Why You Need Natural Hair Care

Nourish Your Hair… Naturally! 

You may already know about the toxicity that most common hair-care products have, and what the chemicals can do to your hair and your health. We covered much of this information in our blog entitled ‘The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo,’ which exposes how these synthetic ingredients can adversely affect your body as a whole – as well as your head of hair! Now, we want to demonstrate why our hair-cleansing system works, what it does, and how to use it.

You can achieve the lovely, natural locks you have always wanted very easily by employing our shampoos and conditioners. Many of our clients come to us with questions, and do not fully understand how it works or what to expect. We detailed much of this information in our Shampoo FAQ, which explains how to manage your hair during the detox period – the first few weeks that you start using our natural shampoos and conditioners. Here, we explain what benefits you will experience by adding our hair-care line to your beauty regimen.


How Common Hair-Care Works

Did you know that it can take a year for a strand of hair to grow a full six inches? That equals about a half an inch per month. This means, that even though your hair grows continuously, it does not grow quite as much as you may think it does. This is one main reason why you should take precautions in caring for the hair that you have, as it goes through a long process to become a full-length, healthy strand. The hair on your scalp can take anywhere from two to six years to grow to maturity, so treating it right is the first step toward a head of full-bodied, natural hair.

Everyone has different hair that responds differently to various products. Many of the products used today are detergent-based, and will strip your hair of all its natural oils – like sebum. Sebum helps the hair and scalp stay healthy and properly maintained, and each time you wash with a detergent-based shampoo, it strips your hair of its natural oils and protective coating. This not only leaves initial damage, but also allows each strand to remain exposed to pollutants, toxins, and other debris that can cling to your hair and scalp – further hindering hair growth.

This can often lead to one of two extremes. You either get dry, brittle hair with flyaways and split-ends, or oily hair that appears weighed down and lifeless. Often, your scalp and hair will respond in much the same way that your face does. If you have dry hair, then the stripping detergent has removed all the natural oils necessary for it to have a rich, manageable, heathy shine. If your hair tends toward oily, then it is desperately trying to make more sebum to make up for all that the detergent has stripped from it. Thus, it gets weighed down and feels greasy.

Additionally, most store-bought shampoos and conditioners will destroy your hair’s natural pH. They are basic products, which means that fall under the base category of the pH scale. Your hair and scalp prefers a slightly acidic environment to flourish. The basic or alkalinity of conventional hair-care lines will create a chaotic environment for your hair to grow in. Each strand experiences cuticle ruptures, and becomes dull from damage and exposure. Some of the worst culprits for creating a chemical cuticle and unbalancing your pH are those that claim to mend split-ends or that they have a perfectly balanced pH. Your hair hates a perfect pH balance. It loves some acid. Remember that.


Redoing Your Hair Routine

When you expose your hair to these conventional products, you unknowingly set yourself up for hair loss later down the road. And who wants to loose their luscious locks to shady shampoos all because of clever marketing? We have all been there before, with advertising ploys that make us think we have found the holy grail of heavenly hair. Face naturals begs to differ, as we have formulated an organic hair-care system that truly benefits your hair and lets it take care of itself naturally. Both our shampoos and conditioners work entirely differently from those that many of you are used to. And here, we explain why.

First, our system literally detoxes your hair, which can take anywhere from a few days to four weeks, depending on just how thick and resistant the chemical cuticle has grown. This is because the other products contain silicones and waxes that cake a residue onto each strand with each use. So, our shampoos literally remove all of the leftover chemicals or petroleums used in most shampoos. You may easily quicken the process by using baking soda to make a hair paste with your selected shampoo. Rub it between your hands, and run the mixture through your hair. Work it through your length and the roots. Rinse until your hair has a squeaky feel to it – not slippery. Eventually, the cuticle will shed, and you can start naturally rebuilding your hair again.

Our shampoos also benefit your hair by not stripping natural oils and cuticles. We make the formula from a castile-soap base. This means no detergents involved – only a true, non-stripping soap that simply works to remove dirt and debris, and nothing else that actually belongs on your hair. For oilier hair, this can make it feel a little more oily until the scalp adjusts to producing oil correctly and not having it constantly taken away in great quantities. Thus, your hair can naturally restore its oil production, cuticle, and repair any damage it sustains from your previous products.

You will also want to get on board with our line of conditioners based in apple cider vinegar.  We know it may sound a little strange, as vinegar itself smells pungent. But organic apple cider vinegar will help restore a slightly acidic pH to your scalp after shampooing! This allows a good environment for your hair to grow and flourish much more quickly and easily. Plus, you will not need nearly as much conditioner with our products as with others. While you have to slather it on with mainstream brands, a little goes a long way with ours. So, the final step will allow you to restore your hair’s growing environment!

Finally, even the ingredients we use to create our hair-care products will help mend and restore health to your hair. Coconut oil could help prevent hair loss and restore protein into each strand. The citrus essential oils we use in the Acai Berry and Lime and Citrus Squeeze shampoos, and our Honey-Lime, Sweet Orange, and Lemon Zest conditioners will help maintain thickness, while adding shine and nourishment. Lavender can also slow down hair loss, while encouraging growth by improving circulation. And if you struggle with oily or flaky hair, then Peppermint and Tea Tree is your cup of tea.


Forget Your Fly-Aways and Bad Hair Days with Face Naturals

We dedicate ourselves to producing quality, organic products that work naturally with your skin and body. That includes your hair. We invite you to check out our Shampoo FAQ to discover which of our products will work best for your hair and scalp. You will find helpful hints to guide you in your selection and usage of our hair products. Plus, to really repair flyaways and split-ends, check out our Hair Shine Serum for an extra boost of nourishment for your hair.

To learn more about which of our facial products will work best for you, take a look at our Facial Cleanser FAQ, where you can gauge whether or not a product is right for your skin. Plus, if you have any trouble, or want a little extra clarification on making the best possible selection, feel free to contact your face naturals family with any issues that you want addressed. We are here to listen, guide, and help each and every one of our naturally beautiful clients.



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