Estrogen Mimickers: Synthetic Problems With Organic Solutions

Easing Away from Estrogen Mimickers

Hormone disruption can cause a variety of unsettling physical and mental health issues that often prove difficult to shake. In our article about the endocrine system, we outlined some of the main components of how your body produces hormones, and what can happen when the functions of this system go awry. Estrogen mimickers, one of the main reasons that our naturally occurring hormones can get throw out of whack, are in more products than you think. Foods, medicines, skin-care products, and cosmetics can often contain some version of these mimickers.

Why does it matter? Well, estrogen mimickers can cause a variety of health problems over the course of time – many of which can often remain under the radar. People who are unfamiliar with the way certain substances interact with their body, and do not fully understand the symptoms that ensue may dismiss encroaching estrogen mimickers. Learn about the surprising items you may purchase or consume that may contain these mimickers, as well as the common symptoms and long-term health effects that they could cause to you and your family.


Editing Our Bodies’ Estrogen

Our bodies’ naturally produce three different kinds of estrogen: estrone, estradiol, and estriol. These hormones are the primary female hormones that encourage functions like menstruation, fertility, proper synthesis of proteins, bone density, healthy metabolism, and a number of other important functions. It is also present in males, and ensures undamaged sperm and the proper development of genitals. Estrogen is important for everyone, but too much of it can cause some serious problems.

When our bodies have too much estrogen or estrogen-like hormones, we can experience a condition called estrogen dominance. This happens when estrogen mimickers act as estrogen by attaching to receptors meant only for estrogen. This can cause our bodies to over-function in response to more hormonal substances filling in the receptors, which creates different problems, both short-term and long-term, for men and women alike. Some of these problems can be difficult to assess, but become immediately noticeable. Others can happen after longer periods of time with devastating effects.

We can experience estrogen dominance from a number of different sources. Parabens are one example of estrogen mimicker commonly found in skin-care products that may build up in our bodies to cause health issues later. You can find other examples of estrogen mimickers in prescription drugs like birth control pills, food sources that use herbicides and pesticides, in number 7 plastic commonly known as BPA, and in cosmetics like hair dyes, nail polishes, and sunscreens.


Effects of Estrogen Mimicking

You may think that even minimal exposure to estrogen mimickers, or xenoestrogens, will not create health problems. However, their effects on the body can be extensive – both for men and women. Estrogen dominance can encourage cancer formations, unwanted developments, mood swings, and metabolism problems that have embarrassing and far-reaching effects on the bodies of both men and women alike. This is due to the fact that estrogen and mimickers can absorb into our fat cells, and become resistant to metabolism.

Estrogen dominance can cause thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism – or lowered function of the thyroid. This is due to the fact that too much estrogen can lower the thyroid’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism leaves an individual subject to problems like unwanted weight gain, depression, and a general lack of energy. Additionally, the healthy metabolic rate becomes skewed, and it slows down. This causes the body to no longer be able process nutrients properly. High cholesterol also becomes and issue, as it builds up due to the slowed metabolism.

These problems can lead to other health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer of the breasts, ovaries, and prostate. It also leads to other, minor health issues such as a confused sleep schedule, the body’s mishandling of stress, and mood swings. Women could have more intense menstrual symptoms such as painful cramping and a greater chance at developing osteoporosis. Men may develop breasts and experienced decreased sperm count and potency.


Heal Your Hormones with Face Naturals

Estrogen mimickers are not the only culprits cutting your life shorter and giving you poor quality health. That is why we push our readers and clients to maintain GMO-free diets filled with fresh, wholesome, organic foods. We stand for proper food-labeling and thorough research on all ingredients used on all products that affect the wildlife, environment and ourselves, since only 1% of 80,000 chemicals included in commercially available products undergo proper testing for safety. We stand for options – from our family to yours!

That is why we create a line of healthy skin-care products made only from organic ingredients. We keep our ingredients strictly botanical, to ensure the age-old safety that nature has provided us throughout the centuries. Natural never goes out of style, so we invite you to contact us for more information about our products and what they can do for your skin. Find out which products work best for your skin and hair by telling us a little about what interests you, and what your skin and hair respond to well. We will provide you with some nontoxic suggestions to help you keep your health!



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