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Hormones and health!

You may not be familiar their names, what function they perform to keep you healthy, or what gland produces them, but hormones play a vital role in how you feel both physically and mentally. Hormone imbalances are relatively common, and often go unnoticed. Their symptoms are general, varying, and nondescript, but can easily alter the course of your day.

Organic Tea Time!

Tis the season to start sipping steaming cups of hot beverages while sharing good times with family and friends. At this time of year, we gather around with loved ones to discuss memories and plan holiday gatherings. Many of these gatherings involve a mug of cocoa, coffee, or even tea. For the upcoming holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy more tea, and experience a number of benefits that multiple teas can offer your body and mind. Many individuals still do not know the origins of tea drinking, or what it can do for their well-being. To ring in the holiday season, we give you the details on how to celebrate your traditions – with a healthful, hot drink.

Don’t Think Pink – Think Health!

To honor National Breast Cancer Month, and celebrate the thousands of breast cancer survivors nationwide, we put together a special article for our readers to enjoy. As the holiday season draws nearer, the desire to be with loved ones grows deeper. Some people will sadly miss a family member, left only with their memories as a celebration of that person. For many, it is because of breast cancer.

Give Life To Your Skin With Lavender

Let Lavender Lighten Your Life!

Originating in the Mediterranean mountains, lavender spread all over the world as its popularity grew. Spanning from Europe, to Australia, and all the way to America, this hardy purplish flower can blossom nearly anywhere. It has a history that dates back up to 2500 years ago, when many physicians used it for its potent medicinal properties. Appreciated by Romans, Syrians, and even mentioned in the Bible as ‘spikenard,’ organic lavender has earned its place in the face naturals’ hall of ingredient highlights.  

Natural Ways To Combat Fibromyalgia

Figuring Out Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia affects at least five million Americans, at least eighty to ninety percent of which are women. The painful, distracting symptoms can make ordinary life a constant challenge for those who struggle with it, whether trying to get some sleep or simply getting through the day. The continuous pain ranges from headaches […]

Natural Remedies For The Flu

Natural Remedies to Say ‘Farewell’ to the Flu

You can never be too careful during this time of year, when every surface and indoor area becomes a breeding ground for illnesses like bacterial infections and viruses. Many people flock to pharmacies and doctor’s offices to get flu vaccinations or receive prescriptions to curb symptoms and contagion. Others try to tough it out, struggling through the symptoms bravely. If you want to avoid health clinics and still relieve symptoms, you can give some of our suggestions a try.

A number of different factors may put you or other family members at risk of contracting the flu virus. For instance, if you do not get around eight hours of sleep per night, consume enough fluids and nourishing foods, or exercise on a regular basis, then you could be putting yourself at a greater risk of catching influenza. These elements build up your immune system so it can more easily fight off germs.

Reading Your Rash

Re-evaluating Rashes

Rashes – a common occurrence that many individuals have to deal with no matter what their age or lifestyle. Rashes are a typical part of life, and most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. Whether bringing irritation like itchiness or stinging, or causing red areas to flower across the complexion, rashes take on different forms and often have different contributors.

Everyone deals with a rash at some point in their lives. Some people deal with one everyday, like with eczema or rosacea. Others contract it from pets, like ringworm. Still others, especially small children, experience a rash as a resulting symptom of an illness, like chicken pox. Regardless of cause or whether the condition is there to stay or will eventually fade away, we will give you some insight on what a rash is, what causes it, and what face naturals has to offer to provide relief. 

How Your Teeth Talk To You

What’s All the Chatter About?

What comes to your mind when you think of your teeth? Your pearly whites are one asset that nearly everyone in the world has in common, and they also serve as personal messengers about your health. Most people do not realize that their teeth can tell them secrets about how their body is functioning, or what kind of shape they are in, but your set of chompers often provide tell-tale details about what you are or are not doing to take care of yourself.

While teeth seem like such a minor detail in the grand scheme of your health, think about how you would function without them.

Getting A Natural Edge Over Eczema

Co-Existing with Eczema

If you google the keyword ‘eczema,’ and flip through the variety of images available, you will see a range of skin rashes ranging from simplistic red marks or bumps that seem relatively easy to treat in comparison to the crusted, raw, exposed skin covered in pus and secretion. Eczema ranges from mild, to moderate, to severe, and may affect as much as thirty percent of the American population. This condition is by no means uncommon, and many people often have some level of knowledge or familiarity concerning it.

In fact, you or someone you know may struggle with this condition, and fully comprehend the irritation it can cause an individual on a daily basis. Constant itching, rashes occurring from exposure to irritants or allergens, and unsightly red marks heralding the flowering appearance of irritation are all hallmarks of the struggle with eczema. And the more severe the condition, the worse the effects – both aesthetically and mentally.

The Sham Of Smoking

Is Your Habit Worth the Bad Health? 

Face it. We all have bad habits. Really bad habits. Some people watch too much television, eyes glued to the flashing screen before them in a zombie-like state. Others have a bad snacking habit. Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, and microwavable popcorn often sound like gourmet dining to these people. Still, others might like to gossip. They go next door to chat with their friends about what the neighbors did last night – even if it has no affect on them. However, few bad habits are as nasty and detrimental as smoking cigarettes. And few habits are as difficult to cut out of your life.

Amazing Health With An Amazing Attitude

Attitude Adjustment: Bad Emotions – Bad Health

Have you adjusted your attitude today? You might want to do so after you find out how your emotions and thoughts can greatly impact your physical well-being over time. Many people do not stop to consider how their negative feelings could adversely affect the way their bodies work or how to take control of these feelings. But you can hold the reins and guide the galloping mustang of emotional reaction and response to your will.

In fact, a surprising number of people allow their emotions to string them along, and dictate the entire course of their day. What these individuals may not realize is the fact that holding onto and harboring a negative attitude can greatly depreciate their health and ability to withstand illness. Take a look at some of the health effects you may experience with a good attitude versus a bad attitude, while learning some methods to regain control over the way you feel, regardless of your situation.

Organic Perilla Seed Power Up

Praise for Perilla Seed Oil

Perilla seed oil will take your health by storm, with its power-packed contents of vitamins and minerals. Effective both as a skin-care ingredient and supplement, this carrier oil claims a space in dozens of our products. Today, we extrapolate on the vast combination of health benefits that perilla seed oil can provide in this special ingredient highlight.

Indigenous to the regions of eastern Asia, especially China and Japan, perilla plants have a place on the mint family tree. First used by the Chinese in the traditional herbal medicine practices common to their culture, it relieves a varying quantity of diverse ailments and irritations – inside and out.