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Anti-Aging All Around

Much of America has an obsession with turning back time to look better. Celebrities participate in plastic surgery (sometimes to a comical effect). Major name brands of cosmetics promise miraculous results with their fancy formulas. Even nonsurgical cosmeceutical spas offer the science-fiction service of laser-beaming your face back into youth. But few of these venues will educate you on the most reliable and attainable methods of getting amazing anti-aging results.

The good news: you can make simple adjustments to your regular life to ensure that you look younger than your age later down the road. Plus, these anti-aging results extend to the way you will feel as you get older too. You will not need to act your age since you will feel younger. The catch? The sooner you start, the better the results. We found some ways to help you look and feel younger now and in the future, just by using some simple techniques that you could only learn from face naturals.

A large number of factors play into how quickly you age over the years – from air pollution to cigarette smoke, from a lack of certain nutrients to not getting enough sleep. We all put our bodies through some stress during the course of our lives, but there are a few adjustments that most people can make to ensure a longer life, a younger appearance, and a younger attitude.


Brighten Your Breathing Space

When it comes to reversing the clock, most people forget about the quality of the air that they breath. Especially in urban areas with a constant traffic flow or factory, air pollution can create a big problem for our bodies. Not only does your respiratory system experience extensive and continuous damage, but our skin does as well. Exposure to polluted air can leave a grimy film of poisonous particles on the surface of our skin, too.

However, you can cut your losses by installing an air purification system installed in your home. You can also purchase a movable air purifier, like the Multi-Tech IntelliPro. This method allows all toxins from your indoor breathing space, including mold, dust, and other types of microbial from the air. This allows you to breathe easier and cleaner. Various models perform different tasks – some models filter gaseous irritants, while others remove dust particles and dander. Figure out what makes breathing problematic for your home, and select a purifier accordingly.

You can also protect your skin from pollutant free radicals when you step outside. By washing your skin, especially your face, once or twice a day with a healthy facial cleanser, you can remove the film of pollutant particles from the surface of your skin. This will free your complexion of dullness and prevent wrinkles. You can also apply a topical solution rich with antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals, thereby reversing the effects of environmental aging. Check out our line cleansers using all-natural ingredients to clean your skin, and follow up with our line of anti-aging products, packed with powerful antioxidants.

Air quality holds enormous weight and influence over how severely and quickly we age. While you cannot control the air quality outside, nor avoid it, you can control the air quality in your home. You can also protect your number one defense against aging – your skin – with organic products designed to heal.


Shed Years by Shedding Stress

To avoid looking older than you want to look, do not let your emotions get control of you – especially the negative ones! Stress, frustration, anger, and grief all factor into your outward body-clock, and help you look older or younger than you really are. Get control over the way you let your circumstances cause you to feel, and you will look and feel younger in the future.

Ever felt ‘burdened‘ or ‘weighed down‘ by a negative situation or circumstance? We all have at some point, but letting those situations and the emotions that often come with them own you and your outlook on life can have detrimental effects on your body from the inside out.  Not only is stress reflected on your skin, it also shortens your life significantly.

Anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, anger, grief… This list of negative feelings has destructive effects on you as a whole. Multiple research studies prove that, if left unchecked, these emotions can increase aging and take away length from each strand of DNA. In turn, the immune system slowly begins to work less efficiently, and the individual constantly experiencing these emotions is more prone to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other life-threatening health conditions.

While you cannot always control the situations you find yourself in, you can handle stress differently. Through certain supplements and meditation, you can mend the way your body handles stress. Meditation helps your posture, and allows you to tap into some serious quiet time that can help influence your daily thought pattern. It also allows you to breath, thus oxygenating your system and improving blood flow. Turn off all electronic devices that might distract you, sit comfortably – preferably with straight posture – and breathe deeply. Many techniques exist for meditation, and you can select the one that works best for you.

