Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 4

Re-education on Radiation 

As your unborn child continues to grow inside of your uterus, you become more cautious to what you expose your body to. The fragile stage of life called the gestational period is the time period that the fetus grows and develops in the womb, making it one of the most important points in every human being’s life. This point in time marks the growth and function of nearly every system, and may also dictate the overall health of the child once it is born and starts its life outside of mother’s body. We already discussed the potential effects of your skincare routine and your diet, elaborating on why it may be beneficial to make some changes. Adjusting what goes into your body can help you avoid potentially devastating effects on your. Check out ‘Skincare Savvy Mother-To-Be‘ and ‘Meal Mastering Mom-To-Be‘ to learn more about what changes you should make to your skincare and diet. But there are a few common items that many mothers often forget that can have an equally toxic effect on their bodies and that of their developing babies.

Some of the dangers may come from everyday appliances that many of us use on a regular basis. Can you guess what it is? For example, microwaves, cell phones, and nearly any computer of any kind can potentially pose a threat to both you and your unborn child. In fact, you do not even have to be pregnant yet to consider what these appliances may do to your ability to reproduce. We are talking about radiation, a dangerous form of energy to which everyone is exposed on a daily basis. It helps us maintain internet connections, make phone calls, send texts, and fuels our basic ability to communicate and connect with the world surrounding us through electronic devices. And, while you may not have been aware of its universal effects until now, it also affects a large percentage of the population in a negative way. ‘Cell Phone Radiation and Your Health’ covers some of the negative influence that radiation has over large groups of people through electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Today, we focus on what it does to you as a mother-to-be, and your unborn bundle of joy.


Radioactive Rays

Radioactivity is defined as the dissolution of atoms, or the results of these substances breaking apart. This occurs when atomic particles lack the ability to maintain their original makeup. As they dissolve, the disintegration process releases a form of energy. Different types of radioactive rays can have different influences on the human body and its development. One of the most important facts to understand is that radiation surrounds us. Even without all of the electronic devices, it still naturally inhabits different habitats, such as the earth’s crust. Even the human body itself contains some radioactive materials in the multitude of different tissues. The main reason for concern, however, lies in the man-made forms of radiation, not the forms regulated by nature. These particles, created from synthetic elements, may dissolve and cause adverse effects on both natural habitats and the bodies they infiltrate.

A number of different types of radioactivity exist, and are often referred to as alpha radiation, beta radiation, gamma rays, and neutrons. Alpha radiation indicates the positively charged materials released from an atom during its degradation process. These particles cannot penetrate the epidermal surface of our skin, but may enter the body through breathing, eating, or drinking. Beta radiation comes from the atom’s electrons, or the negatively charged particles. These particles can travel through up to two centimeters of water. Gamma rays can most accurately be described as visible radiation, such as from x-rays and radio signal transmissions. These rays can easily move through the body unhindered, and require a sheet of lead to be stopped. Finally, neutrons, or neutrally charged particles of the decaying atom, can respond to the aforementioned forms of radiation to produce potentially toxic results. These particles can travel through concrete.


A Regular Radioactive Roller Coaster Ride 

Now that you have a fuller picture of exactly what radiation is and how it works, you need to know the basics of your worst culprits when it comes to exposure. As mentioned before, many forms of modern technology require radiation to send signals and receive information. Plus, in a society where nearly every public space has some kind of wi-fi signal, it can be extremely difficult to delude your dose of radiation each day. The main issue comes from the particles triggering a reaction in the bodily tissues, causing some kind of ionization that makes the tissues change. A number of different scientific elements can cause or jump-start the process of such ionization in the body. While some sources of radiation are obvious, others may surprise you.

One method to reduce the amount of radiation you absorb daily can lie within turning off the television for a few extra hours per day. The average American sits before the screen for about four and a half hours per day, causing at least 1,642.5 hours of exposure each year. This amount of exposure often starts at the fragile age of two years old. While television does not put off the most significant amount of radiation, cutting the hours that you sit in front of it can reduce your overall exposure. In fact, nearly any electrical appliance that has a cathode ray tube emits low-level x-rays. It is estimated that each person is exposed to nearly 1 mrem of radiation per year. This may not seem like much, but when added to the vast amounts of other radiation sources, the numbers pile higher and deeper.

