Organic Olive Oil For Optimal Skin

Olive Oil – The Oldest Trick in the Book

Olive oil, one of the most common and familiar products available on the market, has a history that reaches all the way back the ancient Egyptians and beyond. We generally use it as a cooking oil or ingredient in our recipes. Many beauty bloggers also hail its abilities as a potential addition to your skin-care or cosmetic routine. Face naturals already uses it as an ingredient in our botanical skin-care products. But do we actually know exactly why this ingredient works so effectively with our skin, or what it does that makes it work so powerfully for a range of different complexions?

Many ancient cultures had it figured out, including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Some countries even went to war over who controlled the olive-bearing turf. Today, we can purchase it the grocery store. We recommend extra virgin, organic oil, as this version maintains most of the natural properties so loved by those who know how it can benefit the skin. We will give you the details about how olive oil can recreate your skin-care routine for the better!


Optimize Your Regimen with Olive Oil

Olive oil can tackle a lot of skin issues with ease, from anti-aging to acne to dry skin. So, you literally have an all-in-one skin treatment available right at your local grocery store. Opt for the extra virgin, organic version of this product to maximize the benefits it will give your complexion! Manage a full spectrum of skin issues with this safe, nontoxic oil that nourishes your skin with different nutrients.

If you struggle with acne, then adding olive oil to your routine regularly can help curb the unsightly blemishes. Skin that retains a healthy amount of moisture is easier to treat than dry, undernourished skin. So, to fast-forward to a clear complexion, you can dab olive oil onto your blemishes – or your whole face! Olive oil contains an antioxidant called polyphenol, which helps skin retain moisture. The antibacterial abilities available in this oil will also keep acne-causing microbes from creating those blemishes. Anti-inflammatory abilities also ensure reduction of redness and swelling at the site.

The antioxidant vitamin E acts as a powerhouse for anti-aging. Olive oil contains this vitamin, which offers protection against damaging free radicals. This, along with its lineup of other penetrating antioxidants, make it an excellent anti-aging oil. The polyphenols in olive oil contribute to its abilities in slowing the progression of age-related damage. Additionally, it encourages the blood vessels’ elasticity, which improves circulation to the surface of the skin. This means that your complexion will continue to appear more even and supple, due to better blood flow. Plus, the moisturization provided by the application of olive oil can contribute to a more energized appearance.

Finally, it can work to improve dry skin. This includes conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. It has an impressive content of healthy fats that replenish moisture content and nourish reactive skin. Plus, it penetrates to the fresh layer of skin beneath the topical layer, which ensures that it obtains extra moisture. This way, when the younger, fresher layer of skin surfaces, it will already have a compatible amount of moisture retained. It also works as a mild protectant from sun exposure. It works well to reduce flare-ups and inflammation, making it an excellent go-to when dealing with sensitive, reactive skin conditions that can lead to dryness.


Find Perfect Products at Face Naturals

We only use organic, non-GMO botanicals as ingredients in all of our skin-care products. One of those ingredients is organic, extra virgin olive oil. You can find it in our body cleansers, facial cleansers, tooth cleansers, shampoos, liquid lotions, and eyelid cleansers. It serves as a cleansing agent and emollient, in addition to all of the bursting benefits mentioned above. We also use it in our Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Scrub to help create and retain hydration as well as exfoliation. Interested in using olive oil in your skin-care products? Give our nontoxic, organic products listed above a go!

If you want to figure out a skin-care regimen that works best for you, and helps your unique skin type, contact us with information about your skin, what products interest you, and what you wish to accomplish. Our friendly face naturals staff will gladly direct you to some products that will fit your skin type and help resolve issues. We create our natural products to be as unique as you, and no two individuals have the same skin. That’s why we know the ins and outs of all of our ingredients, and how they will affect your complexion. Drop us a line to learn more! We look forward to making you a part of our face naturals family.




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