Some supplements you can take to help your body handle stress differently. Chamomile and lavender, for instance, can help the body deal with grief, depression, and anxiety better, while soothing the mind with a pleasant scent. Licorice root also provides another example of stress management through supplement or tea. It has a naturally occurring hormone that aids the body’s ability to manage stress physically and mentally. You can also practice aromatherapy, which uses scent to manage negativity. Click here to read our blog on aromatherapy.

Of course, the exercise of maintaining a positive attitude plays a key role in dealing with stress. The above solutions can provide you with building blocks that boost your climb to mental clarity and confidence, but every day should start with a good attitude and a hopeful outlook for best-case scenario, regardless of the situation. We know it is easier said than done, but your future body and future you will thank you later.


Eat to Live Forever

While the end of your time on earth is inevitable, your diet options can make or break the age barrier. There is a fine line between simply sustaining and nourishing with necessities, and we want to show you the difference. Opting for healthier foods will ensure a healthier future where you can enjoy the latter part of your years to a fuller extent.

Eat organic fruits like berries, kiwis, apples, and bananas. These foods in their rawest forms nourish your body with pure nutrients that preserve and maintain the abilities and functions that we need to live. Berries, powered with antioxidants, slow down the aging process by eliminating the free radicals that affect our skin and tissues. Kiwis also provide antioxidants and vitamins that slow down the aging process. Apples increase cognitive ability during old age, and reduce brain inflammation that could cause dementia. This helps prevent wrinkles, and enables good health in the future.

Select brightly colored organic vegetables to eat on a daily basis as well. Bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, squash, and carrots all contain the nutrients necessary to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails – which can boost your anti-aging scheme. Brimming with beta-carotene, these foods contribute to even complexion, lack of wrinkles, and reduction of dark spots or sagging skin.

Consume plenty of whole grains, beans, eggs, and organic dairy products as well. These foods contain calcium, collagen, carotenoids, and elastin to maintain the firm, smooth texture with a radiant glow. It also promotes proper bone and muscle formation and preservation to help the body stay strong from the inside.


Sweeten Your Life with Sleep

One habit that trumps and controls most of these aforementioned factors is sleep. Your body’s ability to take in nutrients, maintain healthy cells, and immune functions often rely just as much on your sleep intake as anything else. Deprivation of sleep allows for the dysfunction, mutation, and inflammation of different kinds of cells, which can enhance and increase the aging process.

According to a scientific study performed on individuals who got enough sleep versus those who did not obtain enough sleep regularly, the amount and quality of sleep a person gets has direct effects on their outward appearance, as well as their body’s ability to function. Individuals who got less sleep with poor quality showed visible signs of aging including fine lines, patchy complexion, and sagging.

The individuals who got enough sleep in better quality had better immunity to environmental skin stressors. The group with better sleep also had an easier time recovering from sunburns and wounds, with an overall 30% rate of faster recovery than the other group. The study also found links between sleep patterns and obesity, with up to 44% of poor-quality sleepers struggling with weight problems, and only 23% of good-quality sleepers dealing with the same issues.

Ensure that you get plenty of quality rest as often as possible. Practice good sleep hygiene in order to make sure your body gets enough rest, and your skin can function properly. Your skin is your first line of protection from all manner of pollutants, irritants, and microbial life forms. Not sleeping enough can hinder the skin’s functions, and put you and your body in jeopardy.


Face Naturals and the Fountain of Youth

Skip out on the Botox injections, plastic surgery, lasers, and cosmetic products promising to melt the years away. Start using a routine of prevention to ensure that you look and feel much younger than your actual age. By making efforts to breathe in cleaner air in your personal space, keep your stress levels in check, eat anti-aging foods that also nourish you on the inside, and get enough rest, you can melt the years away for the future to come. No matter your current age, now is a great time to start.

You can also enhance your skin’s natural performance and appearance by turning to face naturals for exceptional organic products and wonderful customer service. We can offer advisement on what products will work best for your skin type, and help you select a skin-care routine that compliments your complexion and treats your skin right. We have many different anti-aging products that work with your skin to reveal a younger you. Team up with your face naturals family, and leave a comment to start an anti-aging conversation. We want to know your secrets, too! Or you can contact us for more information on our products and anti-aging tips. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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