Truth In Aging – Dead Water Vs. Live Water

The Drama Surrounding Drinking Water

Water is water, right? Not necessarily. Not all water is created equal, whether it comes from a tap, a bottle, or a river. Many people fill their glasses straight from the tap without thinking twice, regularly drinking from their sinks as the ice tinkles against the sides of the glass. Others purchase cases of bottled water to carry with them while they run, walk, or perform daily errands. Regardless of preference, it is a rare occurrence that drinkers consider how it affects their bodies, and what it contributes to the body. In ‘Destructive Drinking: The True Anatomy of Our Drinking Water,’ we explore what additives may end up in your tap water and the health effects to which it could contribute. But what differences really lie between purified, soft water and mineralized, hard water? And does it really make that much of a difference?

Believe it or not, the differences are obvious and evident in the health of those that drink one as opposed to the other. More and more studies continue to accumulate evidence that purified water actually sets the stage for negative health effects later in life for the chronic drinker, with more susceptibility to disease. Those who stick with mineralized water may reap the benefits of blossoming health, avoiding certain diseases and conditions. How is it possible that a type of water could lend more than simple hydration alone? What potential health problems could develop from purified water’s lack of minerals? Discover the details that could change your water preference and the way you view tap water.


The Full Price of Purified Water

Purified water represents a solely chemical substance – a compound which never occurs naturally. The purification process causes this occurrence, as it strips the water completely of any minerals. Before the water completes the treatment process, not only will it lack minerals, but plants also add chemicals, including fluoride and chlorine, to treat the water as means of keeping it free of bacteria and toxins. These substances are often toxic to the organ systems, and even though they are added in small amounts to keep the potential of negative health consequences at a minimum, the consequential results may appear later down the road. Some of these consequences seem so generic and typical, that many individuals, doctors included, do not think to look to their source of drinking water.

Some studies show that purified water has the potential to cause some major health issues, especially after long term consumption. One of these effects includes interruption of the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis – or to regulate its functions properly. This disruption can lead to a number of symptomatic issues, such as acidification of the bodily environment, increased urination, increased level of bodily toxicity, and depleted electrolytes. Bodily acidification creates an environment that will cater to the formation of cancer, as cancer requires an acidic environment to flourish. Since the body flushes fluids out more often, this leads to less absorption of hydration, making purified water an insufficient form of hydration. Plus, as it passes through the intestines, the body has to add electrolytes from its own reservoirs, forcing the body’s water to relocate. This could cause a compromise for important organs, as they may be unable to absorb the water necessary for functions with the redistribution.

The increased level of bodily toxicity is due to the lack of minerals. Mineralized water naturally harbors calcium and magnesium, two substances of high importance for multiple functions of the body – including detoxification. Additionally, the lack of minerals allows the water to more easily absorb heavy metals and carbon dioxide. When a person drinks this water, he or she misses out on the antitoxic abilities of calcium and magnesium. One study even found that purified water can lead to alterations in blood content, including lower counts of red blood cells. These effects compromise the cardiovascular, circulatory, and the immune system, as more toxins are capable of filtering into our bodies and less blood circulates to nourish the organ systems and their needs.

Yet another study performed in 1992 on two different locations, one with hard water (mineralized) and one with soft water (demineralized), revealed evidence that children consuming hard water experienced improved physical development as they grew, as opposed to the children drinking soft water. Plus, those who opt for hard water are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This may be due to the aforementioned changes that purified water can make on the flow of blood. Finally, the body can more easily uptake mineral supplements by absorbing them from water than from food. So drinking soft water denies your body of an efficient, easy mineral boost that it needs to keep itself functioning properly. Even worse? Purified water may actually leach minerals from your body, including copper which provides hair color.


Why Minerals Mean So Much

Mineral water works with your body in a more beneficial manner that nourishes your health. Instead of depleting your body’s natural mineral reserves, it replenishes them. In fact, water is one of the most important and efficient ways to absorb a sufficient amount of minerals. One researcher even discovered through a series of nearly three thousand studies on individual people that those who consumed only purified water were more likely to struggle with mineral deficiencies, and the health conditions that develop as a result. Considering the negative effects that can come from purified water, it should be an easy choice to select which you would prefer. However, mineral water’s benefits extend even further than helping you avoid the deviations of purified water.

Drinking mineral water may help prevent the development of osteoporosis or bone loss, due to the amount of calcium retained with this type of water. Since the skeletal system is made up primarily of both blood cells and minerals, then it is easy to see why the skeleton will benefit from consuming more of it. Bones also need a good supply of magnesium, which, as mentioned before, is not retained within purified water. Since purified water depletes the amount of red blood cells in the body, this can also negatively affect the skeletal system. Bone marrow is primarily made up of either fat or red blood cells. So, drinking mineralized water as an alternative will greatly improve the function and structure of bones.

Where purified water contributes to cardiovascular conditions, mineralized water will improve the health and function of this organ system. It also works wonders that include keeping blood pressure at a healthy level and lowering cholesterol. Potassium and magnesium, both found in mineral water, work beneficially for the heart. Studies showed that individuals who consumed water plentiful in these minerals had improved heart function over time with regular consumption. This could help reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and potentially stroke, as it improves circulatory health.

It may also improve the digestive system and increase hydration by stimulating the level of electrolytes the body holds, preventing kidney stones, and benefitting pancreas function. Electrolytes are highly important to keep the body well hydrated, and purified water can deplete them. Plus, the pancreas releases more digestive enzymes for a better breakdown of nutrients and improved absorption. The calcium and magnesium keep calcium oxalate from building up in the kidneys, which in turn, keeps kidney stones from developing. Thus, mineral water can benefit detoxification abilities of the body.

One of our favorite reasons to switch over to mineral water: it benefits your skin! Drinking mineral water supplements your body with silica, which improves the function of collagen and elastin. Drinking mineral water and using it on your skin could create a new beauty secret in your anti-aging routine. Using it as a base for one of our facial masks provides an extra pop of mineralization for your skin when mixed with the natural clays. Occasionally washing your face with it can provide supplemental reinforcement for nourishing your face, especially when heated up. You could also apply a mist of it over your face after applying your toner, then apply your favorite moisturizer. This would add a mineralized layer of protection to benefit your skin when you go out in the sun or apply your makeup.

The abilities of mineral water are endless, contributing to a better quality of health for nearly all organ systems housed within our bodies. Plus, it creates yet another one of nature’s remedies for a longer life and better anti-aging routine. This is a big part of the reason why many people call it ‘living water,’ as it contributes to a healthier life, while taking a life of its own. Purified water is often referred to as ‘dead water’ for good reason. We recommend Callaway Blue, sourced from our home state Georgia, and drawn from the Callaway Blue Spring. This particular brand contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. You can check out their water analysis here.


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