The Unfading Beauty Of Rosehip

Rosehip Revolution!

Featured in seven of our signature formulas, organic rosehip seed oil has been deemed the new ‘coconut oil,’ as far as providing such an astounding array of varying benefits to the body. Available in oil form, oral supplements, and a vast combination of skin-care products, this ingredient earned its highlight through its broad spectrum of uses and abilities. Used by professional models, aestheticians, and naturopathic clinicians alike, this is an ingredient worth delving into and discovering.

Grown in Chile, rose hips harvested from the rosa rubiginosa shrubs are cold-pressed to extract the oil from the seeds. The Andean Indians consistently trusted the medicinal uses of this oil, and extended its purposes to maintaining their skin and hair as well. Now face naturals gives rosehip seed oil its due recognition, as we examine its nutritive qualities, benefits, and how it works as a part of our skin-care products. Join face naturals in the rosehip revolution to discover the vast abilities that the soft amber color of this oil offers.


The Road Map of Rosehip

Organic rosehip seed oil has a unique set of noteworthy properties that make it extremely desirable. These properties allow this oil to transform and heal the surface of the skin like no other oil. The amount of vitamins available in the oil’s contents help it transform skin to burst with the enviable glow of vitality and health. Plus, its light, non-greasy consistency allows it absorb beneath the surface of the skin easily.

Rosehip seed oil offers plenty of vitamins A, C, and E. Its high and broad content in antioxidants offer maximum healing from oxidative damages. The amount of fatty acids, like omegas 3, 6, and 9, available in the oil provide the skin with lasting elasticity. With nutrients like lycopene and beta-carotene in the mix, the surface texture and tone of the skin appears morel luminous and youthful.


Rosy Rejuvenation 

Rosehip seed oil provides health for the hair, skin, and nails! It is an all-around spa-treatment for most aspects of your appearance. We use organic rosehip seed oil in a number of our most popular formulas to compliment and enhance the effects of the other ingredients needed. As a fashion model’s best friend, rosehip seed oil gives skin the professional touch it needs for professionally perfected complexion.

Rosehip seed oil keeps inflammation under control, which makes it excellent for combating acneic blemishes caused from coming into contact with environmental pollutants that cause irritation. It relieves any irritation, decreasing any resulting redness. The content of fatty acids attributes to this ability, offering hydration and comfort. We use rosehip seed oil in our Restore Facial Serum because of its cell renewal properties that reduce unsightly marks.

The anti-inflammatory properties available in rosehip seed oil make an efficient part of our Bloom Calming Belly Balm and Lavender-Honey Healing Cream. Due to the content of linoleic and linolenic acids available, the oil maximizes these formulas by ensuring the reduction of inflammation – and thereby redness, itching, burns, and stretch marks. Vitamins A and C also contribute to its soothing abilities.

The anti-aging properties available within rosehip seed oil make it an effective ingredient in our Anti-Aging Eye Serum and Anti-Aging Nigh Creme. The oil supports a higher production of collagen and elastin, thus reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. The high levels of vitamin C contribute to cell renewal. This allows a youthful glow about the complexion, making rosehip seed oil one of the most potent ingredients in the anti-aging department.

Our popular Plum Perfect Eye Cream holds further testament to rosehip seed oil’s anti-aging abilities by repairing and smoothing the skin around the eyes. It supports the fuller appearance of well-nourished, hydrated skin so that the sensitive eye skin looks brighter, more awake, and revitalized.


Revamp Your Face with Rosehip and face naturals

Showing you how our ingredients work in our signature face naturals formulas lets us inform you on the structure of our products. Educating our clients is a big part of our passion, and we love to let you know how our authentic recipes work together synergistically.

So, we invite you to inquire about any ingredient that you want to know about. Look at the labels on your favorite face naturals products, and go to our contact page to ask questions regarding which ingredients interest you. Or start a conversation about rosehip seed oil here by commenting below for a discussion with your face naturals family.



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