Microwaves are another example of appliances that emit radiation through electromagnetic waves. Many Americans use them to heat up leftovers or ready-made meals. However, the average microwave can produce up to five milliwatts of radiation, and statistics show that Americans are exposed to up to eleven mrem each year. The Food and Drug Administration requires these limits for each microwave. Items that give off a similar type of radiation include laptops, cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs, and laptops. So, while the televisions and microwaves may not seem so daunting, the compiled amount of exposure each individual experiences on a daily basis might. Cell phones, laptops, and other forms of portable technology play a highly important role in our daily lives. So much so that we often carry them around with us at all times, keeping them very close to our bodies. And what kind of effect do all of these things have on a woman either thinking about or experiencing pregnancy?


Reproductivity vs. Radioactivity

If you are currently expecting a child and going through pregnancy, you may want to eliminate some of your exposure to sources of radiation as much as possible right now. This will help to curb the effects that it has on your body and fetus, both of which are undergoing highly important changes. While many of the aforementioned appliances cause very little harm on their own, our world currently consists of almost chronic usage of all these items on a daily basis. Thus, now that we have elaborated on which sources in your life produce radiation, you can eliminate your exposure in order to reduce the following effects it could have on you and your fetus. If you are currently thinking about conceiving a child with your spouse, then you may want to cut down on your exposure to radiation as well. Since it can greatly affect you and your spouse’s ability to reproduce, these hints and tricks could have a positive effect on your body. This will help ensure both your ability to conceive easily, and the health of the zygotes (sperm and egg) needed to create the embryo.

Several studies have found evidence that radiation has a great impact on a woman’s ability to conceive. Males who stored their cell phones around their reproductive organs had a higher likelihood of experiencing low quality sperm or less of it. In fact, this type of exposure on a daily basis decreased the very quality of the sperm cells, causing them to move slower and have a shorter life span. These habits may even cause damage after only five consecutive days of keeping a cell phone in a pants’ pocket, with participants showing a nineteen percent decrease in sperm mobility. Radiation may also affect a woman’s ability to conceive, since the reproductive tract contains types of cells that multiply at a faster rate than other tissues. Regular exposure to radiation can also cause sterility.

Constant exposure to these elements also affect the development of a fetus. A study performed on pregnant mice showed that radiation from cell phones affected the formation and development of the brain. Once the baby mice were born, they exhibited hyperactivity, had a shorter memory span, and did not respond to their necessities in the same manner that the average mouse would. The mice that developed around radiation actually seemed to have different electrical patterns in their brains, showing that radiation can seriously alter fetal development. Consider how much you use any of the above electronics each day. Could they really have such a dramatic effect? You use your cell phone close to your head to speak into it. Many individuals also carry them in their pockets. If you have a laptop, you may allow it to rest on, well, your lap. When you allow these things to have such a close proximity to your reproductive organs, it can cause damage to your body’s ability to facilitate conception, and form a healthy embryo.


Reevaluating Your Radiation Exposure

Even with all of the exposure that each individual experiences daily, you can easily cut down on yours by making a few simple changes to your habits and patterns. Simply making a few changes to your lifestyle can greatly decrease the risk of exposing you and your unborn bundle of joy to dangerous, chromosome-mutating radiation. You may want to start with something small, such as limiting the amount of time you sit in front of a television or cooking more of your meals as an alternative to using a microwave. Use an hour or two of your average television time to exercise by walking, or pick up a new hobby such as knitting gifts for your new baby. Then, look into some of these other options as a means of ridding your life of some radioactivity. It is actually much easier than you may think, and many of these changes do not require a great deal of effort.

Limiting your exposure to radiation from cell phones and laptops as an extension to these habits can curb the potential for negative effects. When you do need your cell phone, try powering it off or keeping it in your purse instead of in your pocket. You may also want to keep it turned off at night, and start using an alarm clock as an alternative to get you up in the mornings. When using a laptop, try looking for an alternate surface, such as a table, to keep it on. This will eliminate any excessive radiation during the hours of the day that you do not think about it. Additionally, turning off your home’s wi-fi signal completely when you do not use it will decrease the signals between your phone and your computer. Another massive intrusion often pressed upon households lies in what type of meters are used in the home. The meters used to measure a home’s usage of electricity, water, and other necessities are often converted to wireless meters, which require electromagnetic impulses to send signals. Many individuals, medical professionals included, are becoming concerned from the amount of radioactive exposure a family could experience. If one of your providers is attempting to coerce you to make this switch, remember that you reserve the right to say no.


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