Patch Up Your Pet Care… Naturally!

Pamper Your Pets Naturally!

Everyone knows that our pets are just as important to our families as humans. Our cats and dogs will celebrate with us, snuggle with us, and share our general struggles with us. Some call them man’s best friend; other’s call them their children. Thus, we find great importance in taking care of our furbabies. However, many of the most popular pet supplies can have some serious health implications.

The upcoming warm seasons herald the arrival of potential flea plagues for many pet owners. Plus, with March marking Nation Pet Care Month, we decided to delve into the details of maintaining your pet’s health the holistic way. Face naturals outlines some potential dangers to using common flea treatments that contain insecticides as active ingredients, and ideas for keeping fleas at a minimum using only natural ingredients. Some of our products may even help you keep your four-legged children in ship shape.


Famed Products That Make the Fur Fly

Many of the flea and tick repellents advertised most often can cause negative side effects for both humans and animals, while shortening your pet’s life span. Because of the concoction of synthetic chemicals used as insecticides for active ingredients, you could put your family (furbabies included) in danger of toxicity. Take a look at some of these pet poisons hidden in a clever disguise.

Fiponil, an insecticide used in many popular brands, can cause reactive skin sensitivity when applied. Some studies revealed numerous negative conditions that developed in the lab rats used for testing, including the growth of thyroid tumors. Further research indicated a slower reproductive development for dogs exposed to this chemical.

Another toxic ingredient, imidacloprid, appears in many topical treatments for fleas, such as the tubed liquids. It can cause neurotoxicity in both humans and dogs, by interrupting natural neuron transmissions. When tested on rats, it created symptoms such as spasms and trembling, as well as lethargy.

Some brands of flea collar have an extremely high toxicity, and should be avoided altogether. Such collars may use propoxur as an ingredient. Classified as a possible human carcinogen, it also effects the nervous system. These collars may also contain endocrine disruptors, like permethrin.


For the Sake of Your Furbabies.. and You!

You can avoid the toxic chemicals used in flea collars, expensive liquid repellents, and pet shampoos easily – and still keep fleas and ticks under control. Just utilize a few simple methods with natural essential oils to keep the pests at bay. A word of warning: NEVER put essential oils directly onto your skin or the skin of your pet. This could illicit an unwanted allergic reaction. Also, keep an eye on your pet to ensure that it does not sneeze and cough the whole time. Strong scents can also cause reactions.

Use essential oils to create a homemade flea collar to repel fleas and ticks whenever your furbaby goes outside to play. Simply put a few drops around the collar, and let it dry before placing it back around your pet’s neck. Essential oils that may work well to this means with minimal risk include cedarwood essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, peppermint essential oil,  rosemary essential oil, and thyme essential oil. These oils are naturally repellent for pesky insects, and their scent on the collar will deter them.

You can also make a small sachet and attach or tie it to the collar of your pet. Think of it as potpourri for your four-legged friend. Simply purchase a small sachet made of muslin or some other breathable fabric. Then, use dried herbs to fill it with. Lavender blossoms, rosemary and mint leaves, and the grated peels of citrus fruits will all help keep fleas and ticks at bay. Once the scent wears off, simply refill the sachet with more dried herbs to renew the natural flea collar.

Another option is to obviously bathe the animal when needed. If you discover that pests are hitching rides on your pet’s back, wash it immediately. Wash it regularly until the pests stop irritating your cat or dog. Instead of using harsh soaps and shampoos to clean your animal, use one of face naturals’ signature body cleansers to keep your best friend clean. Try the Citrus Squeeze, Liquid Sunshine, Lush Lavender, or Peppermint and Tea Tree cleansers to ensure optimal insect control for your pet. These scents repel fleas and ticks.

You can also spray a light dusting of one of our hydrosols and toners onto your pet’s fur before she goes outside to further repel annoying insects. The Rose Geranium Hydrosol and Peppermint Hydrosol both contain ingredients that effectively keep pests away from their scent. Thus, if you employ all of these methods, you can ensure the health of your family and pet with minimal risk of exposure to harmful insecticides.


Face Naturals Cares about Your Furry Friends!

Your face naturals family understands the things that are important to you and your family. We care about our own furbabies just as much as you do, so we decided offer you some information about how to fight the fleas and ticks of the warm seasons the safe, natural way. Check out some of the products we mentioned, and use them on your pets for safe alternatives to big brands that serve you a cocktail of chemicals.

From our family to yours, we want to educate you on important health topics and tips that you will not find anywhere else. Keep an eye out for new blog posts to learn more about news in the modern health field. Contact us to find out which of our products work for you, and one of our friendly staff members will help you out in making selections for a botanically healing skin-care routine and experience.



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