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Deepening Your Health with Diet 

We have authored and posted a number of different articles revolving around how to manage regular nutrition, which foods heal naturally, and raw foods that could potentially extend your lifespan and quality of health. With the growing number of people who partake in the Standard American Diet, the consumption of healthy, nourishing foods decreases as people get their meal-time fills from hot fast foods, processed or microwaveable meals, or items extremely high in refined sugar. These items make the human body a breeding ground for chronic conditions, diseases, cancer, and a slew of other health problems that shatter a person’s quality of health.

Many people turn to these dieting habits as a means of saving time, energy, and money in a world that makes constant demands with deadlines, bills, and time management. However, this very diet simply sucks away any real energy or health. We want to take you on a brief tour of the raw, organic fruits and vegetables that can up your needed intake of these items, refresh your health, and provide for your daily nutritional needs. Whether you consider yourself a health guru or you just want some examples of food that will keep you making progressive strides everyday, the following examples of fruits and vegetables are easy to take with you, inexpensive to purchase, and make great replacements for at least a few of your unhealthy, more processed snacking options.


Daily Snacks to Seal Your Health

Whether you want a savory health food to help satisfy your sweet tooth or you want some easily made vegetables to add to your daily meals, making the decision to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet will help you feel better overall and have more energy. From phytochemicals to antioxidants, these food selections will empower your meals and snack times to properly fuel your health. So, whether you desire some everyday raw food staples to complete your raw food or vegetarian/vegan diet, or you just want healthier options to enrich your daily nutritional intake, here are some ideas for portable, convenient options.


A diet rich in raw, organic fruits will offer improved health, decreased cancer risk, and a higher intake of certain antioxidants overall. Another upside of fruits is that many of them have a satisfying sweet flavor that makes their taste more desirable. Plus, you can carry these examples around with you on a daily basis, since fruits are often ver self-contained, and do not contribute to messy snacks. Discover the benefits of adding more of these sun-ripened, sweet treats to your daily menu, and sharpen your appetite for their juicy goodness.

Apples provide one of the main examples of fruits that will benefit your body when eaten on a daily basis. They contain phytochemicals, including pain-relieving quercetin, disease-fighting catechins, and weight-regulating chlorogenic acid. They also have extensive antioxidant activity, and provide a good portion of your needed fiber intake. Adding one apple to your daily food intake will also reduce your risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s and a full range of potentially deadly cancers. Plus, its high amount of dietary fiber encourages a healthy weight and regular bowel movements. And, if you need a small snack that requires no preparation, and can fit into your purse or backpack, then apples are that little extra energy boost you can take with you.

Bananas come ready-made and prepackaged in their own peeling, making them a super easy option for people regularly on the go. Eating one for breakfast or as a snack will provide a nutrient rich source of energy to keep you going throughout the day. These fruits contain a wealth of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and manganese, and plenty of vitamins like C, B6, and A, bananas offer decreased risk of developing asthma, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Plus, if you struggle to keep your energy levels up and your attitude positive during the course of a regular day, turning to bananas could provide the boost you need. Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein-based constituent that may improve your mood.

Oranges are yet another fruit that are fairly mess-free, and can be taken around for a snack or pick-me-up everyday. They contain nutrients such as immunity-boosting thiamine, pantothenic acid for improved breakdown of proteins and fibers, and folate. Plus, if you need to reduce your stress levels during a work or school day, then peeling an orange and smelling it may decrease stress levels through simple aromatherapy. Additionally, you can receive over one hundred percent of your daily dose of vitamin C, which works as a strong antioxidant against cancerous cells and growth.


Adding more organic vegetables to your meals can help your fullness go further, while offering beneficial nourishment to your body. Vegetables have a number of impressive qualities that can increase your life span, fight off diseases, and keep your body’s balance intact. You can use them to dress up your favorite meals, or as lighter entrée options for meals. Plus, whether cooked or raw, these selections offer a variety of unique health benefits, and can work well with any diet preference whether vegan, vegetarian, raw food, or otherwise. Find out ways to incorporate these tasty foods into a more nourishing meal plan.

Spinach provides a colorful variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that improve and encourage healthy functions in multiple organ systems. It is plentiful in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are highly important for maintaining a strong skeletal structure and avoiding age-related bone loss. You can either cook it or use it in a salad to employ its benefits. If you are experiencing a lack of inspiration and motivation in your daily activities, then spinach can provide you with a boost of mental clarity and improve your memorization abilities. And for those struggling with digestion, spinach offers a great food option as it contains betaine, which improves digestive function.

Onions are an excellent ingredient to add to some of your meals for extra spice and flavor. Use them on salads, sandwiches, or meals – preferably raw – to reap some of the extensive benefits they offer. First of all, organic onions offer digestive encouragement, killing off specific types of free radicals that can cause stomach ulcers. Plus, a study performed on rats shows that these root vegetables may improve bone density by increasing the skeleton’s mineral content. They even decrease your risk of developing heart or circulatory problems, since they work as they are pro-circulatory foods. You can even combat sicknesses like the flu or the common cold by eating onion, as it has antiviral abilities that surpass many other substances. Additionally, they are known to stave off many forms of cancer due to their impressive content of antioxidants.

Broccoli is a raw food that can be taken around easily, and eaten either cooked or sautéed, or raw with your favorite snack dip. This vegetable has the compound sulforaphane, which is known to encourage tumor repression by instigating the activation of certain genetic material. Broccoli decreases the risk of developing the following cancers: lung, breasts, and prostate. Even if a cancerous tumor is already present, consuming broccoli on a daily basis can help shrink and weaken it. It also contains a number of different enzymes that can influence the absorption and function of many nutrients necessary for the body to stay healthy.


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