Argan Oil – One of Natures Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Argan Oil’s Amazing Appeal

Argan oil – the secret ingredient that nature provided to the world – works mysterious wonders on the body. Hailed as one of the best cosmetic and health oils available on the market, argan oil makes astounding appearances in a few of your favorite face naturals products. Harvested from the nuts of the rare and valued argan trees in Morocco, argan oil lays claim to the title of being one of the most effective ingredients available in skin-care. The argan tree itself is impressive because it easily outlives the olive tree – with no cultivation needed to support its growth.

Its origins trace back to Argana, a town in the semi-desert areas of Morocco. The oil was used for centuries because of its culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses by the Berber people native to the area. This highly prized oil holds great market value and a high opinion from beauty editors and bloggers alike, because of its incredible effectiveness. A rare commodity, argan oil only has limited growth. The traditional method of producing it also attributes to its expense, with women generating it by hand. It can take up to 20 hours for one woman to make a liter of this reddish gold oil.

Face naturals wants to celebrate this oil with an ingredient spotlight, so that you will have an inside look at what argan oil can do for you. Since we use it in a few of our products, we will point them out along the way so that you can satisfy your own curiosity by using it for yourself. You do not have to take our word for it – give it a try after you see what benefits the amazing organic argan oil can provide your hair, skin, and life!


Argan Oil’s Anatomy

Organic argan oil’s contents give us insight as to why it works so effectively with many of the natural processes our bodies perform throughout the day. It has many different components that the body can utilize to regulate and the mend the performance of multiple functions regarding the skin, hair, circulatory system, and some secretions within the body.

Argan oil is rich in tocopherols – or vitamin E, squalene, carotene, sterols, and phenolic antioxidants. Its high content of multiple types of antioxidants make it an excellent oil for repairing damage – both inside and out. The levels of carotene allow argan oil to maximize restructuring and cell growth. This makes argan oil a natural powerhouse in the beauty industry.


Antidote for Ailments

Argan oil helps maintain the healthy functions of numerous systems when used for culinary and supplemental purposes. Because of its unique makeup, it has special abilities that many other herbs do not have. Argan oil has incredible properties that make it flow through the body and provide an antidote for the following ailments.

Individuals struggling with diabetes may find an alternative treatment in organic argan oil. It balances blood sugar content, and decreases the body’s ability to resist or work against insulin. Thus, argan oil provides a viable treatment for diabetes found from no other botanical substance.

This rare oil also proves effective when one wishes to improve the circulatory system. Argan oil can lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol, which maintains an optimal level of blood circulation. This improvement in circulation also fosters the decrease in inflammatory problems, including rheumatism and arthritis.

Additionally, organic argan oil offers exceptional fortification for the immune system, and prevents the formation and spread of multiple types of cancers. All of these qualities make argan oil a desirable product for the maintenance of overall health. But our favorite question is: what can it do to help us with our skin and hair?


Attaining Ageless Aesthetics

We use organic argan oil in five of our products because of its effectiveness in helping restructure the appearance of the skin’s surface – and its ability to improve the quality of each hair strand. Check out what argan oil can do to alleviate the stress each day can put on our exterior, and how it keeps us brimming with natural beauty.

If you need to add a little extra ingredient to your skin-care regimen to maintain that juvenescent appearance, then argan oil can provide the extra kick. The powerful content of potent antioxidants revitalizes the surface of the skin. This happens because of the tocopherols that fight oxidative damage, as the plentiful fatty acids moisturize and add elasticity. We use argan oil in our Anti-Aging Eye Serum and Anti-Aging Night Creme to give the formulas a fuller effect on mature skin.

Organic argan oil also helps maintain a clear complexion, as it reduces irritation and breakouts. By balancing the skin’s production of sebum – a component in acne-related irritation, argan oil decreases the occurrence of blemishes. The vitamin E present in its makeup neutralizes damage and encourages healthy cell-growth, which evens tone and decreases the appearance of scars. Our Restore Daily Moisturizer and Restore Facial Serum contain argan oil to maximize this effect when applied to the skin.

If you struggle with dry hair or frizzy ends, then argan oil helps manage these issues. It can add some moisture to your hair, as well as shine for a healthier gleam. It even helps with a dry scalp, and applying a little directly to troublesome areas can allow the oil to absorb into the skin for optimal moisturization. We use it in the recipe for our Hair Shine Serum for better, healthier hair management.


We Adore Argan Oil

We adore argan oil because it can work well with a number of different skin types – even those that experience sensitivity. It can make problems like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea more manageable because of its strength in anti-inflammatory properties and content of vitamin E. Organic argan oil can also help people struggling with oily or combination skin types with its ability to properly balance certain secretions. That is why we gave argan oil its fame in our ingredient spotlights!

If you have an ingredient from one of our formulas that you are curious about, contact us! We can give you more information regarding its purpose and origin, or even put its own ingredient highlight on the prompt. For more information regarding our products, business, or web content, feel free to drop us a line so that one of our friendly staff members can get back to you! If you have more information regarding argan oil and its uses, strike up a conversation with your face naturals family below! We look forward to hearing more from you.




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