Helping to Alleviate Sensitive Skin Naturally

Soften Your Skin’s Sensitivity the Organic Way

Chaffing, rashes, allergies, weather changes, chemicals, exposure to the elements… All of these things can trigger sensitivity of the skin. It can happen at any time for any given person. Even if you have a track record for a normal skin type that has little reaction to most things, you can easily come across some substance or situation that triggers a sensitivity you never knew you had.

Sensitivity can occur at any age, and is not limited to those who suffer from conditions like rosacea or eczema. And with so many different ingredients available in most skin-care products these days, you may not know what will affect your skin or how. We delve into the triggers behind sensitive skin, what to avoid when it develops, and how to treat it the natural way. Find out how to treat your sensitive skin to some skin-care sweetness that will work with your unique needs.


Sensitivity’s Signature

The tell-tale signs of your skin’s expression of sensitivity can include redness and swelling from inflammation, irritation or itching on the site of the sensitivity, and sometimes the skin even feels a little warmer than it normally would. Other symptoms include dryness, or peeling on the site. These symptoms can occur on broad patches or in spots like hives.

Some conditions factor in on the sensitivity. For instance, overexposure to the elements can cause sensitivity to occur, through sunburn, windburn, or arid climates. These elements may result in the chapping or drying of the skin’s surface, triggering a reaction through expressed irritation. Other factors that play into this condition include the temperature of water. For instance, taking a hot shower could contribute to irritation. Applying too much pressure too consistently also results in sensitivity.

Your complexion may respond allergically to some substances, like chemicals used in skin-care products or clothes. Sometimes  your skin will even reflect what you eat, as many skin conditions develop from certain nutritional lacks or ingredients that your body does not handle well. Check out our blogs on triclosan, processed foods, and other chemicals commonly used in cosmetics to discover what products you should avoid to keep your skin sweet!

Other factors may include conditions like rosacea, eczema, and acne. These conditions generate sensitivity from the inside, and may be improved through better diet options designed to help keep your digestive system in tact. If you have low stomach acid, or leaky gut, then opt for organic, non-GMO foods that contain probiotics or went through a fermentation process. Read up on why opting non-GMO is important for your digestive tract with GMOs: What To Know? and Monsanto’s Madhouse of Poisons.


 Softening the Sensitivity 

You can make your condition a little more tolerable, no matter what the cause behind it. Natural ingredients can help to heal your skin gently, and have been used for centuries to help people manage skin irritation. You can check out some of our products along the way for some helpful hints on what to shop for with face naturals.

Honey works as an excellent source for emollience and moisturization. It will not affect even the most reactive skin, and it will also keep your complexion cleansed. Raw, organic honey sloughs off dead skin cells while also offering healing properties that can mend and prevent sensitivity. Read more about it in our blog about honey. Try our Mango and Honey Smoothing Mask and Lavender-Honey Healing Cream to experience the benefits of honey for sensitive and reactive skin types.

Oatmeal offers excellent exfoliation properties for even the most sensitive skin types. You can use it as a scrub by grinding up some oatmeal, and scrubbing your skin with it while taking a bath. Another option is to mix oatmeal with some hot water (not too hot – you don’t want to irritate your skin!) and apply to affected areas for a skin mask. You can also employ oatmeal by using our Oatmeal Honey Silk Bar Soap.

Chamomile is one of your best companions when it comes to treating sensitivity. It works as a moisturizing anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and irritation. It works very gently and can even help out those with eczema and rosacea. Look into our Chamomile Hydrosol for a toner that works effectively without wreaking havoc.

Lavender also works well, and is a popular healer among the botanical family. As an anti-inflammatory, it reduces sensitivity and calms the redness and irritation that often go along with the sensitivity. It has antiseptic properties that kill harmful bacteria to protect from further irritation. We have a whole range of products that contain lavender as a main ingredient, including moisturizers and cleansers.


Simplify Your Skin-Care with Face Naturals

Many people who experience skin sensitivity on a regular basis also react negatively to scented products, whether their nose is fussy or just their skin. Face naturals also offers a line of unscented products specifically formulated to bring organic goodness into the simplified skin-care routine. Check out our Soothe line for a facial routine, complete with facial cleanser, facial toner, and mask.

We also carry an impressive line of Simply Smooth body products, including the body cleanser, body lotion, and lip balm. Each of these items has no scent, and works effectively but gently at moisturizing and cleansing sensitive skin. Give your sensitive friends and family members an organic treat for Christmas with the Soothe Sampler Set for Sensitive Skin, or a ‘Try-Me‘ sized Simply Smooth gift as a stocking stuffer. You can also give our ultra-rich but extra gentle Unscented Body Butter a try.

For more information regarding our products, and what skin-care regimen would work best for you skin type, please contact us with information about your skin’s condition, what problems you wish to address, and which of our products interests you the most. Your face naturals family will be happy to help you out! We look forward to hearing from you in your organic skin-care needs.



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