Truth In Aging Series – Escaping Environmental Damage

Environmental Damage and Aging (Pre-Aging Plan)

When you think of environmental damage to the skin, you most likely will picture the sun or think about air pollutants floating around as you walk outside. While these two definitely contribute to a lot of environmental damage, and certainly are some of the most common factors in your skin’s aging process, many other contributors may float around in your home, your car, your work or school space – basically everywhere. You cannot escape environmental damage, and the effects of it will eventually show up on your skin somewhere down the line – whether through premature aging or graceful aging. A pre-aging plan in recognizing and tackling these factors will help eliminate the damage that shows up years down the road.   

Some of the factors in environmental aging may take you by surprise, as many people go throughout their day completely unaware. However, if you want to take the reins of your anti-aging routine in new ways, you need to develop your understanding of the invisible contributors you walk through every single day. This way, you can implement a plan to eliminate your exposure to these factors as much as possible. If you are still in your twenties or thirties, listen up! This one is for you, so that you can keep your skin in the best condition possible for years to come. Anti-aging can start as early as you want, and if you are an early bird, then this is the skincare worm you need to catch.


Sun-Savvy Solutions

As mentioned above, one of the first environmental aging factors that people can think of or mention. While it provides nutrients and warmth that can nourish our skin and bodies, it also produces damaging UV rays that cause up to ninety percent of the visible signs of aging that appear later in your life. This also applies to tanning beds, so you will want to avoid excessive tanning in your years of youth. Many individuals consider an evenly tan body to be en vogue; however, the darker complexion that occurs as a result is actually your skin telling you that it is stressed out and trying to protect itself. The sun accounts for most of the sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging that develops as the years pass. So, while you do not need to completely eliminate your sun exposure, you do need to take daily precautions to lessen the stress your skin gets from the sun. Your youthful complexion when you are older will be your reward.

For days of limited sun exposure (when you take a thirty minute walk, or get in and out of your car and buildings), you can rub organic coconut oil (SPF 8) all over body. It works as a skin moisturizer, and you can apply it right after you get out of the shower. If you feel you applied too much, gently dab it off with a towel. This will provide a primary layer of skin protection. Next, use face naturals’ Red Raspberry Seed Oil on areas that will receive the most sun exposure ( i.e. face, shoulders, neck). Our oil has an SPF range of 28-50, and will provide a secondary layer of protection that shields effectively against the UV rays on the parts of your body that get the most exposure. For days spent on the beach or playing in the yard, use Badger brand of sunscreen, which protects with a system of minerals and botanicals, instead of pore-clogging chemicals that end up polluting your blood stream.


Avoiding Air Pollution

Air pollution comes from a number of different factors, from cigarette smoke to home-cleaning supplies, from smog to mold. Whether you live in a rural area or a highly populated urban city, your skin will still collect a number of different chemicals, both biological and synthetic, on its surface that can contribute to acneic conditions, accelerated aging, and development of sensitivity or reaction. These damaging contributors can occur in the home, on the streets, and in even in your own office. Whether a room mate or family member smokes cigarettes in the building, a janitor at work uses chemical cleaners to keep the bathrooms and desks sanitized, or you walk to work each morning as factories and traffic releases smog into the troposphere, these particles can collect on your skin all day. They may contain free radicals, which will search for an extra electron on your skin cells, and damage the DNA, or just create oxidative stress in general. Regardless of the damaging conditions, you can implement some methods in curtailing the effects.

We cannot stress enough the importance of washing your face twice daily. This is one of the easiest methods to keeping your skin regularly renewed. Check out our Facial Cleanser FAQ to discover which of our facial cleansers will work best for your skin. Washing twice daily removes any collected toxins from the surface of the skin, this eliminating the time they spend there, and the amount that can collect. Using a protective moisturizer is also of high importance. After each facial cleansing, slather a gentle but protective facial moisturizer onto your skin. This will add a layer for the toxins to penetrate before they can make it to the epidermis. Up the ante by using a moisturizer with antioxidants that feed on free radicals. Our Super Fruit line, complete with facial cleanser, facial toner, and facial cream, is known for its protective abilities in shielding against environmental pollutants from the air. It contains botanical extracts and essential oils high in vitamins that nourish, protect from, and repair environmental damage.

