Hemp – Nature’s Nutritional Powerhouse

After years and years of dispute and disagreement, many Americans finally seem to be coming to a common conclusion on hemp – for industrial, medicinal, and dietary purposes. After years of demonization through governmental propaganda spreading false messages of addiction and gang violence, studies conducted by doctors and medical facilities show conclusions that shed light on the healing reality of hemp and its wide range of uses in reference to human health.

After earning over 3000 years of usage in the history of traditional medicine, many different cultures made use of hemp charting all the way back to prehistoric times. The United States, however, began spreading falsehoods about hemp to deter consumers from purchasing hemp oil, forcing them to buy petroleum products instead. Farming of hemp was officially made illegal in 1958 as a result. Now that modern studies and information are widely available, more and more of the general public demands the availability of this plant for personal and medicinal reasons. Take a look at why more people reach out for hemp’s healing hand.


Nutritiously Delicious 

Hemp seed’s light, nutty flavor adds a tasty kick to several different dishes, as well as providing an optimal option for maintaining a balanced diet and prime health. You can garnish salads, enrich smoothies, and boost your oatmeal with hemp seeds. You can also add hemp seed to your baking recipes as a replacement for nuts. Why all the rage about hemp seed as a part of meals? We broke down the dietary benefits for you.

Hemp seed contains the perfect ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids – a fabulous formula for maintaining optimal health. These specific omega fatty acids are called alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acids. They are also a powerhouse for super omegas like stearidonic acid, or SDA, and gamma linolenic acid, or GLA. This allows your body to process the omegas 3 and 6 at a more dynamic level.

The amount of protein available in hemp seed also makes this super food attractive for vegans and vegetarians. Your body can process these proteins with less effort than those available in milk, eggs, and meats. Hemp seed also provides an excellent source for eight different amino acids – specifically the amino acids essential to support human life and health.

The bounty of benefits builds up with the full range of vitamins and minerals available in hemp seed. Delivering a stronger dose of antioxidants than flaxseed and grape-seed extract, hemp seed is extra rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E. Also a good source of disease-healing plant sterols, hemp seeds serve your body with some necessary minerals for bodily maintenance. These minerals include: calcium, iron, and sodium. The availability of dietary fiber comes as an extra boost to your digestion. We always recommend consuming organic foods. Organic hemp seeds taste great and are perfect for the novice smoothie makers. Consider buying your organic hemp seeds shelled and refrigerate to stay fresher longer.


Body Booster and Mental Masseur

So, what can this all-in-one source of nutrition do for your body? We broke down the benefits for you. The excellent effects that organic hemp seed can have on your body, mind, and lifestyle can make a whole world of difference in your daily experience – to a pleasantly surprising degree. Check out how organic hemp seed boosts your body and maintains your mental functions. In fact, we suggest you take a seat so you can properly digest this information before leaping for joy.

The list of benefits organic hemp seeds can provide your body are almost infinite in comparison to many other health foods available on the market. Some call it ‘nature’s perfect food’ – and for good reason. Hemp seed increases your heart health by offering prevention against plaque build-up in the circulatory system and maintaining healthy blood pressure. It also defends your body against LDL oxidation – which factors in many different cardiovascular issues that people experience.

Your digestive tract also gets glowing results from hemp seed, as hemp advocates digestive regularity. Individuals experiencing difficulty managing their weight can seek help from hemp seeds because of their optimal spectrum of nourishment that keeps the body feeling fuller for longer. Earn a healthier, more regulated metabolism and an increased energy level from eating these nutty-tasting seeds regularly as well.

You can improve your muscular system and bone structure with hemp seed also. It stimulates muscle control, and provides minerals necessary to maintain healthy bone growth. As a benefactor in general cell growth, hemp seed improves the quality of the tissues and cells that make up your bones and muscles.

If you want a way to manage your mental state without a bunch of unnecessary medications, then hemp seed is a great place to start! This food relieves symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, while improving memory and general brain function. The brain not only uses, but is made up of, the fatty acids available in hemp seed. So, it makes sense that making this sumptuous snack a part of your daily diet would help manage your overall mentality.

Not only does hemp seed provide security for your insides, it also lets you shine from the outside as well! Hemp seed is proven to improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. If you struggle with dryness in your hair and skin, or want to improve the overall appearance of your body, hemp seed is your go-to food for physical rejuvenation. It encourages cell growth, which in turn delivers a deeper radiance to your skin, hair, and nails.


Perfecting Prevention

Perhaps one of the most desirable characteristics that hemp seed has to offer is its ability to perform as a preventative measure for many different degenerative diseases that can cause stress and pain in the lives of many. Due to its abilities in cell regeneration, and its antioxidant strengths, hemp seed offers a hope of refuge against many devastating disorders.

As champion in supporting the immune system, hemp seed has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can ward off irritation or health-decreasing agents that affect your body over time. The plant sterols and strong antioxidants that occur naturally in its make-up can decrease the risk of cancer. Other diseases that meet their match in hemp seed include: Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Not only does hemp seed offer prevention from these life-altering illnesses, it can also improve the quality of life for many of those already struggling with them. Its regenerative abilities allow it to distribute its helpful nourishment in the direction of bodily destruction. The high quality of antioxidants provide a back-up army against oxidative damage and dead cells.

You can reap other benefits from hemp seed as well. Those struggling with diabetes can manage their blood-sugar level by eating a regular serving of hemp seed. If you have to watch out for things that might make your allergies mad, hemp seed is your hero! Anyone managing allergies to nuts, gluten, lactose, or sugar can eat hemp seed with no repercussions. Manage your lipid levels and improve liver and kidney function by making these morsels a part of your meals.

Last, but definitely not least, we can grow hemp without harming the environment. Hemp plants grow tall, thick, and dense naturally. Its density wards off weeds, so that there is no need for herbicidal contaminates. As a hardy, easily-cultivated plant, hemp makes for a cost-effective harvest with an incredibly wide range of uses outside of being a meal-time favorite. We totally heart hemp seeds!

We want to inform you about the bright benefits that brim from organic herbs and botanicals to empower you to take your health into your own hands. For more information about the benefits of hemp seed as a nutritional part of your diet, or to learn more about our organically healing, naturally nourishing products, feel free to contact us. To continue the hemp discussion with others, comment below and tell us about your hemp seed experience.



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