if you select the right one for your skin type.

While some beauty bloggers openly state their belief that toners only work for oily, acneic skin types, we beg to differ, and found other writers that do, too. You can match your skin type with the perfect toner based on what it accomplishes. The more common functions these products perform include: shrinking and cleansing pores, balancing the skin’s pH, and providing a protective layer that keeps environmental pollution and impurities from absorbing into and damaging your skin. But the list of a toner’s functions expands, reaching far beyond the limitations set by skeptics. For instance, consider all the falsehoods floating around asserting that all toners dehydrate most skin types. The truth is that these products, when formulated correctly, can serve as humectants as well as astringents.

Truly natural facial toners made with organic ingredients serve as skin brighteners in addition to pore-cleansers. These botanical powerhouses help your exfoliation process by polishing your skin’s surface and removing dead cells that might clog your pores or make your complexion dull.

Natural, wildcrafted, organic facial toners get to the root of your skin issue and help to heal your skin. God has already placed everything on earth that we need to become healthy and stay healthy. Healing occurs when we use wildcrafted, organic, healing botanicals to treat our skin issues naturally, instead of masking our symptoms with toxic, chemically laden synthetic unnatural chemicals designed to quickly cover your skin problems. We recommend facial toners that are healing and refreshing, plus they offer a natural botanical scent as well (i.e. Green Myrtle Hydrosol, Rose Geranium Hydrosol, Super Fruit Facial Toner).


Understanding Your Skin

In order to select a toner that works effectively – but not harshly – for your skin, you need to understand your skin type. You also need to understand how the ingredients work within the toner so that they will effectively function with your skin instead of against it. Answer the following 5 questions about your skin to help you match your complexion to a decent toner.


  1. Is your skin dry, balanced, or oily?
  2. Is your skin sensitive or normal?
  3. Is your skin bright, dull, or shiny?
  4. Is  your skin flaky, red, aged, or blemish-prone?
  5. If you suffer from acneic blemishes, what kind?


Once you assess your skin type, you should consider what kind of toner to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients, it’s all about the ingredients! If your facial toner has alcohol content, it will dry our skin and prove to become harmful to our skin health over time.

For dry, sensitive types, we recommend our Green Myrtle Hydrosol, as green myrtle soothes and hydrates. Thus, it is a humectant toner. Normal to oily skin types would benefit from our Balance Toner, blended with organic helichrysum hydrosol to tone the complexion, and witch hazel to soothe any minor irritations. While the Melissa Leaf Hydrosol works well with most skin types, it has an especially potent effect on hormonal acne. For oily, sensitive skin types or individuals who suffer from sunburn, our Peppermint Hydrosol makes a perfect partner. Organic peppermint naturally soothes and balances oil production in the skin, while increasing circulation to even out the skin tone and quicken the healing process.


The Solution: Love Your Skin With Organic, Healing, Botanicals!

We offer you access to a whole range of facial toners consisting of organic hydrosols and extracts that can better your complexion while soothing it as well. No more concerns about over-dried skin here! And if you are still a little skeptical, then I can personally say that the Rose Geranium Hydrosol worked well for my skin type. I used to struggle with irritating, hormonal acne – but most of the products I used either over-dried my skin or irritated the blemishes – making my problem much worse! Fortunately, Christy instructed me toward using Rose Geranium after cleansing my face with Hibiscus Facial Cleanser. Within a matter of a few days, I noticed an amazing improvement in my complexion. Within a week, my blemishes were almost entirely gone. By the end of the month, I could look in the mirror without wondering or worrying what thoughts might cross people’s minds when they saw my gigantic acne problem. I had tried suggestions and prescriptions from the dermatologist, and experimented on my own with different products from the store with no luck until I began to use this combination of face naturals products.

We manufacture, non-GMO, all natural (wildcrafted) skincare made with organic ingredients. We are a chemical knowledge databank. We have researched what is healing and helpful for your skin, while identifying all the chemical culprits that can permanently harm your skin.

We can guarantee that your skin will improve when you use one of our botanically infused products. If you have any concerns about your skin type or selecting the right product, contact us  with your questions, and Christy or I will get back to you with a suggestion. None of our facial toners contain alcohol or toxic chemicals – nothing synthetic that could further irritate your condition or the appearance of your complexion. We use pure organic goodness in the form of extracts and plant hydrosols to create each unique blend to help maintain the natural beauty of each unique skin type. Now that we provided you with the tools, its up to you to take control of your daily skin care routine, and decide for yourself what a well-formulated toner can provide for your skin.



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