You can also implement air filtration systems in your home, care, and work place. Get them installed in your home’s vents to maximize the protection you get from air pollution. Adding filters inside your car’s air system will regulate the amount of outside pollutants you get exposed to, and purchasing a plug-in filter for your work place will double the protection. Not only is this good for your body in general, but it also works as a new kind of anti-aging system that works from the inside out. Pair this with the aforementioned twice-a-day facial cleansing, and you will take your skin to a new level of youth later down the road. Check out one of our Ageless Series installments ‘Can Pollution Push Your Skin to Age?‘, and one of our previous posts ‘Organic Air and the Toxins We Breathe‘ to find out more about the health effects of air pollution, and methods to eliminate it from your life as much as possible.


Withstanding the Weather

Believe it or not, the weather also can take a toll on the way your skin ages. Wind, humidity, dryness, heat, and cold all play a role in the way your skin ages. While the effects of the weather is not nearly as dramatic or encompassing as air pollution or UV rays, it still has some minor affects on the way your skin ages. For instance, cold, dry air during the winter can easily dehydrate your skin, making it lose its suppleness and causing it to become more susceptible to irritation. Hot, humid weather can make it more susceptible to skin infections, clogged pores, and more debris collecting on the surface. Dry, warm weather, especially when it is windy, can cause dust particles and other debris to become airborne, thus more likely to get on your skin and clog your pores. This may deplete your skin of oxygen intake, as clogged pores make it more difficult for your skin to breathe. To prevent dehydration and debris collecting and wedging itself into your pores, you can assess how to better take care of your skin for all seasons.

Even if you have oily skin, the winter months can leave it dry, irritated, and thirsty. You can keep your typical facial cleanser from face naturals, but you may need to switch up your toner and moisturizer to accommodate your skin’s need for more hydration. Kick up your exfoliation a notch or two – especially if you do not struggle with sensitivities. Proper exfoliation will ensure that your skin can more easily absorb the hydration it needs from the moisturizer. Our facial masks offer excellent exfoliation without causing irritation, and double as a part of your skin’s detoxification routine. Make a selection from our collection of facial masks to suit your skin’s needs, then follow up with toning and moisturization. Some of our gentlest toners for the winter months is the Chamomile Hydrosol. Use one of our serums for a night time application and a cream for a lighter application in the daytime. Check out our Restore and Soothe lines for options that suit sensitive, chronically dry skin types.

The summer months can make your skin oilier, and more susceptible to acne and clogged pores. You may want to use a more astringent toner to ensure that oiliness does not become an issue, especially with all the sweating your body might do. You may need to use a lighter moisturizer both in the day and night time as well. The Plum Perfect Eye Cream and our line of daily moisturizers suited to specific skin types will help ensure that your skin stays protected from the aforementioned elements and well hydrated without an overbearing film that takes forever to absorb into your skin. Also, with all the sunlight you will be exposed to over the warm months, do not forget our tips on sun protection! This is also a key part of weather-related damage, and not only leads to problems like sunburn, but causes an increase in the rate at which your skin will show the signs of aging in the future.


Push for Age Prevention with Face Naturals

We understand that getting an early start is highly important for getting a hold on your anti-aging routine. No matter how young you are, there are always steps you can take to keep your skin as youthful and juvenescent as possible as you get older. Get your age prevention tips from us, and start embarking on your anti-aging routine the natural way. From small lifestyle changes to evolving your collection of skincare products, we have plenty of ideas to get you started on preserving your beauty. The more you know and understand, the easier it is to keep your skin in check and maintain its healthy glow. Check out some of our other blog posts or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and GooglePlus to stay updated about health and skincare news from face naturals.

Create an account and contact us with information about your skin, which products interest you, and what you wish to accomplish with your skin. We will provide you with personalized recommendations for natural, organic skincare options to fulfill your natural beauty needs. Clean out your cabinet of the toxic products that contain synthetic chemicals, and start opting for our products. We fully disclose each ingredient for each product, and offer a satisfaction guarantee on your face naturals products. Become a part of the face naturals family today, and join our healthy mission to inform and educate others about what really goes on their skin and into their food. Refuel your anti-aging routine with us, and improve your skin, body, and mind all at once. Our friendly staff members are waiting to help you in your selections!




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