Truth In Aging – Toxic House-Cleaning Products and Aging

Taking Toxicity Out of Tidiness

When you search for articles about the aging process and how to reverse it, you more than likely search for posts about skincare, diet options, and other new habits to incorporate into your lifestyle that will enhance your health and appearance. The numbers of such articles available are innumerable, as many bloggers have an opinion on what works best. However, household cleaning products are among the various subjects that often go completely forgotten in the anti-aging trend – even though they may hold more sway over your ageless health than you realize. You are more than likely exposed to these products on a regular basis as you work to keep your house clean. But what are they doing to you and those in your house? Are they cutting your life short? 

Current labeling regulations for such products often allow many ingredients to go unlabeled or unindicated on the ingredient lists, and many of these undisclosed ingredients have toxic effects on the body. They could contribute to your body aging at a faster rate from the inside. While many people generally focus on their skin or other physical features when building their anti-aging lifestyle, they often forget that truly timeless health starts from the inside. When toxic fumes and ingredients infiltrate your body regularly, you could be allowing them to hamper its ability to heal itself properly. Check out this guide for ingredients to avoid and alternative house cleaning solutions that could help to prolong your life and secure your health for years to come.


Household Cleaners with Health Hazards

A multitude of ingredients used in most house cleaning products have serious negative health effects on humans, and using them repeatedly over the course of a long time can take a terrible toll on your health. These substances may contribute to a number of different chronic conditions, from Alzheimer’s and dementia, to difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, to cancer growth and organ system toxicity. As you age, keeping a close eye on these conditions will become your top priority. But continuing to use the following ingredients in your housekeeping methods may cause an impending, growing concern since they often contribute to these issues. Plus, many of the products containing these toxic ingredients bear a warning label alerting the user to the level of toxicity and potential for future health concerns. Even more reason to clean out your conventional cleaning products.

Tetrachloroethylene, also listed as perchloroethylene, has a long string of negative health effects that come from its use. This substance affects your eyes, respiratory system, and nervous system – even when exposure comes in lower amounts. Generally, you receive exposure from inhalation, as it is mostly used in products such as stain and spot removers for carpets, clothes, and other fabrics. You may catch a whiff of it when you pick up clothes from the dry cleaner. It has both short term effects, including agitation of the sinuses and throat and potential mood swings, and long term effects like organ system toxicity of the liver and kidneys and lowered immune function. As you age, you already experience decreased detoxification and immunity from illness. Ingredients such as this are the opposite of anti-aging.     

Ammonia may help you keep your jewelry sparkling and bright, and the bathroom tiles squeaky clean, but it does a world of damage to your body each time you inhale it. The one word that describes ammonia’s effects on health is ‘corrosive.’ It creates a burning sensation in the sinus cavities, nose, and throat. It can also decrease your ability to smell, and can cause skin irritation if it touches your epidermis, resulting in burns or rashes. Your aging body may already have trouble taking in enough oxygen, your sense of smell may have lost its sharpness, and your aging skin may already be more reactive and fragile than it once was. You do not want to make it worse by exposing yourself to this chemical.   

Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, can be found in oven and drain cleaners, and presents a uniquely dangerous substance for people of all ages. It causes a high level of irritation for the respiratory system, with fluid buildup at higher and more prolonged levels of exposure. Plus, if you accidentally spill this ingredient onto your skin, it will form ulcers and sores in as little as three minutes after the initial exposure. It is known to potentially contribute to the formation of cancer in the esophagus, and is best known for the havoc it wreaks on the lungs, throat, and nasal airways. Additionally, it can cause damage to any type of tissue it contacts. Your tissues are already slower to repair themselves, so why add to this issue with this damaging substance?

Chlorine, most commonly known for its use as a water cleanser for both swimming pools and tap water, also finds its way into products like clothing whiteners, mold and mildew cleaners, and sink and toilet cleaners. It affects the eyes, skin, and can cause vomiting and difficulty breathing. As an irritant, exposure to this substance can cause skin burns, watering, red eyes, coughing from respiratory inflammation, and headaches. So, once again, using house cleaning products that consist of this ingredient could cause an increase in already existing health problems or conditions in the aging body.

Phosphoric acid is commonly used in products including dish cleaners, metal polishers, and other forms of surface cleaners. It takes a toll on multiple systems, from the nervous system to the respiratory system. It damages the membranes found in the nose, mouth, and throat, contributing to excessive thirst and dehydration. It can even set the stage for bronchitis or other respiratory conditions. These effects extend to the digestive system, with nausea and bloody diarrhea as symptoms of too much exposure. Plus, long term exposure can lead to dermatitis or eczema – one of the most difficult skin sensitivities to deal with. As your organ systems become more fragile, you definitely want to keep them intact as much as possible. Products that contain this ingredient will not respect that.


