Truth In Aging – Willing Away the Wrinkles

The Fine Line on Wrinkles

From smiling, laughing, frowning, and crying to squinting, sun damage, and gravity, wrinkles form as the years pass. We call them by different names: fine lines, furrows, creases, sagging. We start to see signs of them in our thirties, and watch them get deeper and more pronounced with each passing day, month, or year. They betray our age, and can seem unsightly as they map out the struggles, stresses, and damage our skin has endured over each and every decade. Much of the wrinkles we acquire come from elements outside of our control, such as the position in which we sleep or the way gravity constantly pulls our skin downward.

However, we can prevent and reverse some of the facial drama with a few simple methods and tricks. This, alongside of some extra skincare education, can curb the amount of wrinkles you obtain, and decrease the depth of existing ones as well. Whether looking into preventative skincare, or trying to employ some anti-aging intervention, filling yourself in on the causes of wrinkles and natural treatment methods will allow you to invoke a younger appearance day by day. Check out the details we discovered to help you manage your wrinkles with some witty, natural remedies and beauty secrets.


The Way of the Wrinkle

Our skin constantly changes as we grow older, with decreased elasticity and increased sensitivity. The individual cells themselves do not reproduce or multiply as easily and efficiently as they used to. These factors combined cause the inner layer of skin to gradually get thinner, repairing itself more slowly and holding its firmness and shape less and less. In some areas, the skin may gradually become thicker and hold less moisture, leading to deeper furrows and creases as the years pass. This is simply a part of the natural aging process on its own, without any other contributing factors.

However, other elements, including environmental damage, also have a role to play in how quickly the skin develops wrinkles. Behind the loss of elasticity lies UV damage from the sun’s rays. All the time you spend in the sunlight without proper, non toxic protection comes back to haunt you since the sun depletes the amount of collagen and elastin your skin retains. Check out our blog posts ‘Saving Your Skin from Sunscreen,’ ‘Sunlight: A Make or Break in Anti-Aging,’ and ‘Sun Your Way to Health’ to learn more about how to naturally protect your skin from sun damage without forgoing the sun’s benefits.

Your facial expressions or lack thereof will also play a key role in where you form wrinkles, and how dramatic they appear. Fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes are due to squinting and smiling. Furrows lining the forehead become increasingly obvious from raising the eyebrows. A small crease between the eyes may form from frowning. And laugh lines on each side of the mouth deepen from your habitual facial expressions of either laughing, smiling, or frowning. Areas that do not get as much movement may develop sagging as a result of having less muscle tissue to support firmness.

These are some of the more common and talked about reasons that we start to see wrinkles as we get older. However, our daily habits also play an enormous role in our skin’s ability to retain its original texture and luminosity. For instance, our skin contains three kinds of collagen – types I, II, and, III – III being the kind that has the greatest endurance. Consuming a high sugar diet will transform collagen type III into its more fragile counterpart type I. Sleep is another important factor in the aging process, as one study showed that women getting five hours or less of sleep each night saw an increase in the quantity and depth of their wrinkles. Discover how to redo your diet and sweeten your sleep schedule by reading our posts ‘Dos and Don’ts of an Anti-Aging Diet‘ and ‘How Lack of Sleep Lacks Life.’


Pick a Prevention Method

Anti-aging starts as soon as you decide to start making changes to your skincare routine and lifestyle habits. The sooner you start implementing these changes, the better the results will be over time. Reading the aforementioned blog posts will help you select diet options, improve your sleep hygiene, and reinvent your method of sun protection. Just starting off by giving these suggestions a try will greatly improve the way you look as well as how you feel – no matter what age you are at current. Take it a step further by using some of our advice in skincare options.

A universal method of anti-aging for all ages includes a daily skincare regimen in which you wash your skin, tone, and moisturize twice daily, while selecting an appropriate exfoliation treatment every few days or so. By washing your skin twice a day, you eliminate the amount of toxins that collect on your skin during the day. Toning your face and neck with a proper toner will help keep the pores cleansed and the skin toned and tight, while moisturizing keeps a layer of protection between your epidermis and the debris or UV rays. Exfoliation, whether you chose a scrub or mask, will remove any dead skin that keeps your epidermis from absorbing the nutrients and hydration it needs to stay healthy. It also improves cell turnover, revealing the fresh skin beneath.

To refine your anti-aging routine, use natural, organic products that work appropriately for your skin type. Face naturals has multiple resources to help you make your selection, from facial cleansers to moisturizers. You can gage your personal needs with our Facial Cleanser FAQ, which outlines facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that will work well with specific skin types. We also offer a variety of detoxifying clay masks or a facial scrub for your exfoliation needs. For body products, try our body cleansers, body scrubs, and body moisturizers to keep the rest of your skin cleaned, hydrated, and exfoliated to perfection.

To fine tune your routine even further, ensure that you consume plenty of omega fatty acids. We discuss the importance of fatty acids here, as they contribute to improved hydration, health, and elasticity for the skin. They also keep inflammation at a minimum, which can improve blood flow and complexion. Up your intake of berries, pomegranates, carrots, and other fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as their juices, to increase healthy vitamin intake. This will keep your skin supple, soft, and dewy from the inside out, creating a brighter, more luminous complexion. Be sure to check out the rest of our Truth in Aging blog series for more ideas on how to keep wrinkles at a minimum through healthier choices in skincare and habits.


Find Your Skin Fix with Face Naturals

Many skincare products make big promises at high prices, offering a cocktail of potentially toxic chemicals for you to apply to your skin. These chemicals can seep into your bloodstream through the pores of your skin, contaminating your body from within. They may also contribute to the poisoning of the ecosystems that surround us, causing problems for wildlife as well as ourselves. Part of our healthy mission lies in educating our readers and customers about the reality that lies just beneath the fancy labels and expensive products. We write to inform you about health topics that could affect you, your family, and your community. Stay updated with our blog posts by following us on Twitter and GooglePlus for more.

Interested in our product line, but not sure where to start? Contact us to get started on navigating your natural journey! We will direct you toward products that will suit your unique skin type, while employing nature’s finest, organic ingredients to keep your body’s largest organ in the best possible condition. For each natural ailment comes a natural remedy. We want to help you open the door to your personal one. Provide us with information about your skin, what you wish to accomplish, and which products interest you the most. We will make personalized suggestions to help you create an exciting skincare routine full of botanicals and life.



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