Organic Air and The Toxins We Breathe

The Basics of Breathing: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

When most people look to improve their health, they generally go for lifestyle changes that include diet alterations, improved sleep patterns, or exercising. These are often the most commonly known routes to obtaining better health and overall body function. While multiple blogs and magazine articles hail the arrival or discovery of the latest trending superfood to hit grocery stores and food marts, face naturals has a healthy secret that few people consider.

Of course, all of these elements can greatly impact your health for the better. But the one that everyone seems to let slip past their health suggestions is better air quality. The one thing that always surrounds us, that we constantly consume every second of everyday, often slips past the pens and ideas of health gurus and doctors. One up on most professionals by educating yourself about amplifying your health through air quality.


The Actuality of Your Air

Your air quality depends on lots of factors, like whether or not you or someone you live with smokes cigarettes, whether you live in an urban area with high traffic, or if your home is near a factory. Other contributors, like pesticides and herbicides dusted on crops, can also have a negative effect on air quality, as the chemicals can travel on the wind.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that it must regulate up to 187 different air pollutants emitted in America. This list ranges from particles of heavy metals floating around in our air, to methanol, to chlorine. Numerous toxins filter into the atmosphere each year, and can often be measured in tons – especially in highly populated areas.

These tons and tons of toxins come from sources like cars, buses, and other transportation methods, as well as plants and factories that often emit massive billows of smoke and steam each day to keep production going. Other smaller sources include some of the products that many citizens use to clean house.


America Affected by Air Pollution

So, why the big fuss over the tons of toxins released into the air each year all over America? Well, the effects linked to air pollution have devastated the lives of numerous individuals, both through death and general health issues. One study revealed that up to 200,000 people go to an early grave as a direct result of air pollution.

One particular city, Baltimore, Maryland, ranked the highest in deaths caused by air pollution, with up to one hundred and thirty deaths out of every one hundred thousand linked to cause of death from overexposure to pollution. One scientist stated that individuals who die from this kind of exposure often die an entire decade earlier than normal.

Emissions from electricity generation hold responsibility for at least fifty two thousand deaths per year, due to the large quantities of sulfur released into the air from burning coal. The Midwestern states saw the most deaths and health effects resulting from this kind of pollution than other regions.

Southern California, on the other hand, has the highest rate of health-related issues due to oceanic transportation, including import and export through shipping. This state saw up to three thousand and five hundred early deaths resulting from the high amount of pollution released into the atmosphere from port activities.


Health Effects Caused by Emissions

With so many recorded American deaths linked to emissions and pollution, we need to know the direct health effects sending so many individuals to their death sentence each year. Air quality affects numerous functions within our bodies, and can cause us to age quickly.

Pollution has devastating effects on the respiratory system. Breathing in polluted air exposes the lungs to multiple chemicals that restrict their ability to function. This forces the lungs to work harder at bringing in oxygen, weakening the lung’s capacity. The lungs begin to age at a much quicker rate, allowing for a higher likelihood of cell mutation.

The cardiovascular system also suffers, as its functions fall directly in line with the act of breathing and oxygen intake. People struggling with overexposure to pollution often experience a weakened athletic performance and irregular heartbeat. The heart becomes more stressed, and works harder than it should to function properly.

The deterioration of these systems can lead to a number of diseases, infections, and symptoms. People, especially children, are more likely to develop conditions like asthma, or diseases like bronchitis and emphysema. Cancer becomes an issue as well, as cells continue to mutate. Many individuals experience symptoms including coughing, headaches, throat irritation, tight chest, and nausea.


Push for Purification

While it is difficult, and often altogether impossible to avoid all contact with air pollution, you can still take some steps to prolong your life and enhance your breathing space. Even though you cannot control the air flow on the other side of your home’s doors, you can still command your ability to breath in your house, office, and car.

You can talk to a representative of your local auto parts store about installing an efficient air filter that removes particles of toxins like chemicals and other pollutants known to give many people a difficult time breathing. We recommend the HEPA Filters designed to plug into your accessory outlet for your car.

Another way to purify and cleanse the air your breath every day is to purchase an air filter that you can plug into an outlet at your work place. We use the Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro at the face naturals head quarters to ensure clean air for breathing for our face naturals family. This will let you maintain control over the air your breath while you work.

You can also select from a wide variety of filtering systems that will suit your home. Select vent filters that can properly sift out dust particles and allergens. Do not purchase the cheaper ones, as they will not work to optimize results. Professionals recommend a MERV of at least 11.

You can also install powered electronic filters by contacting an HVAC worker to install a HEPA filter into your heating and air unit. This will sufficiently cleanse air as a first and best line of defense. It cleanses air from the outside before the HVAC system circulates it. You can also have your HVAC worker install a UV light to help kill dangerous microbes that can get inside through your air system.

Another simpler way to keep your breathing spaces free of pollutants includes leaving your shoes at the door, and not tracking them through your house. This eliminates the travel of particles from dust, mold, chemicals, and other pollutants from the outside. You can also help ensure that your carpet stays cleaner by dusting a light coating of baking soda over the surface, letting it sit for a while, then vacuuming it up.


Filter Your Lifestyle with face naturals

Your face naturals family wants to keep you in the know about what health concerns are topping the horizon, and what routes you can take to keep you and your family safe, healthy, and toxin-free. That’s why we write our blogs about health topics and healing botanicals to make you aware of your options. Comment below to keep the conversation on air purification going.

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