Truth In Aging Series – The Sun And Aging

Sunlight: a Make or Break in Anti-Aging

The sun and its light surrounds us nearly every minute of every day. Even on cloudy days, its rays still reach the surface of the planet, keeping the life on earth warm and alive. All living things need the sun to survive, as it produces plants with their needed energy. In turn, plants provide us with food and a number of other substances that we can easily make use of. It feels good to bask in its light, and soak it up onto our complexion. But how does the sun affect our skin? And what does it make or break the average anti-aging routine?

A great deal of information floats around, some of it teaching against staying in the sun without a sunscreen to deflect the UV rays, some of it claims that we need more of it in order to stay healthy. With two opposing views tossing around opinions, whose side do we pick? Does the sun speed up the aging process, or is it a form of nutrition that is necessary for us to soak up through our skin? What are the potential benefits and potential health risks we expose ourselves to by standing outside everyday? Now, you can find out for yourself whether the sun will make or break your anti-aging skincare routine, and what you can do to make sure you get just enough of it.


Insanity Surrounding the Sun

The planets are not the only things that revolve around the sun. So does a lot of conversation about whether or not you should wear sunscreen and how to prevent skin cancer. First, let us get a few facts straight for you to weed out any confusion. The majority of the American population (over seventy percent) has a deficiency of vitamin D, a nutrient provided by the sun. We absorb it through our skin, and it fuels our ability to stay healthy on a physical and mental level.

But the sun can contribute to up to eighty percent of the visible aesthetics associated with the process of aging. Dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging are all fueled and made more obvious by spending too much time exposed to the damaging UV rays associated with cancer. Too much sun exposure can lead to a break down of the collagen and elastin that keeps our skin tight, firm, and connected. Dark spots occur as a result of concentrated areas of melanin on the skin, which causes a patch to occur. Plus, with each two percent incline in skin aging, a person can look up to three years older than their actual age.

Many dermatologists and doctors will recommend – a little too persistently – that we all wear sunscreen to avoid cancer and the other aforementioned factors that can appear overtime. However, one study performed in 2006 discovered that using no sunscreen may cause less free radical damage than actually wearing it. The trio of sun-filtering ingredients, all approved by the FDA, break down and morph into such free radicals, once they absorb into the skin. Check your sunscreen labels for them: octyl methoxycinnamate, octocrylene, and benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone). They cause an increase in free radical damage by up to sixty four percent – sixteen percent at the lowest.

While skin cancer is a major issue to avoid when achieving anti-aging bliss, you do not have to hide yourself from the sun in order to obtain this ability, nor expose your skin to substances that could increase free radical damage. See our blog post ‘Sun Your Way to Health‘ to find out more regarding the sunscreen conundrum. Numerous ways to enjoy the sunlight while keeping your skin in tiptop, unburned condition exist. You can maintain a healthy level of vitamin D while still keeping the UV and free radical damage at a minimal. You can change the way your body absorbs sunlight, and evolve to keep damage at a minimum.


Deactivating the Damage

Opting for organic oils makes an excellent alternative for going out in the sun for short periods of time. Not only do they offer SPF protection, but also provide anti-aging benefits. Thus, they do a double performance on your skin. Carrot seed oil, for instance, has a maximum SPF of 40, while also delivering nutrients to the skin’s surface – like anti-aging antioxidants. Face naturals carries organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil, with an SPF range of 28-50. It gives great coverage for the face and other small areas with consistent sun exposure. Organic, unrefined coconut oil offers a lower SPF of 8, yet can be applied all over the body for an added layer of protection when used with other oils or less sun exposure.

If the sun-blocking abilities of these oils were not exciting enough, their anti-aging benefits most certainly are. Each of these oils contains a wealth of nutrients that work to either reverse or halt the visible signs of aging. Essential fatty acids perform for hydration and anti-inflammation, which improves the moisture content of the epidermis layer and the function of its protective mantle. Plus, the antioxidants will fight free radicals for further anti-aging benefits. These nutrients will leave your skin firmer, younger, more refreshed, and more elastic. But, alas, warm weather is upon us, leaving us in need of a sunblock that can deal with some heavy duty endurance.

Face naturals recommends Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream, which scores a 1 on EWG. It has an SPF of 30, and uses the mineral zinc oxide to provide sun protection alongside a number of other organic ingredients to provide optimal protection that respects your skin and body. A number of other natural brands exist – just make sure you read the labels and research the ingredients! This will help you avoid toxic substances injected into greenwashed brands falsely using the term ‘natural.’ Keeping your skin in tact is one of the best possible ways to get an anti-aging boost, whether you are starting early or just noticing small things creep up on you.


Fine Tune Your Natural Skincare with Face Naturals

Our healthy mission includes fueling your need for natural alternatives, and helping you steer away from unstudied chemicals with little data to back up their benefits or means of destruction to your body. We want to help you fine tune your skincare regimen with healthier options that heal your skin and body from the inside out, without unforeseen consequences. Everyone has unique, naturally beautiful skin with a body and mind to match. Make the most of a healthy lifestyle by opting for organic, raw food options that keep you balanced, and botanical skincare that keeps you bursting with youthful glow.

Contact us to discover which of our products will work best for you! Provide us with details about your skin type, what you wish to accomplish, and which of our products interest you. The friendly face naturals staff will guide you to skincare bliss that nourishes your complexion from the inside out. All of our ingredients are fully disclosed both on the product pages and labels, allowing you to exercise your right to know just what you slather onto your skin. Check out our ingredient highlights to learn more about these beneficial botanicals, and read our blog posts to keep up with hot health topics to keep you informed.



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