Real Food

Eat Natural Foods Over GMO Foods, Live Till A Hundred And Get Supreme Health And Wellness

We have a huge choice in what we eat and what we put in our bodies. Magazines are yelling at us to eat superfoods, raw, natural and organic foods. And our government and big corporations are yelling at us, pushing us almost, to eat genetically modified food – this is not good!


What is natural food?

We know what real food is; Fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy, lean and grass fed meats – anything that is not processed, does not have toxic preservatives or harmful chemicals and food that is filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep us healthy.  We need to eat organic, natural foods at all times for optimum health.  These are the foods that are pure, clean and pesticide-free.  They will have us living for a long time, while maintaining good health and staying disease free!


What is GM or GMO food?

GM food is food that has been genetically modified or engineered.  Foods have been produced from seed and had their DNA altered which allows for the introduction of the food to be different.  A simple example would be to think of a genetically modified watermelon.  It has no seeds. Some people call GMO food ‘seeds of deception’.  Foods that are genetically modified are not natural in any way.


Do we know when food is GMO?

GMO, genetically modified organisms, are huge in our supermarkets and often, we do not know they have been modified.  The labelling is not clear, not good or non-existent. And the truth is, this food is not natural. It is not pure. It contains elements that we do not know about and that we are putting into our bodies. You must shop at a local health store or a supermarket that you trust, where you can buy food that is pure.


Does GM food have chemicals? 

GMOs are grown in huge farms or even laboratories. Toxic chemicals are used. Pesticides are used.  These sprays do not go away, even when the food is cleaned thoroughly. They are inside, they are on the surface and they are not good for you. Laboratory mammals that are fed GMOs have side effects.  We are not told about these.  We may well be damaging our health by eating red meat, chicken or fish that has been modified.  This could kill us and remember, it is not clear what you are eating.  Your food is probably filled with hormones that can effect not just you but your children too.


Do GMOs cause global warming?

Global warming is a huge problem today and GMOs contribute to this by using synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.  Corn and soy are taking over natural grasslands and natural grasslands are what keeps our are clean.  By removing nature, we are increasing global warming.


GMO food contributes to disease

Insects are harmed, soil is harmed, the air is harmed, there are a whole bunch of new superweeds that are taking over and apart from hurting the environment we are really hurting our health by eating GMOs. Disease is on the increase right around the world, and if we look at cancer, heart disease, diabetes and brain disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, we are sure a lot of this can be contributed to GMO food.


Eat the Superfoods, leave the GMO foods

It is best today to look at labels and ask questions. Check out what you are eating. Make sure your diet has leafy greens, lean proteins, fish with the good fats, beans and legumes, organic dairy, fruit and vegetables and NO sugar. Stop the processed foods, the genetically modified foods and watch your health bloom and blossom. Keep yourself disease free. Eat naturally and organic.




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