New Year – New ‘Healthy’ You!

A New You in 2016!

It is a brand new year – time to celebrate memories you created in 2015, while planning for 2016. Many people will participate in parties with friends and family, watch parades, and count down the very last seconds of 2015. A lot of the people excited for the New Year also make plans and resolutions to better their health – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Whether kicking a habit or starting new, healthy habits, face naturals gives you some tips on what to eliminate from your life and what to welcome into your life.

Most New Year’s resolutions have one common goal: to be a better person all around. Whether you want to be better for yourself or loved ones, you probably have a few ideas in mind on where to start and what you wish to accomplish within the New Year. We delve into some typical ideas for resolutions, and tell you why and how they can help you have a fuller, more enjoyable life from here on out. Join your face naturals family in the New Year, and learn more about how to adjust your life for the better.


Kick Junk to the Curb!

One of the more common resolutions that people make includes eliminating junky substances from their lifestyles. However, many people forget about lots of junky installments that slow their lives down and keep them from reaching an optimal level of health. Most people focus on simply eating healthier. We invite you to kick other kinds of junk to the curb before ringing in the New Year.

First, kick out chemicals that wreak havoc on your skin. Good health works from the inside out, and providing your complexion with proper, non-toxic nourishment will make your body’s healing process much better. Many commonly used products contain alcohols, fragrances, and chemicals that clog pores and soak into your blood stream through your skin to slowly poison you. Triclosan, cocamidopropyl betaine, and benzoyl peroxide are all ingredients to watch out for in your products. Check out our blogs on shampoos and sunscreens to learn more about why you should change your skin-care routine. Read our countdown on danger chemicals for more toxic ingredients.

While your cleaning your skin-care routine of toxic chemicals, you may want to thin your supply of house-cleaning products of one or two items as well. Check the labels for ingredients like phenols, petroleum solvents, formaldehyde, and butyl cellosolve. If your products contains these, or any other potentially carcinogenic ingredients, get rid of them. You can replace the powerful poisons with either genuinely green-friendly brands like Seventh Generation, or create your own products with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

You will also want to get your diet habits in check to ring in the New Year. Nourishing your body from the inside is just as important as refining your skin-care routine. Avoid foods containing genetically modified organisms as much as possible, and opt for the USDA Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project seal on your food labels. Try to consume organic foods as well. Make sure you steer clear of fast food, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods, as many ingredients used in these products do not provide adequate nourishment, and can deepen your health struggle in the future. Opt for organic, non-GMO, raw foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Remember – eating less is not the key. Eating correctly is.


Get Your Beauty Sleep!

Yes, we said it! Get enough sleep, and not only will you look better, but you will definitely feel better as well. The quality and amount of sleep you give your body will work wonders on your mood and level of energy each and everyday! Rest assured that you will feel the difference day by day. So, as part of creating a new you for the New Year, we recommend getting those few extra minutes of sleep every day. They can make all the difference in the world.

If one of your goals is weight loss in the New Year, then getting more sleep may provide a key method to getting there. People who get less sleep than they need tend to eat more to overcompensate for low energy levels. Plus, your body’s metabolism slows down when you do not get sufficient sleep, packing away carbohydrates and increasing certain hormones.

Your sleep patterns will affect your overall mood, immune system, cardiovascular system, and ability to learn and retain information throughout the day. You could put yourself and others at a high risk when you do not hit the hay at a decent time to let your body and mind rest well. So, this New Year may bring in the goal of getting more beauty rest to ensure that you can be the best you possible each and every day.


Let Food be Thy Medicine

Learn to heal your body properly with proper nourishment. When you ingest certain kinds of foods, you can bring your body’s ability to heal itself to a whole new level. We gave you some ideas for foods that you might want to stock up on for creating a new you to live better in the New Year. Add these foods to your grocery lists and meals for optimal healing results.

Battle stress and anxiety with a bunch of organic bananas. Organic bananas contain B6, which helps your body create and circulate serotonin – the hormone that will mellow your brain out. Organic asparagus is another food known to curb your body’s stress management, with rich amounts of folate. Adding an organic avocado or two per week will also help you level out stress and your body’s responses to such, with high amounts of vitamin E, folate, lutein, and beta-carotene.

You can assist your digestive system by ingesting more Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, or other fermented foods to your diet to support a strong level of probiotics, cultures, and enzymes. These listed living things will help break down food so that your body can better absorb it, furthering your nutrition and making each bite go further.

Numerous other types of foods will help your body’s systems and functions work at an optimal level. Perform some research to discover which foods will help you address your body’s issues in your journey to health. A little diet therapy never hurt anyone right? Give diet a new meaning with the New Year, and eat foods that are better for you, and work for you as well.


Say Yes to DNS!

Time and time again, we have shared the message that negative emotions and stress are just as unhealthy for your body as bad eating habits. Now, we are reminding you again to clean out your personal life to prepare for the New Year – and DNS. We always recommend DNS (or Do Not Stress) to anyone who lets negativity get the better of them. Shake off the toxic relationships and bad feelings that often come with them, and you will feel the weight lifted from your shoulders over time. Remember, for best results, DNS!

Relationships that negatively impact your lifestyle on a daily basis are proven to lower the abilities and function of your immune system and endocrine system, with strong links to depression and stress. Also having interpersonal relationships with people who directly influence your habits in a negative way can cause you to start picking up some of those risky habits, like smoking or drinking. Weed your life of people that derail your quest for health, healing, and happiness. We promise you will not regret it.

Additionally, the negative emotions, whether caused by relationships or other factors, can create a world of health issues as well. Stress, negativity, and depression can cause back pain, constipation, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, and long list of other issues that could generate bigger problems down the road. The more you teach your body to handle stress properly, the quicker your mind will follow suit. Keep DNS in mind as you enter into the New Year.


Exercise Your Way into Health

Many people commonly purchase gym memberships or join various sports groups at the start of the year, with the resolution of getting fit. Whether you enjoy team sports, vow to visit the gym twice a week, or just take a jog through the neighborhood, exercise can benefit you in more ways than just one. And if you do not overhype yourself, at least resolve to walk around for an hour a day. You will feel the difference.

If you can keep true to this resolution, you reduce your risk for multiple types of cancer, including breast and colon. In fact, you may have a fifty percent decrease in your overall risk. Even if you are already struggling with cancer, ensuring that you get a comfortable amount of exercise will help you raise your odds as well.

For those struggling with negative emotions like stress or depression, simply taking thirty minutes out of your day three times a week for exercise will offer relief from those symptoms. Multiple statistics and studies show show evidence of teenagers, the elderly, and young children alike.  So, you can boost your mood by putting a little zing in your step – literally.

Additionally, exercise can aid your body’s circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic systems at one time. It boosts your blood flow, which helps your body produce and circulate lymph. This allows white blood cells to better filter the antigens from your blood. The improved circulation also allows your body to absorb nutrients from food at an optimal level, allowing your body’s metabolism to balance out.


Ring in a Healthy New Year with Face Naturals

Your face naturals family looks forward to a new year and a new you! We want to help you stay on a healthy, positive track, while giving you advice and tips to make it easier. Check out our blog posts for health information that involves you and your family, and stay in the know about hot topics regarding your right to take care of your body.

Looking to clean out your medicine cabinet and bathroom this year? Contact us for information regarding our organic skin-care products crafted from potent, healing botanicals that work with your skin. You can get your new look off to a great start by learning what works best for your skin – and we are glad to help out!



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