When life gives you a lemon… squeeze it – it’s healthy for you!

Lighten Your Life With Lemon!

When you think of lemon, what might come to mind is the tart sweetness of lemonade, the creaminess of lemon meringue pie, or a splash of sour to douse over your favorite grilled fish. What you probably do not think of is an efficient home remedy, skin-care essential, and health tonic ingredient. Well, prepare to broaden your spectrum of uses for lemon. We prepared some tips and tricks to easily incorporate lemon into your daily life.

Because we use organic lemon in many of our products, we are familiar with the benefits provided by this tart and tangy citrus fruit. From aromatherapy to help relieve depression and anxiety, to a vitamin-packed juice you can use to quickly boost your overall health, we hope to get you and your family longing for lemon as a lovely part of your daily life. Read on to discover how to liven up the scene with the ageless value of lemon.


Opulent Lemon Oil

Organic lemon oil can help you maintain an opulent state of mind with its uplifting scent. It also has numerous uses around your household as well, so you can engulf your mind with a refreshing aroma while getting things done around the house. We also think that lemon oil provides a healthy alternative to your skin to other products.

You can use lemon essential oil on your cat or dog as a flea and tick repellent. It provides a chemical-free alternative that respects your health as well as your pet’s, while offering a blithe, sunlit aroma. Use a dilution chart to correctly dilute the lemon oil with a carrier oil before applying on any animal or human to avoid irritation. These same qualities also offer an excellent alternative to ridding your hair of lice and the irritation that often comes with these pests. Simply rub the oil into the scalp and hair, and leave overnight.

Lemon oil also has antiseptic properties that can help cleanse a cut, burn, or other form of mild irritation of any nasty bacteria. This makes it a good thing to keep in your first aid kit in case someone gets a boo-boo. The citrusy burst of lemon oil works well to constrict pores and control oil production as well. It even works as a liquid exfoliant that removes dead skin cells to renew and refresh the skin’s surface. That is why we use lemon oil in a large number of our products.

You can add one part lemon oil to one part coconut oil, mix them together, and put in a spray bottle. Then, take an old rag that you do not mind getting greasy, and spray down your wooden furniture and floors that need a little loving. This will leave a refreshingly natural scent while conditioning your wood at the same time. Plus, no exposure to harmful toxins.


Jazz Up Your Health with Lemon Juice

Ancient Egyptians held tightly to the belief that lemon juice could protect them from a wide variety of poisons and illnesses. The material makeup of the lemon proves that this belief holds firm even today. Lemon juice proves a potent part of healthful tonics and home remedies when trying convalesce from or prevent illness.

Packed with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, lemon juice accelerates the immune system, allowing it conquer viruses and bacteria that can weaken your body and make it ill. Mixing lemon juice in with your favorite herbal teas blended to heal, lemon juice adds a potent splash of refreshment to any hot tea drink.

If you are stuck managing a bad cold, juggling work, family, or school, and in need of a quick pick-me-up, then lemon juice makes the basis for an excellent tonic. Simply mix one cup of lemon juice with a cup of hot water and honey, and down the drink quickly. Repeat every few hours until the fever or chill that comes with the cold leaves.

If you struggle with fatigue midway through your day, replace that lunch-time coffee with some lemon juiced mixed into a fruity drink. Lemon juice acts fast in re-energizing your body, and giving it a quick, refreshing boost that will keep you moving throughout the day. Lemon juice can also  encourage brain activity, giving you an extra push to get through the rest of the day.

My personal favorite use for lemon juice is as a hair and skin lightener and brightener. If you struggle with acne scars or dull dry skin, rub some lemon juice on your face as spot treatment. We offer a Strawberry and Lemon Brightening Mask that can target this kind of skin problem perfectly well. Or lighten your hair with lemon juice by squeezing it onto your hair and leaving for five to ten minutes twice a week. For an added lightening boost, hang out in the sunlight while the juice is in your hair. We also offer a lemon-based conditioner – Lemon Zest Hair Conditioner – that can aid this process for your hair.


Find a Friend in Lemon Fruit

You can use the actual fruit of the lemon for multiple things. Some of these uses might seem somewhat incredible, but civilizations went by these methods for thousands of years. The ways to use both the meat and the rind of the fruit can prove helpful in multiple areas of daily life.

Thousands of years ago, the Romans made use of lemons by peeling off the rind for an insect repellent and clothing freshener. You can do the same by setting out fresh lemon peels in various areas around a small gathering of friends and family to help maintain a bug-free environment. Freshen your clothes by grating the rind into a saw-dust consistency, and dropping the rind into your washing machine with your next load!

To rid yourself of unsightly calluses or corns, you can use lemon slices as a means of softening and degrading the formation. Slice off two pieces of lemon, and bandage or tape them on the callus so that the lemon covers it. Leave the slice overnight, and the acids will help break down and exfoliate the mound of skin.

If you want to make sure your breath bursts with freshness, but do not wish to carry around a toothbrush with toothpaste, then freshly-sliced lemon is your go-to friend. Carry a baggie of small lemon slices in your purse or pocket, and indulge in one after every meal for a quick breath-treat to take any offense away.


Curb Your Lemon Cravings at Face Naturals

Many of our products use organic lemon as the star player in a variety of formulas for skin care. We blend lemon with the best organic botanicals available on the market so that you get to experience the light, bright benefits of lively lemon. We highlighted a few of our products to help you curb your lemon cravings with face naturals!

We carry a Citrus Squeeze line, complete with shampoo. hand cleanser, and body cleanser. We also offer Lemon and Clove scented deodorants for those wishing to stay away from deadly poisons found in most antiperspirants. The methods and formulas that include lemon are far-reaching and vast. Comment below to share how you use lemon, or drop us a line about it. We look forward to hearing what you can come up with.



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