Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging From Head To Toe

Getting Back to Your Natural Youth from Head to Toe

Whether you are still in your twenties, noticing the signs of premature aging, or being asked whether you want a senior discount at the local movie theater, your appearance probably plays a key role in how you feel about yourself – whether man or woman. No matter who you are or what your age, a great deal of your self-esteem lies in both how you treat yourself and look at yourself. We all have imperfections we come to terms with. We all age and start to show it at some point. However, the naturally unique beauty that encompasses us draws a fine line into what works for us. This extends to any beauty products. None of us are conventional people, so why turn to conventional products?

Conventional products tend to contain toxic substances, and when we expose ourselves to them over long periods of time, they can have unforeseen consequences on both our appearance and our health. Want to know one key way to ensure we retain our natural beauty while still expressing our unique features? Switch up your skincare to switch up your look and your view of yourself. Turning back to natural does not mean you cannot have any fun, and creating an anti-aging routine that suits you as an individual can enhance your natural appearance – without any of the harsh chemicals and commercial gimmicks. If you are reading this, then you probably want to switch up your routine for the better. Read our blog ‘Toxic Personal Care Products and Anti-Aging‘ to discover the list of ingredients to avoid and adore when setting up your routine. Read on for our latest guide for an anti-aging touchup – to your whole skincare line.


Haircare Creativity

As we age, our hair may start turning from its original color to grey, then finally bleaching out to white. It gets thinner, more brittle, and more easily damaged with the passing years of exposure to environmental damage from the sun, pollutants, and the stress in our own lives. Many people struggle relentlessly to keep the years from packing on by keeping their hair in better condition with a richer color. However, many of the products used for coloring, cleansing, conditioning, and styling can make your hair age much faster. So, what do you do when your once vivacious coif starts slipping? And what really happens when you use conventional products to reverse it?

Hair coloring systems can be jam-packed with harsh chemicals that absolutely destroy your hair, and there is no way around it. They often contain ammonia, peroxide, and formaldehyde. Ammonia functions to make the color actually stick to your hair. It does this by breaching the protective cuticle that surrounds your hair to keep it conditioned and healthy. The peroxide fades your natural hair color into a dull, lackluster shade. Formaldehyde, found in some of these color systems, is a known carcinogen. This list barely scrapes the ice burg of hair damage. But how do you keep your color when it starts to fade from age, anyway?

Natural ways to keep your hair full of life and color exist, but exercising caution when using these products is wise. Just because a hair color kit has the words ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on the label does not mean that they are completely and entirely safe. It is best to read the ingredients and research them to discover what they can actually do to your hair and scalp. Plus, some individuals report that the color may come out more orange than expected, and the end result may not have predictable results. Additionally, the color does not last as long as with a synthetic hair dye, as it does not penetrate the shaft. One of the most commonly used natural hair dyes is henna, which leaves the hair in tact and allows it to retain its shine.

You can also employ teas as a means of keeping up your color. While tea-staining your hair requires an almost weekly application for retainment, and does not have intensity of shade that hair dyes have, it does have easily reversible effects and can improve your color without the potential for error or chemical exposure. Blonde hair does well with lemon juice for lighter shades, and chamomile and calendula for darker shades. Rhubarb root is suggested to give deeper tones in honey shades. Brown hair responds well to coffees, black teas, and rosemary, which bring out the shine and darkens the dimensions. You can also use tomato juice to bring out reddish highlights, or hibiscus tea for intensifying red all over. For black hair, try black walnut to revitalize shine and shade.

Shampoos are another part of the haircare system that can damage your hair in all dimensions. We have already covered what the chemicals commonly used in conventional shampoos can do to your hair and body with our blog post ‘The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo’. And we suggest that you opt out of using conventional haircare products as a step toward anti-aging your hair. Shampoos strip your hair of its protective cuticle, and can cause both dryness and oiliness by pulling off any naturally protective oils. It can cause the hair follicles to die. Thus, they do not produce hair anymore. This contributes to the hair’s aging process, as it has no way to reproduce itself.

