Deck the Halls!

Holiday Celebration!

The holidays have arrived! Many families get together to decorate the house with tinsel, shiny round ornaments, nativities, and statues of Santa Clause. People light aromatic candles to make the atmosphere smell like Christmas, and bake cookies to dip in the hot beverages that we enjoy to keep the chill from getting into our bones. You may wonder how to get the kids together for a fun, festive evening filled with the warm glow of the Christmas spirit. We have a few suggestions that everyone might enjoy.

One of the best ways to ring in the holidays with the whole family involved is to create something together. This gives everyone a chance to provide their creative input on the project, and participate. One way to do this for the Christmas holidays is to make decorations using only naturally organic materials. How can you do this? We have some holiday traditions of our own that we would like to share with you and your family. Prepare to deck the halls with your family’s own masterful decor.


Spiced Orange

Even the younger children can participate in the safe, simple, and fun craft of creating a spiced orange. All you need is one fresh, organic orange for each person and plenty of organic whole cloves. Leave the peel on the orange, and simply use the dried stems of the cloves to penetrate the skin of the orange. You can make unique designs and patterns with the cloves by pressing them into the surface of the peel.

Your family can sit together around the table and create their own organic air freshener! The penetrated orange peel allows the natural fragrance of citrus to be released from the orange. The cloves add a spicy aroma to the mix. You can set the spiced oranges anywhere in the house! Let everyone take them to their bedrooms for a personal christmas ornament. Set them across the fireplace mantle together so guests can see them. Or place them in a fruit bowl for a scented centerpiece.


Snow-Day Steamer

On chilly days when the earth is blanketed in white and dry air irritates the nose, we have a solution that can include the entire family. Snow-day steamers are quick and easy to make. Plus, they can help keep the air humidified so your nose can relax. Simply bring some water to a boil either in a pot or a kettle. Let the kids (grown-up kids, too) select from the array of sweet spices to add to the boiling water. This is a good way to get some quick and easy aromatherapy, too!

Spices that work well with this idea include cinnamon, mint, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. You may also consider grating the peels of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange to add to the mix. Using fragrant, dry flowers can also add a touch of sweetness to this heart-warming brew. Set all the selected items out on a counter, and let everyone involved pick a spice and place it in the boiling water – carefully! Let the water continue to boil so that the aroma can filter through the air.


Create Your Own Centerpiece

Making your own centerpiece is a lot easier than you might think – and you can get the whole family involved. Instead of going to the store for expensive candles or that creepy porcelain Santa statue that makes toddlers cry, take your family on a walk outside. Have your family gather festive items either around the house or outside, collect them at the dinning-room table, and let everyone get involved in putting a centerpiece together.

Have each person find one or two items from nature itself. For example, pinecones, pine needles, wild mistletoe, glistening rocks, cedar fronds, acorns, or holly berries can all make for an excellent Christmas centerpiece. You can also get interesting items from your own home, like unused tree ornaments, uneaten berries, sticks of cinnamon bark, a candy cane, or maybe the aforementioned spiced orange.

Once you collected all the items your family members selected, use a pretty glass bowl or buy a cheap glass container from a thrift store. Assemble all the contributions into the glass container together. Voila! You and your family created natural art to admire when passing around the Christmas feast!


Share Your Traditions with Your face naturals Family

We invite you to share your ideas with your face naturals family today! If your family participates in a yearly Christmas craft or attends a special event together each year, then we want to hear about it. Leave a comment below sharing your Christmas traditions. Here’s to fond memories!

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