Look at What Really Lurks in Deodorants

Toxic Danger!

Everyday, millions of people wake up to begin their daily routine, which often includes swiping on some deodorant or antiperspirant before they leave the house in order to ensure that they do not earn a large wet circle under their arms. Many individuals apply these products to their skin in the hope of avoiding the potential for irritation and embarrassment of excessive sweating and unpleasant odor.

However, the majority of these people remain unaware of the potential harm that they open themselves up to through the aluminum-based ingredients within these skin care products, which include aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycerin, aluminum chlorohydrate, and aluminum hydroxybromide. What does the general public really know about the main active ingredients? How do they work? What potential for bodily harm do they contain?


What It Does

Our underarms contain two different kinds of glands: apocrine and eccrine. The eccrine glands are more plentiful than other kinds of sweat glands, and produce more sweat than other glands on the entire body – not just the underarms. On the majority of mass-production deodorants, the active ingredient is aluminum-based, like the aforementioned compounds.

These ions absorb into the cells lining the eccrine-gland ducts at the entrance of the top layer of skin called the epidermis. These ducts draw and absorb the ions into the cells along with water. This, in turn, causes the ducts to swell and squeeze shut. Thus, sweat cannot escape the sweat glands. Over time, this process can shrink the sweat gland, causing the gland to produce even less sweat.


Why It’s Dangerous

There are a few reasons that you could benefit in staying away from aluminum-based deodorants and antiperspirants. The aluminum-based compounds clog the sweat ducts by forming a plug. When left on the skin – especially near the breast, they can enter into the bloodstream and exhibit effects similar to the hormone estrogen. As estrogen can promote cancerous cell growth in the breast, some scientists believe that these compounds could play contributing roles in the growth of breast cancer. A study in 2003 on 437 breast cancer survivors supports this idea, finding that the age of the women who used these products got diagnosed significantly earlier.

One of the chemicals common to chemically created deodorants, triclosan, performs as an antimicrobial that can cause irritation to the skin. Some studies put forth evidence that this ingredient could cause dermatitis, and disturb a number of important hormone-production glands. Recently banned in the state of Minnesota, the American Medical Association warns against using products containing this chemical, as it could contribute to the immune system’s resistance to antibiotics, thus creating a possibility for increased illness in the population overall. Also of note, this chemical is classified as a pesticide by the FDA, and as a carcinogen by the EPA. Why would your underarms possibly need exposure to a pesticide? We shutter to think.

Another issue arising from the usage of chemically created deodorant lies within the fact that many individuals completely forget that their bodies are supposed to sweat. Sweating helps your body release the toxins that it collects throughout the day – whether through eating, breathing polluted air, or ingesting or absorbing dangerous chemicals through skin care products or other means. When you inhibit this process, you allow toxins and carcinogens to collect inside of your bloodstream, causing your body to age faster and experience a higher level of damage.

If that is not enough to scare you, consider the sheer simplicity of the warning label – and the message that they send for everyone. Each deodorant warning label will instruct the user not to ingest or use on broken skin. Some even advise on asking a doctor if the user struggles with kidney disease. Why put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth? It still absorbs into the circulatory system. An even worse reality to consider is that by absorbing these products through the skin, your body does not get to metabolize any of the harmful toxins out of your system. They are there to stay and build up.

Additionally, many individuals have an allergy to aluminum-based products and do not realize it. The underarms may become irritated or itchy in response to the active ingredients. Other potential health issues often associated with the usage of aluminum in skin-care products include: seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, bone formation disorders, and kidney problems. Commercial deodorant can poison the body with a combination of toxic chemicals as they contain a combination of toxically detrimental chemicals that consistently weaken our health. Reading this information, you might want to switch around your deodorant and find a safer alternative. But where do you start?


Watch Out for Green Washers

Upon discovering the dangers diabolically hidden within each over-the-counter deodorant product, many people rush to the nearest brand proclaiming that its products contain all natural or organic ingredients. When people see the words ‘natural,‘ ‘organic,‘ or ‘plant-based,‘ they have immediate assumptions about how well this product works, or how healthy it must be – without ever really doing the research to ensure that such a brand represents all it claims to represent. We compiled a few examples of skin care brands that claim they sell organic products, but have ingredient lists that prove differently.

The practice of greenwashing takes advantage of those who wish to purchase organic products or use green services, by not holding these items to a genuine, green or organic standard. Beware of brands that use terms and phrases including ‘natural,’ ‘with real botanicals,’ or ‘hypoallergenic.’ Pay special attention to the ingredients in these products, because chances are that the brands use similar chemicals – just in smaller quantities or with different names. Sometimes, these companies even use the word ‘organic‘ in their very names. Buyer beware – read all labels with care.

A few examples of greenwashing brands include Alba Botanica, Babywise Organics, Head Organics, Natures Gate Organics, Aveeno, and a large number of other companies that try to sell or advertise themselves as safe, natural, and organic, but use chemical ingredients that a number of blogs regarding the subject of organic and natural products have dissected and researched. Always read labels or search for lists of ingredients on the Internet before purchasing or supporting a company.


Where To Start

It may not be the easiest task to locate companies selling genuine organic skin care products, but you will find that it is worth it. Once you initiate the process of finding a seller with products and ingredients that you can trust, you get to avoid or cut yourself from the health risks and adverse statistics staring you in the face as you read. You also benefit by discovering products that not only perform the given task of eliminating odor and regulating sweat production, but also work naturally with your skin and bodily functions instead of hindering them. Your body no longer absorbs harmful toxins with the potential to cause breast cancer. It absorbs organic biochemicals from plants grown naturally. Take the initiative to find out what products are right for you, and do a little research on organic companies and their ingredients, just to ensure you do not get fooled by a greenwasher.

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