Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging For All Ages

Putting Your Face Back Together When It Starts to Fall Apart

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting a proper skincare routine lies in making generalized decisions that do not benefit the age of their skin. In other words, not all anti-aging products will benefit your skin or give you the results that really want. Your skin evolves and changes as you get older, and opting for products that do not suit your age can keep you from proper prevention, protection, and even reversal of aged aesthetics later down the road. But many people do not understand the proper steps and precautions to take, regardless of age and experience.

Anti-aging starts the moment you start thinking about it, and lasts for the rest of your life. The earlier you start thinking about it, the more likely you will age more gracefully and have more satisfaction in your natural appearance as you get older. So, we put together a guide on how to develop a skincare routine to boost your chances of looking as luminous and radiant as possible, no matter how many years leave traces on your face. Make the best of your facial features, and put things together the moment you start to notice they are falling apart. Our guide will help you build the knowledge necessary while pointing you toward some of our products for best results.



During our twenties, we typically do not worry with what our skin is doing or how we are treating it. Many of us experience all-nighters, stressful school and work schedules, and some partying on the side. Our blogs ‘Smoking and Aging,’ ‘Alcohol and Aging,’ and ‘How Lack of Sleep Lacks Life‘ will help you understand how these habits can affect your aging process everyday, and how they contribute to premature aging – the bane of every young woman’s existence. So, cutting down on some of those habits will help your skin out in the long run. But there are other precautions you can take during this time period as well.

Fist and foremost in getting a handle on jump-starting your anti-aging regimen: make sure that you clean your face at least twice daily. This will help eliminate toxins and debris that will contribute to aging later down the road. Toning is essential as well, as it helps keep the pores detoxified and less capable of absorbing other toxins. After toning, you should apply a moisturizer. It serves two purposes: keeping your face properly hydrated and creating a barrier to eliminate the toxins from touching your skin. You can find a number of suggestions that work for you with our Facial Cleanser FAQ, which will direct you to different products based off of your skin type.

Other factors that play a huge role in how gracefully you age include eating a healthy diet filled with foods rich in antioxidants, drinking plenty of water every day, and applying Red Raspberry Seed Oil to your face whenever you spend extended periods of time in the sunlight. Dehydration, lack of proper nutrition, and sun exposure all make up the majority of an aged complexion. You can eliminate a great deal of the damage early on by implementing these methods. By starting with these habits early on, you can easily eliminate some of the trouble later on in life – even if you play hard while you are young. You will want to keep this same, basic structure throughout your life, switching up products as needed along the way.



If you have hit your thirties, then congratulations. You are living in the decade in which most people beginning to see some visible signs of aging. You look in the mirror and see creases that you swear were not there yesterday. Now is the prime time to start thinking about options that suit your age and skin if you have not already. This will help you avoid any dramatic changes in the way your skin looks. Plus, since you are getting started on keeping those aging aesthetics to a minimum, you may escape some seriously dramatic ones later down the road. Since you probably have already taken an interest in anti-aging products, check out our blog post ‘Toxic Personal Care Products and Anti-Aging’ to discover which anti-aging ingredients to avoid. Keep reading to find the routine that will help you thrive in your thirties.

To get the ball rolling, you need to make a weekly facial mask your regular habit if you have not already. During this decade, your skin stops reproducing skin cells with the same efficiency, and does not recycle dead cells as easily as it used to. This can cause a dull, inflexible complexion – one of the first signs of aging. Implementing one of our facial masks will help eliminate toxins, dead skin, and oil buildup from your pores for an exfoliating experience. The Dead Sea Mud Mask, Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask, and the Balance Facial Mask all provide excellent options for mineralizing, texturizing, and detoxifying your face to keep that luminous glow.

