Natural Remedies For The Flu

Natural Remedies to Say ‘Farewell’ to the Flu

You can never be too careful during this time of year, when every surface and indoor area becomes a breeding ground for illnesses like bacterial infections and viruses. Many people flock to pharmacies and doctor’s offices to get flu vaccinations or receive prescriptions to curb symptoms and contagion. Others try to tough it out, struggling through the symptoms bravely. If you want to avoid health clinics and still relieve symptoms, you can give some of our suggestions a try.

A number of different factors may put you or other family members at risk of contracting the flu virus. For instance, if you do not get around eight hours of sleep per night, consume enough fluids and nourishing foods, or exercise on a regular basis, then you could be putting yourself at a greater risk of catching influenza. These elements build up your immune system so it can more easily fight off germs.

Keeping yourself healthy throughout the cold and flu season can be quite a challenge, with coworkers coughing and not covering their mouths, and children going to school only to bring back the germs from other kids in their class. You can implement all the prevention methods you possibly can to keep influenza kicked out of your home, but even the most cautious households may fall prey to the virus’s clutches. So, when the symptoms start to appear, you can turn to our advice on how to bid ‘farewell’ to the flu.


Foods that Fuel the Flu

Before we discuss the natural remedies that offer relief from the flu, we need to understand what foods can fuel the flu’s progression and aggression in the body, and why. It is just as important to ingest all the right things as it is to stay away from foods that will potentially push the sickness, thus weakening the immune system.

At the onslaught of the symptoms, stay away from grains and items high in sugar. Such foods can disable the immune system’s ability to function properly. Plus, they feed the viral infection further, as many viruses can use sugars and the yeast in grains to further strengthen the infection. In fact, yeast can attract a bacterial infection alongside of the virus itself, making your symptoms deepen and your immune system even weaker.


Key Ingredients to Keep Flu Out

There are a few substances that work universally in fighting off the flu. Your grandmother may have even suggested them to you at one point in time. Multiple forums and blogs will offer these tips as the go-to ingredients to help remedy the flu, but only face naturals will explain how and why they work so well at battling the virus. Discover the details behind curing the flu, and learn how to put them together to maximize their abilities.

One item you will want to keep on hand, honey, performs as an expectorant. It encourages the flow of mucus, thus allowing the body to expel any virally infected excretions from the nose. When taken alone by the spoonful, honey can coat the throat and help any mucus coating to slough off of it from the inside. It also has excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties, squelching any germs it comes into contact with. Learn more about how honey can help your health here.

Another common flu fighter is lemon. The organic lemon fruit has a level of acidity that also works as an expectorant in the system. It causes the mucous membranes to become an inhospitable environment for virus particles. Plus, the high level of vitamin C available in lemon boosts and re-energizes the immune system. Its astringent qualities help remove any mucus trapped on the surface of the throat. It can be taken by the spoonful along with honey for a dose of added benefits. Check out what else lemon can do for your health here.

You could add black pepper to teas to help relieve your symptoms as well. As strange as it sounds, black pepper can offer several benefits to anyone suffering from the flu. As a natural irritant, it increases blood circulation, thus improving the body’s ability to expel mucus. The Ayurvedic roots of this practice suggest that the spice helps soothe congestion and dry up any sinus secretions.


Surprising Ways to Soothe Your Symptoms

One of the most important things to remember when battling influenza is to keep your body as well hydrated and nourished as possible. It takes a lot of energy for your body to fight the flu, so stay put in your own home and give some of these methods a go. We found numerous ways to help you in your quest for flu relief the quick and easy way. Do not wait until the symptoms seem stronger than you – start implementing these methods the moment you feel under the weather.

Ingesting a supplement of vitamin C, particularly in the form of ascorbic acid, may fight off the virus more effectively than prescription medications provided by doctors. One experiment showed that when added to a test tube containing active flu virus, vitamin C could disable the proteins starting immediately after contact.

Drink plenty of hot tea and tisanes. Hot liquids will boost your immune system’s performance, and the leaves and herbs themselves will also help soothe your symptoms. Green tea works well against the flu. One study found that green tea extract obstructed flu-virus growth within the confines of a test tube. You can also enjoy an organic peppermint tisane, as peppermint propels blood circulation, and the menthol subdues any pain in the throat. Catnip tea also provides another viable remedy for flu symptoms.  See other tea-based tonics here.

You can also take daily doses of elderberry syrup to improve wellness and immune system function. Add it to your tea for some extra berry-boosted flavor, or take it by the tablespoon. Elderberry relieves congestive symptoms, and allows your body to burn out more of the viral infection making you sick.

Add one to two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar to hot water and honey as well. Apple cider vinegar contains ‘the mother,’ a natural compound that occurs during the fermentation process. The mother boosts probiotic function in the digestive system, which facilitates the absorption and distribution of nutrients. It also alkalizes the body, making for a more level pH. Christy suggests taking a spoonful of fresh, crushed garlic with a spoonful of honey. Garlic has excellent antiviral properties, as it literally kills viral particles. It also improves the circulation of blood to increase the body’s ability to expel infected mucus from the throat and mouth.

As always, make sure you get plenty of sleep, and keep the air in your living space well humidified to improve the breathing quality of the air. Air that has little to no humidity content is easier for germs to flourish and travel in. Plus, you may experience issues including dry nose tissues. Also, if you are feeling up to it and the climate is not too terribly cold, expose yourself to some sunlight to soak in some vitamin D.


Find the Perfect Remedies with Face Naturals

We care about your daily health just as much as you do. That is why your face naturals family wants to offer you answers to your health questions that you can use in your own home. Take care of yourself and your family this holiday season by drinking plenty of water, exposing your skin to sunlight, and washing your hands regularly with one of our signature hand cleansers available at our web-store.

Do you know of any home-based remedies that free you from fighting the flu? Share in the comments below to let your fellow readers know of ways that they can avoid this year’s flu strain. Face naturals encourages the act of sharing information – not germs! Plus, check out remedies for colds here. If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact the friendly staff at face naturals! We look forward to hearing from you!



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