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Attitude Adjustment: Bad Emotions – Bad Health

Have you adjusted your attitude today? You might want to do so after you find out how your emotions and thoughts can greatly impact your physical well-being over time. Many people do not stop to consider how their negative feelings could adversely affect the way their bodies work or how to take control of these feelings. But you can hold the reins and guide the galloping mustang of emotional reaction and response to your will.

In fact, a surprising number of people allow their emotions to string them along, and dictate the entire course of their day. What these individuals may not realize is the fact that holding onto and harboring a negative attitude can greatly depreciate their health and ability to withstand illness. Take a look at some of the health effects you may experience with a good attitude versus a bad attitude, while learning some methods to regain control over the way you feel, regardless of your situation.


Positive Patty vs. Negative Ned

Many differing circumstances can lead to alterations in the way your body handles stressful circumstances, and therefore influence the manner in which you respond to these circumstances. Situations like the death of a loved one, illness, mental instability, or work/family related stresses run high in the American general public. These are issues that most of us have in common and deal with at some point in time.

However, the way we handle and deal with these circumstances individually differs from individual to individual. While emotions like sadness, anger, loss, or anxiety burst into our brains at some point or another, the spectrum of ways to handle these emotions ranges for each person, and is often influenced by their overall outlook on life. To demonstrate the overall effects of negative vs. positive thinking and behavior, we want you to meet Positive Patty and Negative Ned.


Negative Ned

Negative Ned tends to get stressed out about the smallest things – things often out of is control. He becomes hostile when a friend forgets to return the book he let him borrow, gets depressed for days at a time, and experiences anxiety over the amount of work he completed during the course of the week. He works himself into a stressed-out fury if he cannot figure out how to solve a problem immediately, and gives up on projects that do not go exactly as planned. He has a fear of failure, and often finds himself frustrated in most of his interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, his family members suffer from becoming the object of his frustration and stress.

Negative Ned went to the doctor one day for a regular physical checkup. The results of the checkup were not what he expected. The doctor informs Ned that he is at risk for lots of health issues, and begins asking him questions about his habits and mentality. Does Ned have angry outbursts? Check. Does he often find himself stressed out by small issues? Check. Does he often isolate himself? Check. Are his interpersonal relationships healthy? Nope. Does he ever find it difficult to focus on tasks because of anxiety or depression or hopelessness? Yes.

What can these emotional responses to stress and outside situations mean for Ned? Well, loosing control over anger can lead to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and chest pains – all ingredients for heart attack. Plus, the anxiety and worry he often experiences regarding work situations affect his stomach, with impaired digestion, less ability to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. It also increases his perceived level of pain, making some things feel worse than they actually are. Turns out his situation of constipation is directly linked to his anxiety levels as well.

Then, there is the frustration that often overcomes him. This emotion has directly affected his cholesterol levels, imbalanced his bile production, and allowed his blood to stagnate in his liver, further damaging his natural detoxification process. Not to mention the toll all of these emotions take on his nervous system, his body’s ability to balance its pH, and oxygen intake. Now, he is at greater risk for illness, because his whole immune system is directly affected.

Negative Ned does not know what to do, or how to better handle his emotions that have negatively affected his overall health. But the doctor has an idea. One of his other patients, Positive Patty, used to have a difficult time managing her negative emotions too. She figured out numerous ways to cope and deal with common stressors that have a healthier effect on her body and mind – and it shows. The doctor prescribes Ned a visit to Patty’s place, for some one-on-one discussion on handling all that negativity.


Positive Patty

Like Negative Ned, Positive Patty used to have a lot of difficulty dealing with her negative emotions. But once she visited the doctor about some health issues she was experiencing, and discovered that many of her physical problems were directly affected by her attitude, she decided to give herself an attitude adjustment. And it was kinda fun. Now she tells Negative Ned about the huge positive impact her attitude had on her overall health.

Now that Positive Patty has a more pleasant outlook on life, she can accept more easily the things that she cannot control. She has forgiven the people who wronged her in the past, and expresses gratitude for the sunny days and beautiful flowers she sees on her walks. Like everyone else, Patty still gets angry, stressed, and sad. But these emotions no longer take control of her thoughts, perception, and attitude. She acknowledges them, and goes on with her life to discover things that make her smile. Ned wants to know Patty’s secret.

When Patty first started her journey to positivity, she used methods like aromatherapy, and basic lifestyle adjustments to help her physical body manage stress a little easier. Some of these adjustments included a set sleep schedule, an hour-long walk every day, eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and avoiding substances and chemicals that can interrupt certain functions within her body.

The doctor told Patty that sleep patterns greatly impact her body’s emotional responses. She adjusted her sleep schedule accordingly, by turning off all distracting electronic devices an hour before bedtime, taking a relaxing bath with the Lush Lavender Body Cleanser from face naturals, and ensuring eight hours of sleep every night. She also started drinking a chamomile tisane after she read a face naturals article about the benefits of tea.

She also discovered that some light exercise every day increases blood flow, thus improving the distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout her body. This helped her brain function better, and the extra energy she spent helped relieve some anxiety as a plus. Her sleep patterns also became more restful as a result. In light of her new exercise routine, she fed her body with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. She remembered an article about processed foods, and how those foods could harm her body’s ability to process stress.

After reading an article about depression, she learned that there are some other ways to help your body and mind handle negativity differently. She began drinking tisanes with lemon balm, peppermint, and red raspberry leaf to manage negative emotions. She also began taking ginkgo biloba as a supplement to boost her brain function. She learned about some other supplements that help out, too.

Finally, she started making a habit of seeing the good things in life. It was not so easy to begin with, but once she made it a regular practice in all situations, things got a little easier. Plus, the adjustments she made to respect her body helped her deal with the common stresses of life a little easier every day. Now, positivity is just a common practice for Patty.


Feel Affirmative with Face Naturals

Now, Negative Ned knows that he has a chance at a positive prognosis. No wonder he has been feeling so sick as well as upset lately. But since he knows the simple changes he can make to manage his stress levels better, we will get to experience a New Ned soon! Patty assures him that she feels sick less, and feels better overall with each passing day.

Join Patty and Ned in the process for a positive lifestyle. Check out the articles from your face naturals family that provide tips about how to manage your health, and news about real health concerns today. Check out the products on our web-store to discover what organic, healing botanicals can do for you, and how they can impact your life for the positive. Contact us today for information about our products. We look forward to hearing from you!



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