Love Truly IS the Best Medicine!

Amazing love!

So many amazing holidays take place during the cold months of winter, bringing us memories that make us feel closer to our family members. With Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day all lined up together, these chilly months mark warm thoughts of spending time together around a fire or sharing hot beverages while watching our favorite television shows.

However, the winter season also marks a time when more people struggle with depression than any other time of year. The cold weather can drive us indoors, shutting us away from the sunlight. Sometimes, we may even get stressed with the strains of managing so many different things in the holiday season – work, family, money. It all seems so endless in winter. The nights get longer, and as the sun sets sooner, our ability to get out and in the sunlight decreases.

Luckily, the aforementioned exposure to our loved ones can help us handle these feelings, and adding some healthy habits into the mix will also create fond feelings of warmth and happiness. Today, we focus on the health benefits we receive when you allow yourself to feel, give, and fall in love. And maybe even snuggle up to a friend while you read this.


The Measure of a Good Marriage

Participating in a healthy marriage can put you in a better state of health throughout your life, regardless of your gender. Multiple studies show that sharing your life with a soulmate will decrease the risk of negative health conditions for both you and your husband or wife. Keep the love going strong between the two of you over the years, and you will reap the benefits later in life.

The European Society of Cardiology concluded that married couples could practice healthier habits. This demographic of people shows a significant decline in the rate of deaths related to cardiovascular problems, including deadly heart attacks. Plus, the study states that the greater level of interpersonal support that a married person receives also contributes to better health.

Married men have a smaller risk of suffering from a stroke, if their relationship with their spouse was a generally healthy one. An unwed man or a husband in a stressful marriage averages at about sixty four percent likelihood for experiencing a fatal stroke. This likelihood greatly decreases in married men.

Marriage may also change the way your body handles stress. Evidence from the University of Chicago suggests that unmarried individuals may feel and experience stress on a deeper level than those who have a partner. Marriage can also improve the mental health and sleep patterns of women as well.

Overall, plenty of evidence supports the argument that a married lifestyle, especially a healthy and supportive one, can ultimately increase a person’s life span. With a second pair of eyes looking after your health as well as you, it is not difficult to understand why. And if you and your spouse are supportive toward each other, then that just makes the experience of life that much sweeter.


Have Fun with Friends and Family

The buck does not stop with your love for your spouse. Your friends and family members also play an important role in your health over the course of your life. Take some extra time from your week to spend with your parents, kids, grandparents, or friends. Not only will you feel closer to these people, but you will feel better in general.

Spending time with your family can greatly impact your health, and theirs as well. Children who enjoy a strong bond and healthy conversations with their fathers, for instance, have a decreased likelihood of engaging in potentially dangerous or risky behaviors, like unprotected sex or violence toward others. Similarly, daughters between the ages of seven and twelve who engage in regular conversations with their mothers will respond to stress in a healthier and more productive manner. Their bodies produce more oxytocin, the feel-good chemical. Plus, sharing an evening or two weekly with your siblings can greatly improve your overall mental health, as this relationship deepens your feelings of belonging, and neutralizes fear and loneliness.

Your friends hold just as great of value in your health as your family does. They impact your mental health and feelings of overall wellbeing. You are more likely to deal with traumas or grief in a healthy way, and have more confidence and value for yourself, if you develop healthy friendships. In fact, women who regularly retreat to the support and love of other female friends have bodies that release more oxytocin, and experience less stress than those who do not. Plus, those who establish strong, healthy friendships tend to have a delayed loss of memory later on in life. You are also more likely to maintain a healthy weight when you stick close with your friends.


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