Starving Your Wrinkles Naturally

Eat Your Wrinkles Away!

When you look in the mirror and start to see those crow’s feet fringing at the corners of your eyes, laugh lines framing your mouth, or wrinkles on your forehead, you may start to wonder how you can turn back the clock to keep those youthful features you had in photos from when you were younger. We have some good news for you about how to turn back the clock and help keep that juvenescent complexion as more than just a memory of years passed.

Often, when we first see the signs of age creep up on us, we turn to skin-care products that promise the miraculous transformation of the fountain of youth. You may even use some of the signature anti-aging products that face naturals offers. While these items prove very effective in fighting wrinkles, and hold a place as some of our best-selling products, we wanted to give you some sure-fire secrets that will help you combat the signs of aging. Holding onto healthy, youthful skin means eating correctly, and adding certain foods to your diet. We spill the secrets on eating your wrinkles away.


 Get Your Fine Lines Berry Boost On

One of the most recommended foods to prevent and decrease the appearance of wrinkles includes berries. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries… you name it! Berries have a powerful effect on the condition of your skin. We use berries in multiple products – including our Super Fruit line, which contains extracts from organic blueberry, organic raspberry, and organic goji berry. We also use organic strawberry in our Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask, and organic raspberry in  our Raspberry Sherbet Body Lotion and Raspberry-Lime Body Scrub. You can boost your youthful beauty by eating berries, too!

Most organic berries contain a special kind of antioxidant called polyphenols, which can increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin. This ensures that your skin cells receive the nutrients they need through the circulation system. They also have a supply of probiotics and flavonoids that nourish the tissues. This improves the rate of cell turnover, which in turn, influences a bright, youthful complexion.


Get Your Yum Yum on with Organic Yogurt and Organic Honey

Two foods that can support your inner youth from the inside out include organic Greek yogurt and raw organic honey. Eating Greek yogurt provides a nourishingly filling anti-aging food. You can switch out your sugar or other sweetener for honey to receive its benefits. In fact, we use honey in several of our products, including the Mango and Honey Healing Mask, Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask, Oatmeal and Honey Silk Bar Soap, Lavender-Honey Healing Cream, and our Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Scrub.

Organic, raw honey has cleansing, healing, and moisturizing properties unparalleled by many other foods. Its natural antimicrobial properties make it excellent for preventing wrinkles and age spots, as it helps ensure proper and clean healing of any blemishes, irritation, or pimples. Its humectant qualities supplement the skin with a deeply penetrating moisture that ensures a supple appearance.

Organic Greek yogurt contains enzymes, lactic acids, and probiotics. The living enzymes and probiotics not only nourish the living cells, but also eat away and break down harmful bacteria and dead cells. This provides the healthy skin cells a safer environment to grow and flourish


Revitalize Your Face with Organic Vegetables

Vegetables like tomatoes, brightly colored bell peppers, spinach, kale, and avocado all help maintain healthy, juvenescent skin. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other forms of nutrients that prevent and treat a variety of age-related skin conditions, including wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. Up your doses of salad and include these ingredients in them to feed a more youthful you.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that proves especially beneficial for the skin.  Lycopene keeps cells from mutating into uneven pigments or cancer, thus reducing your susceptibility for age spots. Tomatoes also boost collagen levels, which gives skin the full-bodied, supple appearance of the youthful.

Advance your appearance with avocado. We have multiple products that contain avocado ingredients to nourish the skin. Eating a few can help your skin situation, too. Avocados contain a special compound called glutathione, which works extremely effectively in stopping and reversing the signs of aging due to environmental stress.

Leafy greens like organic spinach and organic kale offer plenty of benefits to mature or aging skin. Kale contains lutein, an antioxidant that serves as a free radical scavenger. The high iron content helps keep the skin’s surface oxygenated. Kale’s content in vitamin A also helps to prevent any further damage that comes with age. Spinach also serves as a preventative food, with antioxidants that defend skin cells.

Bell peppers, especially red and orange ones, have high amounts of vitamins A and E, two antioxidants that not only fight free radicals, but also prevent damage and cell mutation. Rich in bioflavonoids, bell peppers also have properties that mend and moisturize the surface of the skin when eaten.


Other Healing Foods that Fight Aging

A few other foods can help you build a diet centered around maintaining a youthful glow, inside and out. Walnuts, almonds, orange juice, green tea, and water can all help you keep your age in check, so others have to check your secrets on keeping your age just another number.

Walnuts and almonds are rich in nutrients that your body can use in the restoration process. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your skin supple, moist, and firm. Almonds, rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, also provide a sufficient boost to your beauty. We use almond ingredients in a variety of products to ensure proper moisture.

Orange juice, and many other citrus fruits including lemon, contain vitamin C – a potent antioxidant and most familiar nutrient when combating the signs of aging. Drinking and eating citrus foods can help you maintain a youthful appearance. Plus, you will feel great as citrus foods often boost your energy. You can feel as young as you look! You can smell young too, as well as nourish your skin from the outside with our range of items consisting of lemon, lime, and orange.

Drinking plenty of water and green tea also increases your chance of having no creases in your skin. Green tea contains plant polyphenols, which improve the circulation of blood to the skin’s surface. It also contains EGCG, which helps keep mutation of cells at bay. We add green tea ingredients to our Purify Mask. Another way to keep your skin’s health in check – and possibly the easiest way – is to drink plenty of water to supplement your body. Water keeps skin refreshed and properly moisturized, and the average adult should drink eight glasses of water per day.


Stay Youthful with Face Naturals

Your face naturals family wants to keep you in the know about decisions you can make for your health. These are just a few of the suggestions, products, and ways that you can use to bring back that youthful glow. Eating well and treating your body right will ensure that you live a long, healthy life where you look like the best you possible.

If you know of any other foods that can help stave off the aging process, please share by commenting below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or information, please feel free to contact us regarding your inquiry. We are always happy to assist you, and encourage your journey to better health.



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