Slather Some Organic Love With Organic Shea Butter

Shine Organically with Shea Butter

As a staple for numerous formulas authentically crafted by face naturals, shea butter provides an example of a centuries-old botanical tool that gives your skin optimal moisture and advanced healing. We use organic shea butter in a multitude of our most popular products as a means of emollience and moisturization straight from nature itself. Today, we give you the details of the numerous benefits it offers your hair, skin, and health, while outlining the products we use it in, and showing you why it works so effectively.

Grown in the Savannah Regions of Africa, including Ghana, Mali, and Burkina Faso, shea butter comes from the shea nut – a part of the fruit that the parenting tree grows. The butter can turn out white, creamy, yellowish, or light green in color, depending on the manner in which it is processed. Women hold the main responsibility in overseeing the production process of shea butter. Native Africans made use of shea butter for many centuries by incorporating it into medicinal and cosmetic formulas. Now, we slip you the details about how we make shea butter work for you.


What Gives Shea Butter Its Shimmer?

When accessing the significance that shea butter has as a face naturals favorite, it is important to understand what gives this botanical its shimmer. With a unique set of nutrients making magnificent strides in overall health, we think shea butter has a makeup worth discussing.

Shea butter contains cinnamic acid, a unique substance that effectively guards the skin from harmful UV rays. High amounts of vitamins A, E, and F are also available in this emollient goodness. Vitamin A, a proficient antioxidant, plays a role in maintaining proper functions on a cellular level. Vitamin E offers effective security against cancerous growth. A potent reservoir for multiple fatty acids, vitamin F nourishes deeply to amplify the activities of the first two.


Shake Up Your Skin-Care with Shea Butter

One of our favorite qualities common to shea butter is its potent abilities at healing and improving skin conditions. We use it in a multitude of different products available on our web-store because of its proven abilities in taking your skin-care regimen to the next level.

Because of its rich content in vitamin A, shea butter proves useful in treating a wide variety of skin conditions that lead to sensitivity and irritation, including eczema, dermatitis, frostbites, and sunburns. Our richly textured body butters contain organic shea butter to put the healing effects of vitamin A into motion. These creamy products, as well as our liquid lotions, also highlight the moisturizing abilities available in shea butter.

The potent content of vitamin E allows shea butter to act effectively in skin healing and repair. This makes shea butter an excellent ingredient for recipes that target wrinkles, stretch marks, oil production, scars, and cell degeneration. This makes it especially effective in our authentic formulas, including Anti-Aging Eye Serum, Balance Daily Moisturizer, Bloom Calming Belly Balm, Purify Daily Moisturizer, and Soothe Daily Moisturizer. These products help maintain proper oil production, healthy and even complexion, and healing blemishes. It also promotes collagen production to smooth out aged skin.

Shea butter also works to prevent future damages to skin. If you struggle with razor bumps or ingrown hairs on your underarms, then our cream deodorants might prove useful in treating this condition. Infused with shea butter in the ingredients, this deodorant can work, not only to neutralize odors and absorb sweat, but also to relieve irritation caused by sweat or shaving.


How Shea Butter Could Sugar Your Health

Shea butter offers a few health benefits that often go widely unrecognized. While we love it as a skin-care ingredient, we also want to highlight a few benefits that it can provide for an individual’s overall health. Studies performed on humans provide evidence of these facts.

This rich botanical helps individuals struggling with issues including high cholesterol or nasal congestion, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also thins the blood for those who’s blood clots easily. Shea butter also offers an alternative remedy to headaches, muscle soreness, stomach aches, and diarrhea as well.


Give Your Hair the Shea Butter Shine

Shea butter can help remedy a number of different hair problems that occur from environmental or chemically induced damage. By adding a very small amount of shea butter to a hair mask – and we do recommend a smaller amount as shea butter is very potent – you can experience a full range of healing benefits.

If you struggle with scalp irritation or dryness, then shea butter can mend this problem easily. The scalp quickly absorbs shea butter, drinking it in so the mixture can nourish the skin cells on the deepest level. Additionally, it also prevents breakage, while binding the hair’s natural cuticle together to allow repair.

Because of the content of vitamins A and E, shea butter also provides your hair with a dose of antioxidants. This reverses damage caused by environmental pollutants, while deeply nourishing and moisturizing the hair so that it can retain its resilience and elasticity.


Share Face Naturals Products with Shea Butter

We offer a number of different products that contain shea butter as a main ingredient. We also proudly use high-quality, organic shea butter that guarantees the product’s pinnacle performance in serving your skin. Our other products that use shea butter include Anti-Aging Night Creme, Oatmeal Honey Bar Soap, and lip balms.

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