Vaccines and Your Health

Vaccine Wars: Risk vs Benefits

Talk and buzz surrounding the controversial issue of vaccines grows daily as more and more evidence surfaces about the effects that they have on human health. Blogs, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media offer new opinions and ideas regarding the subject of vaccinations. Some forums even exist to provide a common ground for conversation, allowing the general public to share opinions and thoughts about vaccinations.

Vaccines became the norm for many years, with many school systems denying attendance if a student was not up to date on their shots. Parents carried the infants, toddlers, and young children to their pediatricians for proper vaccinations. Each age during the developmental stages marks the time to get another painful prick from a shot that contains the much heralded fluid. Supposedly, it protects the child from illness, and ensures a healthy life.

But what about the buzz that discourages parents from opting for vaccinations? What are the potential health effects of participating in this practice? Is the controversy just another headline to grab attention? Or is there some truth behind it? We take a look at these and other questions to find answers, options, and evidence to help you make a more informed decision, despite all the arguments and opinions that already exist. Find some clarity, and know the facts about vaccinations.


Vaccines Cause Vexation

Evidence consistently suggests that many health issues are on the rise for a number of the population’s children. This does not simply come from the words of overenthusiastic moms or health-nut dads just looking for a target to throw a stick at. This comes from legitimate observations and evidence noticed by doctors, naturopathic clinicians, and other health professionals, piling up higher and higher as the years continue to pass. These consequences could affect the entire population and the way in which the collective human body works.

The main objective of vaccination is to keep diseases in check by providing a false alarm for the lymphatic system. It triggers white blood cells to attack the cells of dead virus without symptoms or signs of illness. However, this can cause some lasting repercussions for the future development and function of the immune system – especially in young children, who are often the prime recipients for these treatments. This means altering the course of their immune development permanently.

The initial onslaught of viral particles causes the immune system to react to fight off the injected antigens. This causes the body to react and fight. However, instead of recognizing and responding as it usually would to a naturally contracted illness, it responds differently, sometimes even turning on its own naturally created bacteria. The repeated practice of injection after injection during these tender years can train the immune system to permanently respond to illness differently than it naturally would.

Instead of recognizing antigens before it attempts to eliminate them, the body also experiences the effects of other chemicals often used in vaccines. They also forgo the benefits of becoming stronger and building up in immune response, which ultimately strengthens the entire body, especially into adulthood. These factors prompt a series of responses that can later allow for the development of allergies and autoimmune diseases, caused by proteins used in vaccines. These conditions include: eczema, ear infections, asthma, and lowered digestive function.

As far as the chemicals used in these concoctions are concerned, they also have toxic effects on the body that can bring permanent and long-term damage. Evidence links vaccines to all sorts of devastating conditions, including AIDS, autism, and obesity. One of the chemicals used that may prompt their development is mercury. Its effects cause great distress on the natural immune response, and it greatly impacts immature immune systems. The version of mercury used in vaccines is often a fat soluble ingredient, meaning that the body can absorb and store it after injection.

Thimerosal, another chemical used as a vaccine ingredient, had so many links to autistic development in the recipient children, that it went under investigation. As more children received injections containing the chemical, to more cases of autism and other 4-A disorders. Eventually, in 2001, it went under investigation and eventually was eliminated from vaccinations altogether.  But as the number of injected children grows, so do the numbers of autistic development. In 2000, only one in every one hundred and fifty children developed an autistic spectrum disorder. By 2010, the number went to one in sixty eight. This means that up to eighty two more children are diagnosed within the course of a decade.

Even worse? The effects of vaccines are often counterintuitive to their goals. As the number of people receiving vaccinations goes up, so does the amount of viral carriers. So, those who have never come into contact with the illness are at a greater risk of getting sick from it when exposed to a vaccinated person, despite its ‘dead’ form. Evidence also exists suggesting that vaccines may actually cause the very illness it attempts to prevent in the injected. Numerous accounts of vaccinations for military bases or other mass-injected locations exist in which the injected individuals get sick and die from the virus.


Staying Well Naturally 

On the other hand, many people fear dying of illness and feel the need to get these injections. However, the benefits of going without might surprise you. For instance, some professionals suggest that contracting and fighting off certain illnesses during childhood may be a key factor in developing a naturally strong immune response to other germ-exposures later in life. The organs, vessels, and cells connected with the immune system develop more accurate perceptions of what they need to fight and what they need to leave peacefully. They also react symptomatically to fight illnesses more effectively. By avoiding injections, you allow your body to adapt its reactions.

Evidence also provides some insight on the idea that the prevention of infectious diseases and viruses does not lie in systematic vaccination. Statistics show that many diseases that have common vaccination options, including diphtheria, scarlet fever, and measles, had a decreased impact on the population – not because of vaccinations, but as a result of better hygiene and diet practices. This improvement in sanitation quality allowed the diseases’ contagion to go down up to ninety seven percent. When the polio vaccine was introduced, infection rates went down about fifty percent in America. Europe experienced an equal decline in polio incidents – without vaccines.

In other words, you can participate in perfectly effective prevention of illness through washing your hands, bathing regularly, and eating correctly. These actions will build up a proper immune response and regulate your body’s strength to fight infections that show a potential threat. This also helps your immune system’s cells to recognize ‘friendly’ living matter that is either beneficial or benign to your body, and differentiate between harmful living matter that generates illness and symptomatic responses.

If you still wish to jump on the boat of getting your children vaccinated, or you got them vaccinated without the information you should know, then there are ways that you can help regulate the body’s responses and elicit a healthier development despite the injections. One of the first steps to ensuring safety during a vaccination process is recognizing your right to information. Pediatricians and other medical practitioners may respond with irritation or agitation at your attempts to ask questions or for information regarding the injections. Do not let this sway you from knowing what is going into your child. Do the proper research on the ingredients before allowing any kind of medicine to enter yours or your child’s body.

Some naturopathic clinicians recommend supplementing with vitamin C for periods of time before and after the date of inject to naturally boost the immune system and response to the viral matter. Allow your child to be exposed to public areas and allow them to play outside – within reason of course. Letting their bodies come into contact with the outside environment will allow their bodies to get stronger.

If your child or another friend or family member develops a negative health condition as an adverse reaction to a vaccine, you have homeopathic options that you can chose from to ensure a natural healing process. Some of these remedies include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or changes to diet habits that will help boost certain functions of the body, including the immune system, the brain, or any other affected system or body part.


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