Creating a Juvenescent Complexion

Ever wish you could copy and paste a more youthful you onto your face, even if you are young already? Many people who have not even reached their middle thirties feel that extra years pile onto their faces and into their pores, even if they have not yet reached the typical time when most people start to worry about anti-aging. Large, congested pores can add years to your complexion, and may cause you to look dirty when you are perfectly clean.

Pot Hole Pores

In the age of selfies, profile pictures, and photo-sharing apps available on our phones and computers, one of our culture’s common trends lies within looking as attractive as possible. Photo editors use applications like Photoshop to blur out blemishes and brighten smiles, while most of us are left with using different camera filters to grasp the golden goblet of the best selfie ever.

While you can make your image more presentable with editing features available for photographs, refining your appearance in real life can be a little trickier. And for people with large pores, the ability to either cover up epidermal imperfections or improve the condition presents a bit of a problem. We cannot actually change the size of our pores, so when we stare in the mirror, those gaping pinpricks stare right back.

What causes the pores to gape? How do you make them less noticeable? There is no Photoshop available in real life, so figuring out a solution to a pore problem is like trying to take the perfect picture – try it over and over again until you get the best shot possible. We decided to eliminate the difficulties associated with defeating large pores, and give you all you need to know right here.


Potential Problems for Large Pores

The pores on your skin play a very important role in your body’s detox system, as toxins can escape via sweat through your pores. They also produce sebum, the oily substance responsible for keeping your skin moisturized properly. These small openings actually respond to different stimuli in ways you might not expect. Thus, they may become enlarged or appear enlarged depending on what your skin is responding to.

Factors like age, gender, and genetics can cause enlarged pores to appear. More men tend to have large pores than women statistically. If your parents or other people in your family have enlarged pores, chances are you either have them or will have them later on in life, as this condition is often contracted through genetics. Additionally, as you get older, your skin may lose its elasticity and begin to sag. This causes your pores to appear larger as they seem stretched with the loosened skin.

Repeated sun exposure resulting in damage from sun burns can cause the skin to thicken with scar tissue beneath the surface of the skin. Sun damage drains elastin and moisture from the complexion, which causes the skin to pull at the edges of the pores. This makes them appear as though they are gaping.

Your skin type can also play an important role into your condition of enlarged pores. If you have an oily skin type, then your complexion is more prone to expressing enlarged pores. Problems such as blackheads are common with oily skin types, as the actual heads consist of excess oil, debris from external contributors like makeup or dirt, and dead skin cells. These plugs can congest the pores, and make them appear larger.

On the other hand, you may have skin that tends more toward sensitive. Expressed sensitivity can lead to enlarged pores, as your skin may produce more oil to compensate for the sensitivity, or your pores may react to certain substances and appear larger as a reaction toward your skin-care routine or other factors.


How to Solve Pore Problems

While there is no way to actually shrink pores, you can make them appear smaller by ensuring that you take these extra steps in your skin-care regimen. If you have an issue where your pores simply appear larger because of blackheads or sensitivity, then you can engage in certain practices that will improve your condition by eliminating some of the factors that cause the oiliness or sensitivity. First, establish a good routine using your preferred selection of the face naturals products to satisfy each step of your skin-care program.

Twice per day (once in the morning and once at night), use a facial cleanser to clean your skin of any collection of oil and debris. Normal but oily skin will benefit from the Purify Facial Cleanser, a formula that removes and regulates oil production through improved circulation and deeply cleansing organic peppermint. The Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser curbs oil production and pore congestion for severely acneic skin. The Hibiscus Facial Cleanser works best for mature or sensitive skin types with large pores, as the light astringency from the organic hibiscus regulates and shrinks pore appearance without causing irritation.

For normal skin types, you may want to employ our Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Scrub for one of these cleansings to ensure sufficient exfoliation. Sensitive types may only want to engage in the exfoliation up to four times per week. The crushed apricot kernel scrubs away any dead skin cells, while the organic honey sloughs off extra debris clinging to your complexion’s surface. This way, you rinse off excess oil, dead skin cells, and other buildup that may influence the size of your pores.

Next, select one of our signature toners to tone the complexion and maximize protection and hydration. Most of our toners have excellent astringency properties, which draws the skin up a little more, allowing the pores to appear smaller. The Chamomile Hydrosol has lightly astringent properties that soothe while minimizing pore appearance. The Rose Geranium Hydrosol also works well for aging or oily but sensitive skin, and is a favorite. For those with normal but oilier skin types, the Peppermint Hydrosol and the Purify Facial Toner blast out blackheads and get sebum under control for moderately to severely oily skin.

Apply a moisturizer that works for your skin type as a follow up to ensure a barrier between your skin and the particles of dirt, makeup, and other debris that your skin may come into contact with throughout the day. You may use the Anti-Aging Night Creme for mature skin types that express excess oiliness. For normal, mildly to moderately oily or slightly sensitive types, try the Balance Daily Moisturizer or the Soothe Daily Moisturizer for those with more severe sensitivity. For severe oiliness, the Purify Daily Moisturizer will serve the purpose of keeping oil under control throughout the day.

Applying facial masks on a weekly to biweekly basis will also offer great improvement for lessening the appearance of your pores. Clay masks work to literally pull toxins, debris, dirt, and excess oil out of each pore while also exfoliating away dead skin cells. For dull, nonsensitive skin with enlarged pores, the Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask will brighten, reduce the appearance of marks, and use astringent qualities to draw skin into a more toned appearance, thus shrinking the look of the pores. For more sensitive skin types, the Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask has lighter astringent properties and toning abilities that moisturize skin while also retexturing the tone. Finally, the Purify Mask works for severely oily skin types.


Get Photo-Ready with Face Naturals

Whether you struggle with wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, congested pores, or oiliness, face naturals has an organic solution available for you that will naturally heal your skin’s condition. Consult with one of our staff members to learn more about how these products can work with your skin type, so we can direct you to the tools and information you need to become your own natural beauty.

Contact us for more information about how to minimize and decongest pores, so that you can attain that picture-perfect complexion. We look forward to hearing from you, and adding your skin condition to our long list of success stories. Take a look at our web catalogue to discover organically botanical goodness formulated to properly heal your skin.



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