Shampoos consisting of natural, botanical ingredients can revitalize, rejuvenate, and reenergize your hair, without the stripping effect that detergent-based shampoos cause. These shampoos help your strands retain moisture and protection, while adding benefits to the scalp and strand to keep your head’s environment healthier for longer. Essential oils repair old damage and ensure a proper cleanse, while keeping the protective shaft in tact. The type of shampoo you purchase should depend on your hair. Assess your hair’s qualities, whether oily or dry, brittle or frizzy, and check out our Shampoo FAQ to match your hair up with the face naturals shampoo that works best for you!

Conditioners contain a number of substances trained to coat each strand of hair with chemical, giving others the illusion that it is healthy and shiny. The reality is that it actually is not, and can coat the epidermal layer of your scalp and clog its pores. This results in a potentially itchy, flakey scalp that has difficulty absorbing enough oxygen through the pores. What does this mean for you? You could have an itchy, oily scalp that does not cleanse itself properly. Plus, your skin may absorb some of these chemicals since they sit on the surface of your scalp for so long. Most conventional shampoo and conditioners disrupt your scalp’s natural processes, and make the environment more alkaline. This is the opposite effect you will want when anti-aging your hair.

Alternatively, try one of our natural, organic conditioners. We base them in organic apple cider vinegar to keep the scalp’s environment on the slightly acidic side, which is how the hair and skin thrive comfortably. Apple cider vinegar keeps your hair softened, manageable, and shiny. Plus, instead of coating your hair in a cuticle of chemicals that falsely ‘fix’ your split ends, apple cider vinegar actually works to the means of repairing the cuticle. This optimizes the hair’s level of protection from its own natural system. Use the aforementioned FAQ to match your hair to a good conditioner. Check out our line here to discover what each of these conditioning products can do for your hair.

Styling products are some of your hair’s worst enemies, when it comes to keeping it thick, lively, and luminous. First of all, many styling products, from hair gels and sprays to mousses and creams, block the pores on your head, preventing new hairs from growing back. They mix with dead skin cells shed by your scalp and sebum produced naturally to moisturize the skin. This creates plugs in the follicles that, over time, will become extremely difficult to get rid of. As these plugs become more resistant to cleansing, the hair gets thinner and thinner, unable to grow to its full potential. Eventually, this can lead to baldness. Some products contain alcohol as an ingredient, which dehydrates the hair and scalp. Plus, many people employ heated tools as a hair maintenance method, resulting in fried hair – literally. Straight irons, curling irons, and blow dryers can cause a series of unique damager. Applying irons regularly dehydrates the strands and makes the protective shaft more brittle. Blow drying your hair daily will keep it from rooting into your scalp properly, causing more fallout.

So, you want to get some serious style going for the weekend, but you do not want to wreak havoc on your hair. After all, one main component of developing the perfect anti-aging routine includes having a nice head of hair to flaunt. We recommend you stay away from all styling products – whether a heat tool or in a container – to improve the environment of your scalp and hair. This will help you obtain longer, stronger strands that can maintain thickness. However, face naturals has some natural options coming up soon to help you achieve a style wind-blown by beachy breezes. First, if you struggle with flyaways, breakage, and split ends, try our Shine Serum for Hair to repair and hydrate the ends after washing and towel-drying. It contains botanical ingredients in a formula designed to protect and nourish your hair without coating it in chemicals. Plus, keep an eye out for our Sea Wave Hair Mist Spray to give your coif that wavy, scrunchy look you get from a day on the beach.


Give Your Makeup a Makeover

Of course, we all like to add a few, quick fixes for embarrassing blemishes or hyperpigmentation to reduce the appearance of these marks. Many people reach for some makeup as an option in generating a desired affect. But after you have painted your nails and applied your makeup to perfection, your pores may soak up some of the makeup particles, contributing to clogged pores, skin dehydration, and an inability to absorb sufficient oxygen. This, mixed with all the other debris you come into contact with on a daily basis, can accelerate the aging process by depriving your skin of needed nutrients. Plus, what about taking the makeup off? Do the cleansers work as effectively as they should? Or do they just cause more problems in your quest for anti-aging perfection?