Follow up your facial mask or each nighttime cleansing with an intensive facial oil to help you keep your skin moisturized with numerous vitamins. This will help you maintain a dewy, even appearance. One oil that will help you maximize your anti-aging routine during this time includes sunflower seed oil, rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E. It does not clog the pores and absorbs fairly quickly, with a consistency slightly lighter than that of olive oil. It forms a protective layer across your skin that keeps free radicals and other pollutants from penetrating into your skin. Plus, vitamins A and C both work to help keep a strong collagen production and reduce the ability of wrinkles to take hold and get deeper.

You will want to continue providing protection for your skin from the sun and other environmental elements you encounter throughout the day. Plus, now is the time to start work on your eyes, as they often show the first signs of aging with fine lines and creases. Keep using the Red Raspberry Seed Oil, and start applying the Plum Perfect Eye Cream either as a lighter, daytime moisturizer or as a simple eye treatment. This will eliminate dark circles that often form from stress and lack of sleep, and keep help keep dark spots from taking hold during this time period. Dark spots often exist without being visible to the naked eye, but are more easily reversed when treated during the invisible time frame. Additionally, you will want to continue protecting your skin from the sun with the aforementioned oil to minimize sun damage.

As a final step to ensuring you lock your youth in, you may want to start supplementing your meals with a daily dose of multi-minerals to ensure your body continues to absorb enough trace minerals to produce full hair, strong nails, and healthy skin. Plus, taking keratin or biotin supplements can also improve the structure and quality of your appearance. Start taking these now, and continue each day for the rest of your life. This not only will keep your outward appearance more in tact as you age, but can also increase the functionality of the rest of your body. Starting your basic supplement program now, if you have not already, will increase your body’s ability to continue functioning at full throttle for much longer.



During your forties, you really start to see the changes in your skin from the past years of exposure to everything from environmental elements to stress. You may start to see some sagging and more exaggerated wrinkles form. The fine lines and creases get deeper, and some dark spots start coming into the picture. We have whole collection of blog posts circling around targeting treatable skin imperfections as you age, from dark spots, to wrinkles, to fine lines. But an all-inclusive plan for your entire face will also do you some good in keeping your skin’s strength and definition in tact as the years continue piling on.

During this decade, the collagen starts to degrade, cellulite becomes more noticeable, and the skin starts to slip into sagging and wrinkling. As your skin starts to lose its elasticity much more quickly, you need to take evasive action to stop the slippery slope. Plus, add the need for more hydration and exfoliation from your thirties, and you have a whole new set of rules to learn. One important factor to remember is that your skin may become more sensitive or delicate with time. So, keeping the exfoliation gentle is of high importance. Switch your mask routine to our Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask or our Mango and Honey Beauty Mask, and start using organic coffee as a mask base. This will keep your pores and skin toned, as the caffeine will keep the complexion tighter and more elastic. These are also gentler, more moisturizing options. You could also use coffee ground as a gentle facial scrub.

Follow up each facial mask session with a raw, organic honey mask. Simply smear the honey across your face in a thin layer, and leave it on for about thirty minutes before rinsing with warm water. This will help your skin retain hydration with humectant properties that draw in moisture and retain it, so you can keep your velvety complexion. While you enjoy this, you may want to put cucumber slices on your eyes to keep the delicate skin surrounding them hydrated and less inflamed. This will reduce puffiness, bagginess, and droopy eyelids so that you look as awake as you feel. Following these spa-treatment steps once per week will help your skin maintain its elasticity, hydration, and suppleness for longer. It also eliminates sagging and dullness due to debris becoming trapped on your skin.

Finally, you will want to up your eye-cream game and start using a different facial oil to supplement your anti-aging needs. Start using rosehip seed oil after a masking session, or after each nightly facial wash. It has corrective abilities against age spots, and has a wealth of vitamin, fatty acids, and antioxidants that will give your skin a miraculous finish while fighting off the appearance of the aging aesthetics. Its anti-aging nutrients include vitamin C, lycopene, and vitamin A, all of which ward off the signs of aging – even if they have already appeared. Next, you need to select an eye cream that will help reduce the signs of aging around the corners of your eyes. Try the Anti-Aging Night Crème, which can be used as both an eye treatment and all-over moisturizer. It helps boost collagen production, and restore the skin’s glow with improved circulation.

