Truth In Aging Series – Emotional Education and Anti-Aging

Positive Power for Skin Perfection

It is no secret that negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, grief, anger or frustration can have terrible effects on our skin – both during the current moment we feel it and years down the road! Certain facial expressions can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines, and stress causes the release of cortisol – a hormone that degrades your reserves of collagen and elastin. This can lead to sagging skin, dull complexion, and a lackluster tone. Negative emotions not only effect the way you look and the way you feel, but it also effects your lifestyle habits and your general health.  

But what do positive emotions really do for you? And how can they become one of your favorite go-tos in a successful anti-aging routine? Believe it or not, your positive attitude and emotions are visible to the world – and not just through obvious expressions like smiling. This is one beauty secret that can make anyone look glowing and great – whether you are in your twenties or in your seventies. A lot goes on beneath the surface of our skin, but it always shows up sooner or later. So get your glow on by donning a smile, and discover how anti-aging can happen at any age with positive vibes.


The Nag of Negativity

We put heavy emphasis on the importance of emotions when it comes to proper skincare in many of our blog posts. Negativity plays a crucial role in how quickly or how slowly your skin ages. As we mentioned in our feature on toxic emotions, having a bad attitude or allowing bad emotions to get the best of you will show up on your skin sooner or later. Feelings of this kind disrupt the body on numerous levels, from the way it detoxifies itself to its response to outer stimuli. Plus, our attitude often affects our personal habits from day to day, changing our patterns in eating, sleeping, and exercising for the worse. Everything from our body’s ability to circulate blood properly to the way our organs secrete hormones changes, altering the skin’s natural processes and shifting our appearance.

As mentioned in ‘Stress and Aging,’ allowing daily stressors to get to us results in an aged appearance, no matter how young or old we are. This is because of the dramatic effect that stress, negative emotions, and their impact on the body have on the skin. The function of the skin’s protective lipid layer decreases, forcing the skin to produce more sebum in an attempt to keep itself hydrated and protected. The skin may start to look dry and inflexible. This can lead to congested pores and acneic blemishes rooted in skin congestion. The blood circulation decreases, keeping nutrients away from the skin and creating a dull, lackluster appearance. Neuropeptides cause an inflammatory reaction, increasing the skin’s sensitivity and decreasing the epidermal immunity. Plus, it interrupts the skin’s ability to renew and recycle old, dead cells, which sets the ball rolling for the signs of aging to show up earlier. This affects collagen production, which paves the way for more wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines.


Positive Epidermal Perfection

Not only do positive, friendly emotions make you appear more approachable, but they also have some founded physical effects. Less stress means a more balanced body with proper functions and a healthy detoxification function. This creates a more welcoming ambiance for the skin and facial features on any person. One key factor in having a positive outlook and good emotions is to have a positive self-image. It is no secret that a person who feels and perceives his or herself as attractive will more than likely be perceived as attractive by other people. So, make sure you speak kindly to yourself, and give yourself credit for your more attractive features. This will help increase your likelihood of other individuals seeing your natural beauty shine through – no matter what.

As far as the more detectable effects of positive emotions go, one study showed that individuals who experienced less stress had a greater release of the immune system secretion IL-1, a compound that helps speed up the healing process. Additionally, people with a more positive perspective and outlook on life tend toward healthier habits and keep up a proper skincare regimen daily. This translates into healthier skin, as less cortisol gets released since they get proper sleep, a higher cell-turnover rate occurs due to proper circulation and nutrition, and a slower aging process. Positivity keeps your skin smooth and functioning properly, delivering nourishment to each cell and getting rid of dead cells. Plus, your epidermis is better protected due to the improved function of the lipid layer, as it stays better hydrated throughout the day.


Improve Your Positivity with Face Naturals

We seek to help you develop a higher sense of positivity, by giving you the information you need to rid your life of toxins – whether in your skincare, food, or mind. Negative emotions are mental, spiritual, and emotional toxins that will take their toll on the physical body as well. They can cause people to lose their will to keep up a healthy lifestyle and body-positive habits, neglecting themselves and their skin as well. Stress, anger, and sadness are all a part of life, and we all experience them at some point or another – just like the toxins that enter our physical body. However, we can still detox our minds and hearts to keep ourselves healthy and young all around – no matter what our physical age may be. One of the most important factors in anti-aging lies within how you feel about yourself.

Get started on a body-positive, skin-healthy mission by creating an account with us. You can experience the benefits of organic botanical ingredients crafted into all-natural formulas easily used and flushed away by your skin cells, without releasing synthetic chemicals into your body. Contact us with information about your skin’s condition and needs, which products interest you, and what you wish to accomplish with our products. We will direct you toward some suggestions that suit your skin type. Discover the natural beauty of age-old remedies and the science behind their abilities when you keep up with our blog posts that provide you with the information you need to keep yourself and your family healthy, safe, and toxin-free. Become a member of the friendly, growing face naturals family today.



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