Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 3

Take the Toxic Out of House Cleaning

Now that you know how to tackle your skincare routine and nutritional necessities while preparing for or during your pregnancy, you may be thinking more into how to eliminate other potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins from other parts of your lifestyle. Part of what makes a happy, healthy home lies in cleanliness and tidiness. Having good habits in hygiene is highly important to your health, especially if you are already a portion of the way into your pregnancy. Plus, you will want to bring your newborn baby into a clean home that is not riddled with toxic chemicals.

We created a guide for natural, botanical alternatives to fuel your need for an organic, healthy pregnancy. While many people argue that opting for harsh cleaners or detergents is the best way to ensure a germ-free environment, we beg to differ and want to show you some helpful ideas and recipes on how to create your own non toxic cleaning supplies, and which ones to purchase if you do not want to make them at home. Plus, you can get to know which toxic ingredients you need to avoid when you are pregnant, and why. This is your all-in-one guide to healthy housekeeping without any risks to your baby’s or your health. Besides, think of when you have a toddler running around getting into everything. These natural alternatives will eliminate danger.


Floor Cleaners

Methoxydiglycol, or DEGME, can be found in numerous floor cleaners, both for wood and tile. It has toxic effects that harm both the reproductive system, and an a growing fetus. It may cause damage to embryos, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. What is even worse is that American products allow up to a fifteen percent higher concentration the Europe. One study also found that this ingredient contributes to cell damage through mitochondrial toxicity, which inhibits the energy and metabolism of the cell. When selecting floor cleaners whether you are mopping or using a damp cleaning pad, keep watch for this toxin. You could be taking yet another step to keeping your child safe.

Instead of running the risk of exposing yourself to DEGME, you can employ organic apple cider vinegar or organic white distilled vinegar as a means of keeping your floors clean. Simply run two to three liters of warm water into a bucket, and mix one or two cups of either vinegar up with the water. You can mop up the way you typically do, whether with a regular mop or an absorbent squeeze able mop sponge. Apple cider vinegar effectively keeps mold, bacteria, grease, and limescale buildup at bay, making it useful in both the kitchen and bathroom. White distilled vinegar works as effectively as bleach to keep floors clean. While these two suggestions may not smell so great, they provide some of the safest, cleanest alternatives to the chemicals used in most floor cleaners. Plus, it can be a great excuse to include your spouse in the typical housework if your nose reacts sensitively to the smell due to your pregnancy.


Multipurpose Cleaners

2-butoxyethanol is an ingredient found in a number of popular, synthetic multipurpose cleaners that perform on a multitude of surfaces. Found in many products that secured a place in EWG’s Hall of Shame for household cleaners, this ingredient may cause a dramatic decrease in the amount of hemoglobin carried in red blood cells, which serve to keep your body oxygenated. During pregnancy, the human body’s average blood supply can increase up to fifty percent, requiring more hemoglobin to keep both the fetus and mother oxygenated. Plus, this synthetic ingredient may decrease the general health of red blood cells overall – one of the sole ways your baby receives nourishment. You may want to check your cabinets for items that contain this ingredient, as many of them do.

For keeping surfaces clean, you may want to employ stronger ingredients that combat germs from daily use. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide provide the best option for this. Each effectively cleans surfaces by cutting through bacteria, viruses, and other types of microbes that often travel from our bodies to these surfaces, after we have collected them all day. You can put either one of these options into a spray bottle, and spritz the entire surface with it. Then, rub it down with a clean cloth or paper towel. Both of these products will leave a streak-free clean, and will eliminate any microbes on the surface.


Dish and Laundry Detergents

One ingredient commonly found in your average dish or laundry detergent, linear alkylbenzene sulfonates, has been reported to have potentially toxic effects on the reproductive system in animals. While no studies have been conducted regarding its reproductive toxicity for humans, we have only what those performed on animals suggested. These studies report a higher risk of an inability to conceive, and death of litter mates, It has also shown to heighten the potential of maternal toxicity and fetotoxicity, proving that this ingredient may well have a strong, negative influence over a pregnancy. Since the extent of its effects on human mothers and fetuses remain unstudied and undocumented, it may be wise to select a new option if your current detergents contain this ingredient.

You can combat laundry problems in two ways. The first is to spray either one of the aforementioned vinegars onto any stains that occur in your fabrics before washing them. Vinegar is highly effective at removing fabric stains, and will therefore help you avoid strong chemicals like bleach for maintaining clean laundry. The second is to use baking soda as a laundry detergent and dish detergent. You can essentially treat it the same way you would a typical detergent, by measuring the proper amount for the specified load of dishes or clothes. Use it the same way you would any typical detergent, and avoid the potentially toxic effects of the synthetic chemicals used to achieve the clean.


Cleaner Family Futures with Face Naturals 

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