Sea Salt – A Natural Healing Wonder

Sea Salt Air

The medicine of breathing in oceanic air: realistic remedy or fictional physician’s practice? The discussion revolving around this historical cure has finally made its way into the curiosities of modern doctors. Some even go so far as to perform experiments regarding the potential health benefits of salty sea air.

The range of possibilities regarding better health from oceanic air might surprise you. We will fill you in on the details of these possibilities – both anecdotal and proven. Learn the facts regarding the history behind the remedy, and then you can do the math on sea salt’s effectiveness yourself.


History of Medicinal Usage

Fresh, salty sea air was a favorite remedy of many doctors for nearly 200 years as an aid to patients struggling with respiratory difficulties. Doctors would prescribe a sickly individual struggling with poor health to take some time out on the beach – or maybe even move there to experience life long improvement.

Some of the beliefs regarding oceanic air included the idea that the cool, briskness of the water stimulated and energized the body by increasing the blood’s circulation. These old-time physicians also believed that exposure to the sea’s elements could have a shrinking effect on tumors.

As a leprosy treatment, records show that some doctors ordered their patients to drink ocean water each morning over the course of nine months – with evidence of documented success both by patients and doctors alike. Thus, the drinking of sea water became a popular treatment for multiple ailments.

As modern medicine took over most practices, the cure of salty sea air seemed to fade into the past, becoming a controversial point of conversation not backed by scientific evidence. Some doctors continue to argue that the ocean and its air have little effect on the body’s well-being. Other doctor’s suggest otherwise.

However, these traditional ideologies regarding health and the ocean are not entirely unfounded. Inhaling the salty oceanic air itself provides the body with many different things needed to maintain function in many different systems. Some of the minerals your body obtains through breathing this air include iodine, calcium, and phosphorus.


Blood Booster

One of the supposed assets of salty air lies within its ability to help individuals with blood-pressure problems. Some people argue that this idea is purely anecdotal, while others argue this method’s effectiveness by suggesting the salty sea air works with the body in a certain way to create and maintain such conditions in the body.

For starters, the intake of sea salt itself can actually help manage high blood pressure. Sea salt is considered a ‘good salt’ because of the dosage of minerals it delivers to the body’s systems. These minerals, along with a good balance of hydration, can create a decline in hypertension. Some people suggest that a lack of minerals in the body can make it retain water, thus increasing problems with blood pressure.

Oceanic air provides these necessary minerals that can boost overall health by helping the body absorb and utilize water efficiently. This reduces the likelihood of blood pressure problems, which can eliminate a great deal of future health issues that may be rooted in problematic blood pressure maintenance.


Brain’s Best Friend

The potential benefits of the saline content in the sea-spritzed air extend further into your brain. Some evidence suggests that regular intake of oceanic air may improve brain function and mood, while preventing future damage to the brain. Some of these benefits might surprise you, and make you want to take initiative in planning that next trip to the beach.

Some people suggest that the negative hydrogen ions within the air’s content can help some individuals get a more restful night of sleep. These negative ions contribute to your body’s health in a couple of ways. First, they help maintain a balanced level of serotonin in your body – a hormone with strong connections to your overall mood. A healthy level of serotonin leads to an improved mood.

Another way that it helps the brain function properly is through boosting the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. This helps mentality since the brain’s absorption of oxygen plays a role in overall mood and bodily well-being. Getting plenty of blood and oxygen flowing to the brain allows it to send neurological messages more easily, making for better communication between cells.

Sea salt also helps balance out bodily acidity, which carries over to the cells of the brain. This can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and can be supplemented either through spending time in the air or by ingesting sea salt grains with your food.


Sea Air Can Sweeten the Immune System

Exposure to salty sea air and water increases circulation, thereby increasing the body’s ability to self-heal. Many health clinics and medical facilities use sea water as a means of therapy for allergies and respiratory-related issues.

It can also offer help with congenital problems that effect a person from birth. Some of these ailments include the following: asthma, cystic fibrosis, and allergies that can cause an impediment for the immune system’s function. The air has a therapeutic effect on these conditions that may have long term effects on the symptoms.

In fact, one study shows evidence that individuals struggling wit cystic fibrosis can go surfing to feel better. Australian patients said that they could breath easier and better after surfing in the ocean. This lead to doctors creating a saline-based treatment that allowed patients to consume less antibiotics and experience fewer flare-ups.

Some individuals even say that the salt itself serves as an antibiotic and antihistamine. Inhaling salty air can help manage bacterial infections of the lung, while weakening the effect of a respiratory condition’s symptoms, including coughing, difficulty breathing, and by eliminating mucus production.


Salty Assurance

Regardless of scientific evidence, doctor’s opinion, or treatment plans, we can all benefit from the blessings imparted by oceanic air. You do not need a scientist to tell you that breathing in the deep, thick, salty air is good for you. You do not need a doctor to convince you of how well it works as a personal decision for a treatment option.

Aside from the obvious soothing sensation we get from the sound of the waves and the energetic warmth we absorb from the sun’s rays, the beach’s air can leave your mind more alert and energized as well as relaxed. Some even suggest that the air can neutralize the effects of free radicals both on the skin and within – especially in the lungs.

Because the oceanic air allows for improved absorption of oxygen and neutralizes the effects of free radicals, one could make the conclusion that breathing deeply at the beach could attribute to the prevention and treatment of cancer to some extent. With the proof regarding many individual’s improved well-being and health after spending significant time at a beach, this argument certainly has evidential grounds.

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Reaping What You Know

Know any more ways that the ocean blesses our world and its people? Do you have an ocean-based remedy passed through the generations? Feel free to leave a comment and share with us and the rest of your face naturals family. To learn more about our products and information, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.



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