You may also want to add more supplements to boost collagen and elastin from the inside out. Vitamin C is a great supplement to start taking if you do not already. You can also employ some omega fatty acids through tablets, such as flax seed oil tablets. This will help keep your skin from getting ruddy and red because of less efficient circulation and inflammation, plus offer a good source of extra nutrition for your body to keep other inflammatory conditions at bay. Altering your general skincare routine may be helpful during this time as well. Give our Anti-Aging Sampler Set a test-drive for a gentler, but effective approach to your cleansing routine.


Fifties and Beyond!

The kids are all grown up, and there may even be some grandchildren in the picture. This is the point in your life in which you may start to prepare for retirement and family events that mark new generations coming after you. Of course, you will want to look your best for these events, and be recognizable in the photos of you from years ago. While the signs of aging may have already taken hold, you can still keep your youthful energy and ageless natural beauty obvious no matter how many years get tacked on from here on out. Of course, you have your work cut out for you. Age spots become more noticeable and obvious from sun exposure, and discoloration or uneven tone makes itself more clear. The turnover rate for cells slows down drastically. Plus, women experience hormonal changes that can take a toll on the way their skin looks.

One main thing you should keep in mind is that your skin will be at its driest and most fragile. While you may have altered your facial routine throughout your life to maximize the benefits you reap, you will definitely need to start opting for a gentler routine if you have not already. You may want to switch your routine to either the Soothe or the Restore lines to implement products that moisturize without causing irritation, inflammation, dryness, or reactivity. They employ botanicals that work both the effect of anti-aging the skin, but also working gently to improve the moisture content of the skin.

Implementing a different mask regimen will help as well. Now, you may have to do a little mix and match in order to get the desired effects. Combining either the Soothe Facial Mask and Rose Petal and Honey Beauty Mask with the Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask will help you acquire faded dark spots, more even complexion, and a retextured surface. Mix it with Greek yogurt as a mask base to enjoy the live enzymes eating away at the dead skin, bacteria, and excess oil that other exfoliants would not et rid of so easily. You could even add just a pinch of cinnamon (but no more!) to improve the firmness and plumpness of your face. Alternately, the Dead Sea Mud Mask also offers a mineralizing, easy-to-apply mask for more fragile skin types. Apply the aforementioned honey mask afterwards to seal in moisture.

The next types of treatments you will need during this decade include intensive facial serums – especially at night or after a mask treatment. Apply the Restore Facial Serum for dehydrated, extremely dry skin types in need of intensive moisture. For skin that tends more toward normal, organic olive oil offers an excellent option, as it contains vitamin E and has a molecular structure that allows it to penetrate easily into the layers of skin. Use the Anti-Aging Eye Serum for both eyes and nonreactive facial skin as well, for brightening and color balancing as well as improved skin firmness and texture.


Get Anti-Aging on the Fast Track with Face Naturals

No matter what age you are or how many numbers you add to your birthday cake, face naturals has you covered in helping you retain the resilient glow of juvenescence. Discover a full range of redefining products formulated with organic botanicals that can help you achieve the results you want –  the natural way. Whether selecting a typical skincare routine that works for you, or setting the record straight with your anti-aging routine, we can help you craft a skin-friendly collection that cultivates your complexion to naturally beautiful perfection. Embrace your uniqueness, and find products that work just as uniquely as you.

Face naturals seeks to support our healthy mission statement in informing our clients about the reality of synthetic, toxic chemicals used in many skincare products, processed foods, and other items. We want to empower your right to know about what goes into your products, and therefore into your body. We support decisions to research all ingredients, and understand the full potential of harm that they can do. Join us today in our healthy mission by sharing our posts, reading our blog, creating an account, and giving our natural skincare products a try. Contact us to find out which one will work best for your skin type. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and GooglePlus.



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