Makeup madness has become a trend for a multitude of women. You can play up your appearance dramatically, or create a subtle look. Either way, you may be contributing to more skin issues – especially if you have a mature, fragile skin type. One dermatologist even stated that makeup fuels or starts a problem with acne or other skin issues in up to thirty percent of her female patients. Some cosmetic products contain harmful substances, such as lead and mercury. Some women even report experiencing headaches after exposing their skin to makeup for longer time periods. Plus, it accelerates the aging process by the aforementioned dehydration, making your skin more susceptible to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

We have a lot of our clients ask for recommendations for safe but colorful makeup lines that allow you to enhance your facial creativity – without the consequences of lead-poisoning or chemical contamination. To which we often recommend Alima Pure as a go-to. This company produces makeup made only with minerals, and has fully disclosed lists of ingredients on each product description. That is something we can respect, since we do the same with our products. Plus, you get still get a full range of different colors and palettes to work with in your facial artistry.

Nail polish can present a problem. Having lacquered nails that catch everyone’s eye is great at a party or get-together. However, many conventional nail polishes contain ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. These substances combine to create a layer of potential nerve and reproductive damage, potential birth defects, and carcinogenic effects on the body. Plus, the task of removing the nail polish requires inhaling noxious fumes and dripping that acetone substance high in alcohol onto your fingers. The very scent of these products should let us know that they are terrible for our skin and body. Yet we continue to flock to them for unfathomable fashion on our fingers.

Luckily, there is an alternative to the nail polis annihilation. Piggy Paint, a line of non-toxic nail polishes, bases their formulas in water instead of harsh chemicals that could infiltrate your body. Plus, they carry a nail polish remover that works gently and presents fewer fumes upon usage. This way, you get your smart manicure and do not have to worry about the consequences or the fumes that come with it. So, for a fancy finish with safe application and removal, we recommend this brand of nail polish for the women who want to add some final touches to their appearance with some neat new nail colors.

Makeup removers can pose a bit of a problem. You certainly cannot leave your makeup on, but what will make the process easier, and more natural, with fewer harsh effects on the skin? Companies offer wipes, foams, liquids, gels, and oils to remove makeup and make it less difficult to obtain that clarified after feel. However, wipes leave a residual layer on your skin, meaning that you could be keeping your skin exposed to a surfactant or detergent to further break down the epidermal protective barrier. And the liquids and foams are just as bad, with drying alcohol depriving your complexion of much needed moisture – moisture that you cannot afford to waste if you want your anti-aging routine on par.

Opt instead for face naturals Eye Makeup Remover, which consists of some simplistic oils to create a formula that gently removes makeup and excess buildup from the eye are. You may also want to make use of our organic eyelid cleansers, which enhance the removal of excess buildup, whether from pollutants, debris, makeup, or dead skin cells. For a beneficially gentle makeup remover that works well all over the face, keep an eye out for our Honey Silk Makeup Remover, for powdered makeups like foundation, eyeshadow, and rouges. It will complete your removal collection for a cleaner, more natural approach to your facial creations.


Ageless Features with Face Naturals

Refine your features into an anti-aging work of perfection. Your face is your masterpiece, carrying all the unique mistakes and challenges you have overcome throughout the years. Why shy away because of some extra creases and wrinkles? In fact, why put up with the creases and wrinkles when you can find anti-aging solutions from face naturals? Our Anti-Aging series covers a multitude of tips, tricks, and ideas you can use to boost your anti-aging radiance with timeless remedies and safe suggestions. Discover a world of youth just at your fingertips, and tap into our informative blog posts to discover nature’s best-kept beauty secrets.

Contact us to create a skincare routine that works just for your unique skin type. We carry a number of products that can naturally improve skin conditions with organic, botanical ingredients. Formulated with safety, knowledge, and trust in mind, all face naturals skincare products have ingredients fully disclosed both on their product pages and labels. Let us help you redefine your skin, and reshape your life. Check out our healthy mission statement and flip through our online catalog today. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus for updates on products, articles, and specials!



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