Why you should consider ditching conventional skin care

What Separates Natural Skin care Apart from Conventional Skin Care?

Supple, wrinkle-free and glowing skin forever: the absolute dream of every person who cares about beauty! You are subjected to splashy ads everywhere that promise to make it happen for you and to turn back the clock if you use their products. And nowadays, many people mistakenly think the higher the price and the presence of exotic new chemicals in the skin care product, the better performing the product. However, the real truth is those chemicals only harm your skin in the long run and price has little or nothing at all to do with efficacy in the context of beauty. Now you can discover the real secret of beauty with Face Naturals- the best natural skin care products for everyday use.


Conventional Skin Care VS Face Naturals Skin Care

Do you wake up in the morning with dull skin and puffy eyes even after spending a huge amount of money on moisturizers and under eye creams full of synthetic ingredients that you can’t even pronounce? These products make you wonder what your money has bought you exactly!

Fortunately, Face Naturals offers the opportunity to use organic ingredients and natural botanicals that work synergistically; improving the skin with healthy, healing products.

Face Naturals hand-crafts organic and natural skin care products that are free of toxic chemicals and made from nature’s healing and plant-based ingredients, such as; rosehip seed oil, hemp seed oil, fair trade shea butter, raw honey, cocoa butter, coconut oil and a plethora of additional skin soothing ingredients. Organic cold-pressed oils and butters help to stregthen the skin, to reduce puffiness and also work as an anti-irritant to soothe and calm severely dry or distressed skin.


Organic Skin Food Makes All The Difference

One of the major differences between conventional skin care and organic or natural skin care is not the “active” ingredients such as micronized peptides or enzymes; rather it lies with the core ingredients. For instance, in natural skin care products such as ‘Face Naturals’ the base ingredients are a mix of cold pressed vegetable and seed oils, raw nut and seed butters, gentle hand crafted soaps, and carefully selected plant-based ingredients in contrast to the synthetic, and often toxic, “filler” ingredients that are typically found in conventional skin care.

The use of natural ingredients has enormous benefit for the skin. Instead of being a non-active (inert) synthetic carrier for the active ingredients, natural ingredients contain nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that nourish and support the skin. In short, Face Naturals products have a supportive “active” effect on the skin, whereas other synthetic base ingredients present in conventional skin care by far, lack noteworthy therapeutic benefit.

The use of naturally restorative products is a must for everyone who really wants to protect their skin and body systems from the side effects of harmful chemicals. Replace your toxic and synthetic skincare routine by using Face Naturals skin care products on a daily basis for best results.


We Exist To Provide You With The Very Best Raw, Natural, Healing, Organic Botanicals From Earth!

We want to make your need to know a part of our healthy mission, whether the topic is food, supplements, skincare, or other small details in life that we pay less attention to. The danger of toxins and pollutants always lurks around every corner. So, we never rest when it comes to informing our readers and clients about synthetic substances making their way into household products. Your health, family, and community are all important to you, and ensuring the safety of these things comes through education and knowledge. Fuel your knowledge of leading a healthy, natural life with face naturals. Become a member of the growing face naturals family today to discover what is new in modern health.

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