Ageless Alternatives

So, you like to keep your living spaces neat and tidy, but you do not want all the hard work you put into your anti-aging routine flying out of the window just because your house cleaning products disrespect your right to health. While a clean home is a healthy home, you cannot take the risk of your products contributing to future health problems that may cut your life short. We decided to let you in on what the face naturals family recommends for non toxic cleaning products so that you can enjoy cleanliness and safety all at once. Everyone deserves to have good home hygiene without paying an unhealthy price.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most versatile and safe substances to use as an all-around house cleaner, along with white vinegar. You can use it to clean both tile and wooden floors by simply mixing one to one and a half cups of vinegar with a bucket of hot water. Use this mixture to mop up your floors. It can also double as a surface cleaner, by mixing one part vinegar with one part hot water. Wipe down surfaces in your bathroom to keep mold and limescale from building up and taking over. When mixed with salt and baking soda, it makes an excellent drain cleaner that blasts out clogs. Plus, spraying one part vinegar with one part hot water makes a great stain remover for most fabrics, including carpet, upholstery, and clothing. White vinegar, especially, works just as effectively as bleach at removing stains and keeping germs at a minimum.

Baking soda, another product with innumerable uses, can serve as an air freshener, surface cleaner, and laundry detergent. To employ its deodorizing properties, open the box or pour some of the baking soda into a bowl. Place the box or bowl in the area that needs deodorizing, such as a refrigerator or bathroom, and replace it each month. You can also sprinkle it across your carpet and allow it to sit for about thirty minutes to an hour, before vacuuming it up. This will pull odors out of the carpet, leaving it fresher. Instead of a harsh laundry detergent, pour some baking soda into your washing machine with your next load. Use the same amount you would for a detergent, if not more. Allow your clothes to go through the regular washing cycle. For more ways to use baking soda, check out our blog post ‘Sodium Bicarbonate Goodness – A.K.A. Baking Soda.

Rubbing alcohol offers one of the quickest, and most reliable methods of keeping germs at a minimum while cleaning surfaces. As long as the surface is not made out of wood or cloth, you can probably employ rubbing alcohol. If you have sensitive hands, you may want to wear gloves to keep it from drying out your skin. Pour some alcohol into a spray bottle, and spritz it on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, toilets, spills on the floor, or wipe down your electronics. It will effectively kill germs and leave the surface spotless. Plus, you can use it as a streak-free window cleaner that keeps your panes sparkling without having to inhale harmful chemicals.

Hydrogen peroxide offers you a substance that can tackle even the germiest surfaces without jeopardizing your health. You can use it on build up in toilets, sinks, and bathtubs for an antibacterial and antiviral cleanse. Pour some hydrogen peroxide into your toilet, and scrub with the toilet brush. Then, flush the toilet, and use a spray bottle to spritz the edges and crevices before brushing and scrubbing some more. Spritz it onto your bathroom counters and kitchen surfaces after cooking to eliminate microbials that continue to lurk. This will help you attain that deep cleanse that keeps your home and family germ-free.

Seventh Generation is a brand that offers a multitude of cleaning products made with mostly plant-based ingredients, including essential oils to provide the refreshing scent that often comes with a freshly scrubbed and cleaned house. So, if you prefer the scent of freshness and a more conventional approach to keeping your home’s tidiness maintained, then Seventh Generation may be your best bet. Each ingredient is fully disclosed on the product pages, with notations that inform the reader about whether an ingredient is naturally or synthetically derived. This makes for impressive honesty in comparison with many brands that skimp out on disclosing their ingredients in full.


A Happy Home with Face Naturals

We understand how important a happy, healthy, and clean home is to you and your family. It is also of importance to ensure this cleanliness with safe, non toxic products that will not cause health problems now or the future. Whether you can feel your age slipping up on you, or you are watching some children in your family grow up, you deserve to enjoy a prolonged life filled with ageless health. Part of our healthy mission is to educate you and others like you about safer, gentler, more environmentally friendly ways to approach different areas of your life. Share the love, and spread the secrets that we give to you.

Contact us for more information about our natural skincare products made with organic botanicals. You can heal your way to health – starting with your skincare. Provide us with some information about your skin, what you wish to accomplish, and which of our products interest you. We will offer some advice and recommendations about which personalized skincare regimen will work best for you. Whether protecting an infant from harsh chemicals, or treating a long-lasting eczematic condition, you will discover nature’s answers to your skin’s needs. Create an account with us to become a member of the face naturals family today!



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