Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging With Organic Solutions

The Organic Solution to Aging

Looking for more reasons to go organic? It looks as though you may have found them! Organic can make a difference in the way your body ages, both from the inside and outside. This not only applies to the foods you consume, but also to the products you slather onto your skin. Organic, GMO-free options are often inherently healthier, and if you read our blog regularly, then you can find multiple posts backing up this argument with good reasons. Our posts ‘GMO: What to Know?‘ and ‘GMO: Friend or Foe?‘ can fill you in on why opting for both organic and non-GMO verified foods is best for your health in general.

But how does making this distinct selection affect your body’s aging process? And how can it make a difference in the way your body ages? You may be surprised at all the little things that pile up higher and higher as you fill your body with more and more nonorganic food selections. We will give you the details about how your anti-aging routine might get interrupted by conventional food selections, and why opting for organic, non-GMO verified foods can save you some years – both for your physical health and your skin.


Filling You in on Food

What do we already know about the differences between organic food versus nonorganic food? First of all, nonorganic foods, even the raw fruits and vegetables, have been exposed to chemically synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, hormones, and other forms of pest and growth control at best. They may also contain unlabeled GMOs, but that is another subject of discussion. The main point is that, every time you eat even raw foods that lack organic certification, you could expose your internal organ systems to a number of unidentified chemicals. At worst, you may eat processed foods, which use a number of different ingredient names for one specific ingredient to switch and replace, making it more difficult for the public to identify the ingredient knowledgably. What does this mean for you body?

Every day, our bodies absorb a number of different toxins every day, and these toxins contribute to the aging process. They degrade the structure and function of cells, thereby causing the tissues to not work as properly or efficiently as they used to. So, it makes sense that when you eat nonorganic foods – even the raw, healthy ones – you actually just increase your bodily intake of chemical toxins from all the sprays and powders used to keep pests under control. These synthetic substances can act in a carcinogenic manner, stimulating free-radical activity in the cells, and causing the to age and degrade at a quicker rate than normal.

In fact, some of the pesticides commonly used on the raw foods can cause a certain type of endocrine disruption, as they mimic estrogen, a hormone that stresses the skin and contributes to aesthetics such as dark spots. What could be worse? Many of these chemicals act in a fat-soluble manner, meaning that the body can store them in the fat cells or that they can collect in the liver. Since the liver is one of the human body’s main means of detoxifying itself, this can contribute to its lack of functionality later down the road. This means that more toxins could get into your bloodstream, and further contribute to the aging process, instead of being filtered out of the body.

We elaborate on the importance of making smart food selections in our blog posts ‘Slow Down the Years with Superfoods‘ and ‘Dos and Don’ts of Anti-Aging Diet‘ when it comes to making the most of your anti-aging routine. Take it a step further by eliminating the toxins used in most nonorganic produce selections. This will further help you to cut down on the substances that influence how rapidly or slowly your body ages. Still think a verified label does not make difference when it comes to your dinner? Think again, and take some time to research some of the substances used in nonorganic produce or read some of our blog posts about the subject.


Reshape Your Skincare

One of the most life and habit changing experiences our clients have happen when they first make the decision to switch their skincare regimen. It can be one of the most eye-opening experiences a person has when it comes to reshaping their life to revolve around making the most out of their health. Our blog post ‘Toxic Personal Care Products and Anti-Aging‘ outlines some of the worst anti-aging ingredients that get used in a number of popular skincare products. Plus, it does not stop there. Going organic with your skincare may produce healthier, more obvious results than resorting to conventional skincare products. We will explain why.

One thing everyone needs to know before reverting to most store-bought products: our government’s regulations on what goes into our skincare products generally do not keep close enough tabs on what ingredients are used. This means that you could be exposing your skin to under-researched, harsh chemicals for long periods of time every day. Many ingredients used in conventional skincare products can produce harsh results and reactions, whether you are aware of them or not. Subtle disruptions to the skin’s natural functions over a long period of time can increase the rate at which you age. Often, your skin cannot flush away these excess ingredients as easily as it should, or they may clog your pores and eventually make it into your bloodstream, or they dehydrate your skin. While they may seem to work effective to the naked eye, they can actually cause more damage than you realize.

For instance, if a product clogs your pores, it inherently deprives the surface of the skin with oxygen. Plus, your pores cannot produce sebum at the rate it is supposed to. Your skin produces sebum to keep itself hydrated and protected. Your skin may respond either by secreting excessive sebum to overcompensate, or skin gets drier. Excessive sebum contributes even further to clogged pores, and causes a greasy complexion. Less sebum can mean your lipid layer does not work as effectively at hydrating and protecting your skin. This can lead to a dull, pale, lackluster complexion. On the other hand, if your products work to dry out your skin, this can lead to flakiness, lack of flexibility and elasticity, and an inability to regenerate itself as easily. This contributes to the formation of sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines later down the road. Dehydrated skin cannot retain its shape very well, which allows for these aesthetics to occur much more quickly.

Enter organic skincare products. Although, we do recommend that you do your research and your ingredient lists before jumping into a new brand, as many companies use greenwashing as a marketing ploy to up their prices and acquire new clientele, without actually following through on a healthy organic product. Organic products often use natural, botanical ingredients that absorb easily into your skin without coating and keeping it from uptaking oxygen. They offer a range of nutrients that nourish the epidermal layers from the outside in. Plus, instead of collecting the excess product in your pores, your skin can easily flush the extra substance away once it has taken in as much as it can. These products work gently on your skin, and benefit it with nutritive qualities.


Get Your Organic Options with Face Naturals

You can guarantee high quality, completely natural, and fully disclosed ingredients when you order your organic skincare products from face naturals. We offer a unique line of products crafted with formulas created to nourish, heal, and promote naturally healthy skin and complexion. For one of the most important steps in kicking of your anti-aging routine, start by going organic – both witant steps in kicking of your anti-aging routine, start by going organic – both with the food you eat and the products you put on your skin. Let nature take its course in keeping you healthy, and join us in our healthy mission today by creating an account with us. For more information about a highly effective anti-aging routine, check out our other blog posts in the Truth in Aging Series.

Want to give our products a try, but do not know where to start or how to navigate your new-found path to organic bliss? Contact us with information regarding details about your skin, which products interest you, and what you wish to achieve with our products. You face naturals family will direct you toward selections that will optimize your skin’s health, and ensure that you have a safe, nontoxic line of products to turn to. You can also reap the benefits of Reward Points and newsletters when you join our email list.


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